The Lovely Time of June


Mornings in June, are especially lovely.  The air is cool and thick with some of the years’ most beloved fragrances.  The magnolia and cape jessamine-honeysuckle and mimosa persuade one to breathe deeply.  If you are in the presence of even one of these, you are not likely to forget it, in your lifetime.   Dappled shade and light playfully fall on the lawn while the sky changes from pewter to silver and at last to a gentle blue.  Song birds sing as if their life depended on it . The whole affair of a morning in June really is especially lovely.

With the mower, out of commission and the barns clean, my dog, Cash and I sat outside long after the “early service”.  After a week of awful heat, today has a cool breeze stirring through the territory- enough to make the pines whisper.  I read for a little while, in the shade of an old tree and remembered doing the same thing as a child.  In those days, children read the classics.  Books were not based on cartoons or centered around toys.  The rich vocabulary of “Louisa Mae Alcott”  and “Beatrix Potter”  sounded like music to me, as I read the words, now many years ago.  I still remember reading “Anne of Green Gables” and wondering if I was “impertinent”.   I became quite a snob about what books I deemed worthy, as a child-and remain so today.  I was quite particular about the books my own children read.  I am the same way about Lyla and will “turn my nose up” quickly at books meant to support television programs or that promote the purchase of “toys”. 

Today, I was reading ” The Best of Still Meadow” by “Gladys Taber”.  Cash laid beside me, in the overgrown grass.  He perked up, when the rabbits came out to graze.  A dog is good company.  I love boxers, especially.  They are loyal and protective and their face is almost human at times, with expression.  Boxers want to please and so are very trainable.  They are however, “eternal puppies” and require diligence on the part of the owner.  It could be a nightmare, otherwise, as the breed is energetic and muscular.     

I did need to go to the grocery today, for “the cupboards were bare” in the rabbit patch kitchen.  Reluctantly, I closed my book and left the sweet country air to go inside and change in to “town clothes” .


Since, I am contemplating going to Elizabeth City, again, I bought plenty of groceries. I am always certain that my sons and animals will starve while I am meandering by the river, therefore, I take great precautions.  When everything was put in place, I went out   to pick up branches- the aftermath of a recent storm.  The air had become humid.  The coolness of the morning had vanished.  The sky was thick with clouds.  They were the color of a very pale blue pearl and muted the shine of the sun.  Even the morning breeze had ceased so that the pines no longer whispered.  

When the branches were gathered and tossed in the burn pile, I returned to the farmhouse.  The fan whirled with the familiar hum I am so fond of.  Not yet has the farmhouse been uncomfortable, though it came close at the last Sunday dinner.  I always dread starting the air conditioner, for then the house is shut up like a dungeon.  You can not smell the fresh cut grass of summer nor hear the rain showers.  Last summer, I never did have to resort to such measures, but last summer was not as hot as the most of them.  The year before was awful and I felt every bit as confined in July as I did in January.  I was glad for air conditioning that year. 

Sometime in the afternoon, as I was doing laundry . . .or reading by the fan, I decided I would go for a quick visit to Elizabeth City.  After all, the next few days are forecasted to be cooler – and Lyla is growing up at an alarming rate of speed.  I will not squander any possible moment with her. I’d as soon sit on our rock with her, than do most things.  I found out recently, that the little bridge, by the rock is about 100 years old.  I wonder whom, besides Lyla and I , has sat on that rock and watch the river tumble by, while thinking great thoughts.  There is no telling how old the flat rock is, after all.  Lyla always gets sleepy as we sit there and wants to curl up like a kitten and nap.  I do too, but the thought of her toppling in the water, keeps me awake. 

Mama and Daddy will be celebrating their sixtieth anniversary on Saturday, and so we plan to mark the occasion with a family gathering.  I am reserving Friday for cooking and other lose ends. I cannot divulge any thing more at this time, as Mama reads the “rabbit patch diary” faithfully . . .and encourages friends and strangers alike, to do the same.  She is as “steady as that rock”,  in that way.  

As it turns out, I will not need to mow this week as my neighbor Susan, showed up on her fancy mower, while I was cooking supper.  She has a full time job and still mowed my yard.  I was thrilled at the sight of her mowing so carefully around the herb garden.   What relief I felt, as it is no small task to mow your neighbors yard when it is at least several acres.  I am already plotting how to return the favor.

Dear rabbit patch diary,  I am glad for good books and good neighbors.  I am glad for cool mornings to sit with a loyal dog under an old tree.  I am glad for rocks and rivers  . . .and the lovely month of June.


34 thoughts on “The Lovely Time of June

  1. Three cheers for good neighbors. Yea-yea-yea! Congrats to your parents. All you “young” folks still have a ways to go…keep up the good work. hehe.
    Cool breeze sounds wonderful. We are under heat warrings. Temps in the upper 90’s and index 107-110. Summer is here with a bang and lots more to go.Needless to say I am not getting much done out side. Enjoy the rock and river. Wish I had one near by. xoxo

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    1. you are always my loyal friend and fan! Lyla and I are making that coconut candy for you tomorrow! Lyla is growing up-way too fast. Before we know it, it will be Christmas with a little sister! oh but it is fun! thank you ~love Michele


  2. Aaaahhhh. I feel like I have just come from a lovely visit Michele. I agree with you about holding off on the air conditioner as the house gets shut up and stale. I am thinking it might get that way this week as they tell us we will get hot and muggy. I can handle hot…but muggy about does me in.
    I have never heard of cape jessamine…it made me grin because I have a niece named Jesamine! She was named after her great grandmother.
    Have a wonderful time with your Lyla!! (And I also stock up on food when I leave anyone at home when I go away!)

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    1. I agree with everything you said-it seems I always do. I detest humidity too. Cape Jessamine is also known as gardenia and cousin to the magnolia-all unforgettable fragrances. How can we leave our loved to scramble eggs for days???? hahah! thank you dear, love Michele


  3. Hi
    For the kind neighbour- hip hip hurrah. For you, because you must be a good neighbour too- a hip hip hurrah.
    Catching up with Lyla and the time to do that in is precious and brings treasured memories for her and you and us too.
    Happy 60th wedding anniversary to your mother and father.
    Last year, through your blog your books inspired me to look for other books of L. M Alcott( other than LW that is) and I found such a treasure. Then I did all the L M Montgomery ones( other than Anne of Green Gables, that was another treasure). This year, I won’t be searching for books, so please could you post short summaries of the books you read, so I can read them too.
    I like the Ingliss Wilder books too – recently I heard they changed the names of one of the awards in her honor to something more generic ?
    The early morning service with Cash and the bunnies is such a delight to read about. Wish you would share photos of the rabbit patch, Catch and Christopher Robin.

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  4. Dearest Rabbit,
    Thank you. Thank you for allowing us to join you in your world. I am always filled with wonder and feel my eyes beginning to twinkle the moment I begin reading. You have such an incredible talent for drawing us in and taking us with you as you write. It’s something I genuinely love about you. Your words build a scene within our minds hearts and souls, and then they carry us along as you ‘talk’. You bring calm to a muddled mind, busy day and wash away some of those things which we trouble ourselves with. What’s not to love about someone who can do that?!

    I feel like I know the rock you sit on with Lyla, and the 100 year old bridge too – in-fact so much so that I swear I’ve visited them during my night time dreams! And Cash … what a bundle of fun wrapped up in a dog! I know I’d love him, for he has a personality which only requires love, affection and play. I can supply those a-plenty. 😀

    Thank you Rabbit. For being you.
    Sending you much love, ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. How good it always is to hear from you. Your loving words never fail to move me. It would not surprise me one bit that you have been o the rock by the bridge-you are that magical. Cash would love you. My heart is so grateful for you. You bring so much cheer and joy to me. thank you! love always, your own rabbit

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    2. Dear Cobs,
      How well you described the post and ma’am. Its like reading ‘ Winnie the Pooh” when I read her posts.
      Slow, calming, and with a feeling that all is right with the world, even though it may be topsy-turvy.

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  5. Michele, hope your parents’ anniversary celebrations will be blessed with extra doses of grace, peace & love (& plenty of lovely food & family fellowship!) Life is a gift – and love is what makes it so. 💜🎂🍾🎉💜

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  6. Rich country living is your theme song. I wish I could hear the music more clearly. Today there were lots of lush violins playing. Your posts refresh me and remind me to be thankful for all the blessings I have in this part of the state.

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  7. Michele, you have such a lovely June with all the pretty flowers, unforgettable fragrance. Take a break from mowing the lawn, hopefully, the grass won’t grow too fast with the warmer weather. I know what you mean by being selective of books. I wonder about that also. The movies and the music are not the same anymore. I remember my girlfriend saw The Sound of Music 7 times and had the script memorized. I hope your trip to the grocery store is rewardful in replenishing your cupboard.

    Congratulations to your parents’ 60th anniversary. Have a blast celebrating.

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      1. Thank you, Michele. My summer will go very fast. I’m going back to CA on Tuesday, but will come back to Portland at the end of this month. Then I’ll have three weeks off, and will prepare for my after school care when school starts at the end of August. Have a restful summer.

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  8. I’m not at all surprised to learn we shared the same reading taste as children, the same beliefs about children’s books we choose for our loved ones, and a continued love of books. I think maybe your reading habit helps you write delicious sentences like “Dappled shade and light playfully fall on the lawn while the sky changes from pewter to silver and at last to a gentle blue.” Such delightful tidbits are scattered throughout your writing and I always notice.

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    1. There certainly is a wide range of books now-and I so prefer poetic ones-where words seem so carefully chosen. I have read several books, because the story was fantastic, but poorly told-at least to me. thank you for a lovely comment-one that truly touched my heart! love michele


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