While We Were All Together


There is a rabbit family that lives in the “Quiet Garden”.  This morning three of the bunnies attended the “early service”.  They were quite serious about their breakfast,  when light was faint.  As soon as the first rays of morning streaked the territory, however, the bunnies  began to play.  This disturbed a robin, who was still in his plight for breakfast.  The robin scolded the young rabbits and flapped his wings in a threatening manner, which made them dash in all directions.  It was the first “early service” I had attended at the rabbit patch, in almost a week and I wondered if some sort of feud had developed in my absence-or if the robin was just grouchy.

Brant and I got back around noon yesterday, from Elizabeth City.  It had been a wonderful and very productive week. We managed to have a lot of fun, as well.  I think, we all were sorry to see it end. So many projects had been completed.  There were special meals.  We watched a thunderstorm, one evening and ate ice cream at odd hours.  Lyla said “I am glad we are all together.”  I agreed whole heartedly, for there was some sort of beautiful and familiar feeling that was present, while we were all together. 

 On the way home,  Brant noticed from some sticker, I never knew about, that I was long over due for an oil change and was adamant  it should be done within the hour or else the car would likely fail me-  and at any given moment.  Out of fear, I relented and had it done before I got back to the rabbit patch.  I am awful at such things and usually need conversations embellished with stern warnings to  do any business of that sort.

 The rabbit patch seemed more sprawling than ever, after  being in the village by the laughing river, for a while.  Of course the grass needed mowing, but otherwise, it was mostly tidy.  My boxer, “Cash” ran several laps in unbridled joy at my return.  My cat, “Christopher Robin” sauntered by, seeming only slightly interested in my return –  but I heard him purring.

I had high hopes of mowing today after the early service.  Within the first fifteen, minutes, the newly replaced bolt, that holds the deck up, broke.  Not to be out done, I found some wire and rigged it successfully.  It would not start back, so I played with the connections to the battery.  The heat was about unbearable, but I was determined and eventually got it started.  In the next fifteen minutes I hit a root, and bent the deck in so the blades could not turn.  I tinkered with the thing, for most of the afternoon-and to no avail.  I didn’t care one iota when it started raining.  I was hot, filthy and had to battle “yellow flies” while lying in the dirt. I had not  made a bit of progress.  I was discouraged and cranky.  In such circumstances,  I call Mama and complain to my hearts’ content.   Then, I collect myself and start putting things in perspective.  So while it rained, I began to think of all the  wonderful gifts in my life-my loved ones especially, and suddenly it seemed foolish to get so worked up over a lawn mower.  I had laughed at the robin this morning for acting like he would surely starve just because the bunnies were kicking up a fuss . . .and now, I had followed suit and acted like I would surely perish, all because of a lawn mower.  

The rain fell steadily and the sound of it had the same affect as listening to poetry.   It did cool things off, thankfully, too.  I am not fond of the souths’ hot, humid weather.  . .nor the biting insects.  But, summer does offer me sweet liberty and magnolia trees with their fragrant blooms. . .and there are nights with a million twinkling stars.  There is  the wild honeysuckle and Miss Claudias’ beloved peaches. . . . Summer, like every season, comes bearing gifts.  



21 thoughts on “While We Were All Together

  1. Bless your heart…and mine too. Machines of any short can really get to us when we are the ones dealing with them. My husband had broakered a deal on a DR mower years ago. He loved it. For some reason my sons don’t want me using it. Son #3 can come and mow with it forever but when I try it will mow about 10 ft. and stop never to start again. Problen is he isn’t here often enough. He works off shore 4 weeks and when he is here he has a tree and lawn service to take care of. Yes, my grass aka seed heads are knee high. I am on the list for his crew to come but …rain keeps popping up. BUT…the lemon tree is still alive, I have pulled more weeds from the flower bed,gotten a card order…sort of… and life is still going on. There are still 13 kittens coming on the porch for breakfast and a wren has a nest beside the window unit. Life goes on. Oh…and I did see rabbit run aross the side yard the other day. Of course I thought of you…Love you Miss Rabbit.xoxo

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    1. I have to laugh at how your mower works for your son and not you-How many times, I had trouble, and would call daddy and the rascal start up and pur!! It happened over and over. The rain is hindering folks here too with mowing. This was my first comment to read this morning and I couldn’t be more pleased. I loved your account of recent happenings-I am especially glad you saw a rabbit-love always, Michele

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    2. Dear Beverly,
      You have 13 kittens- this sounds like my sort of day. I have 8 kittens- 4 mothers, 2 male cats- all coming for breakfast and dinner and any meal I can afford to put out for them. What do you feed them ?
      Have you posted about them ?

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      1. Why??? I don’t know .I guess I just can’t even think about them going off and starving because someone didn’t care. What to do about them???wish I knew. I cant afford $75. a piece to thave them “taken care of .”

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      2. Bev … is there not a charity there which would do this ‘job’ for you? We have pet charitable organisation here which will do the deed for a small donation. Check out …. you may have something there which you can use to get them done. It would certainly stop the crowd getting bigger and bigger. xxx

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      3. There is a”vet’ organization that does but it is two hrs. away and requires an overnight . Just too much.I’ll just have to let nature take charge ( aka something getting them when they start traveling.)


      4. You both are doing what I would do. (susie and bc) We do what we can, as they say. We can offer them something of what we have until time and the world move on, as it always does.
        In the meantime, isn’t it heartwarming to spread joy, regardless of the species?
        Your good deeds reflected back upon you.
        Keep up the good work.


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  2. Dear Ma’am
    I visit your blog when I need peace. Yours truly is a rabbit patch. There are times in my life, when I need to listen to good old fashioned talk- straight from the heart, not politically correct talk.
    And to read about life where even when things seem slow moving from the outside is actually a hub of activity.
    I am glad you visited with the Elizabetheans. I am sure you all were truly satisfied on all counts.
    I wish I could see your bunnies and their early morning service ( do you feed them ?)

    I hope the robin got his breakfast. I am thankful you got rain and the ground cooled off.


  3. “I am glad we are all together.”
    Surely, at any gathering of loved ones, this should be the first utterance of us all.
    Thank you, Lyla.


    I admire the ambition, tenacity and fearlessness you describe in your battles with the mower.
    Among my acquaintances, I find more of them are the “call-the-repair-shop” type than the “let’s-have-a-look-and-try” type. As I am sure you’ve already assumed, I hold with the latter.
    We can’t help ourselves but to get worked up while consumed with the raging conflict.
    I also admire your ability to put it back into perspective when you return to the real world.
    Yes, I hold with that, too.

    Seek peace,


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  4. Dearest Rabbit …. I settled down and felt myself actually snuggle in, for this read. I’ve missed you so much. (Real life can be a proper party pooper sometimes!)

    I ADORE what Lyla said … and can see how much it means to her that you’re all there together. When you move closer, her life (for her) will be perfect. God bless her little heart.

    Upon coming to the end of your post …. or rather ‘letter’ to the universe … I felt myself sigh, with love, and felt my heart speak to my soul, clearly saying … “I love her so much”.
    And I do. So so much.

    Sending you much love, my wonderful Rabbit. ~ Cobs. xxx ❤


  5. Love reading what you are up to over at the rabbit patch! I am kind of glad we have a push mower as even I can operate that! If we had a rider I would have to learn how to run the crazy thing and who knows what I would mow over in the process.

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  6. Out of the mouth of babes God has ordained his truth, a paraphrase I’m sure but your report of Lyla’s words made me think of it. Another lovely post with words and thoughts to soothe and comfort. Thank you Michele.

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