All Because it is Summer


Friday was the last day of school  and so I am now officially at liberty to “do  mostly, as I please” for a good while. I was in Elizabeth City within a few hours of dismissal.

The last weeks have been full of all sorts of business.  There was the end of the year dance performance, graduation and closing ceremonies.  . .besides the regular routine . . .and the tremendous spring cleaning of the rabbit patch territory.  There was  “Mothers’ Day” and “Memorial Day”.  . . and Tres had a birthday, too. The last fortnight slipped by me like a falling star . . .beautiful and quick.

Jennys’ husband, Will had a birthday , the same day I arrived.  I call Will, my “son-in-heart”.  I always say, I could not have hand picked a better husband for my only daughter.  Will is as kind to me as I could have ever hoped for.  He also offers assistance readily for whatever pops up.  He is a good father to Lyla and I love his family, which feels like mine, now.  It doesn’t hurt a bit that Will is “tall, dark and handsome”, either.

The season is not only busy for people, for young rabbits abound. Nests are full of hungry hatchlings. Most birds are  frantic in general just now, trying to keep their families satisfied.  Squirrels are in the same state of mind.  The trees shake with all of the scurrying.   Blooms are found in well manicured yards and fragrant vines cascade from the edge of the woodlands.  Even the  roadside ditches are thick with the common day lilies and Queen Annes’ Lace.  They are a cheerful sight and a handsome pair, too. The last days of spring are upon us and everything tells us so.

Folks always ask, what I am doing this summer.  Many people have exciting plans to visit some island .  Resorts are popular too.  . .as are cruises and theme parks.  I, on the other hand declare myself a home body and do not entertain such notions.  I am perfectly content to have picnics with my dear friends, in the shade of an old tree.  I love strolling by the laughing river with Lyla and sitting on the rock, by the little bridge, which always makes us drowsy. I hope to have some “Sunday Dinners” on days like Tuesday, with Mama and Daddy.  I want to visit with my son Tres, and listen to his dreams without a sense of hurry -and cook his supper.  These  are the things  that matter to me. 

 I will spend a fair amount of time daydreaming, which many frown upon.  If I so much as glanced out of the window in elementary school, my name was yelled out, snatching me back to the confines  of the classroom with the “Modern Math” books in the corner.  Really, daydreaming is “wondering”.   It didn’t seem sinful to me then,   . . and it doesn’t now, either.  With all the calculations a brain must work daily, it seems sensible, that we ought to allow some  unhindered “play time”  for the mind, as well.

I always choose a few subjects to study in summer and I hope to write more.  I plan to read the “Ladies of Convington” and  “Gift From the Sea”  again.  Besides that I will tend the “rabbit patch” and do battle with the hateful vines.  I will watch the stars shine over the laughing river and fireflies twinkle in the young woods.  The apples and peaches will swell on the faithful trees and the mimosa trees will sweeten the air . . . .all because it is summer.

Will and Jenny




24 thoughts on “All Because it is Summer

  1. I love that you rest your mind I joined a yoga class to do the same! Your daughter and her husband are adorable! Love your writing about your days they are special and nothing wrong with being a homebody me too I go once and a while but always glad to come back home. It is where my heart belongs and I am at peace. Enjoy your summer! Peggy

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  2. I’ve been waiting to hear that school is out for you. Neighbor Logan’s last day is Friday, and our grandson Nathaniel graduates from high school on the 23rd. That’s when summer will really begin for us. Your posts about the rabbit patch and Elizabeth City are always magical. I hope this will be a marvelous summer for you, wherever you are.

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      1. Happy summer, indeed! We saw Logan mid-morning, confirming what neighbor Marla told us. His last day of school was yesterday. He and his nephew were riding on a little tractor with his dad. They seemed so carefree. Fun to watch!

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  3. I used to daydream a lot when I was child, and often got in trouble for it. Like you, now that I’m all grown up, I still daydream and realize that there’s nothing wrong with it at all!

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  4. We are definitely related Michele! I have my old report cards which clearly state “Faye daydreams to much” LOL I never really saw anything wrong with that but apparently my teachers did.
    So glad you have the summer to daydream and enjoy. Life is so good when there is time for that.


  5. Ma’am,
    Last summer you recommended books to me and I got them from my college library. The books you are going to read, I would have read too had I remained in position. But I got to leave so maybe my next college will have these titles.
    Your summer days are busy. I love your life and the slow pace it seems to take with time for daydreaming. I am glad you don’t put computer time on your list of things to do during summer. That would be a total waste of good time.
    I love to day dream too.


  6. A truly beautiful, restful, day dreaming post. I day dreamed all the way through it – imagining what it would be like to live there on the Rabbit Patch, and even, for a moment, imagined myself being the new owner and how I would take up the challenge of caring for that magical property in the same way you do, and loving every single moment of it.

    Thank you for another wonderful post, Rabbit. I loved it.
    Have a blessed rest of your day, my fabulous friend ~ Cobs xxx

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  7. Yay for summertime daydreaming! I was wondering what happened to your blog and found the problem on my end. I had to reload wordpress on my mobile and lost half the folks I follow so I’ve been having to re-follow. So good to catch by up with you, Michele! Enjoy your summer!

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  8. Son-in-heart. Wonderful! Tried to comment on pervious post (didn’t go through) that you should write a story from the perspective of the rabbit patch, much like “The Little House”by Virginia Lee Burton. Both houses have seen generations and changes.

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  9. I like the way you find something to appreciate about every season; thanks for reminding me of the pleasures of summer as lovely spring fades away.The photograph shows two attractive, happy people. You are blessed indeed with your son-in-law, but then you raised a girl with the insight and understanding of what is important to choose to marry him. Well done by all three of you!

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