Cookies, A Fallen Robin and a Celebration


On Friday, Jenny and I packed up and left Elizabeth City.  Jenny does not travel lightly, as I do, for she has Lyla and a dog, too.  The both of them require all sorts of things for just a few days away.  It was mid afternoon, before we left the Riverside Village, on the “laughing river”.  Everyone is coming home this week end, for my parents’ Sixtieth Anniversary gathering.  

I have been in Elizabeth City since Monday.   The weather has been especially hot and thunderstorms pop up quite regularly.  People walk their dogs mighty early under such conditions.  Miss Thelma, Jennys’ ninety-something year old neighbor, feeds  the birds at the crack of dawn.  I get up early, by nature . . . to brew coffee.

A little robin, has evidently fallen from his nest, in the back yard, at Jennys’ house.  His parents still have some in the nest, and are frantically trying to keep all of them satisfied.  Every morning, the parents are dashing about trying to collect breakfast  for their young, but no amount of rushing seems to be adequate, for the nest makes quite a commotion and the fallen robin hops along squawking throughout the ordeal, wanting every morsel, they find.  I took to throwing strawberries and whatever else we had left, out, to aid the plight. 

Lyla and I made coconut macaroons on Tuesday.  Miss Claudia had an easy, no fail recipe . . .and so I doubled it with the idea to share.  I think we made at least a hundred of them.  No matter, how many I packaged up, or ate, we still had coconut macaroons.  It did not help, that Will did not like them.

Finally, on Wednesday, Lyla and I enjoyed a walk around the village.  Of course, we delivered macaroons, as we went.  The “laughing river” was a steel, gentle shade of blue.  We had the river and the rock, all to ourselves.  I read once, that humans crave expansive views.  There is something that is very beneficial about gazing at the ocean or vistas from a mountain top, it seems.  I think the same can be said of fields –  and laughing rivers.  It is hard to view such wonders and not feel  the “Blessed Assurance” that southern choirs sing about.   . .nor feel a Holy Presence, mightier than any earthly shackles. 

On the way back, I chose to walk the way of “Raleigh Street” where the best smelling rose grows.  Every year, I look forward to it and consider it well worth walking a bit out of the way, to do so.  The rose is not far from the sidewalk, nor the front door of the cottage, that tends it.  Lyla was delighted that we passed under a canopy of crepe myrtle trees.  She loves when a breeze loosens some of the tiny pink petals, for they fall like snow and – some land on us, as we go. On the walk back, we looked for lilies, which is her newest botanical accomplishment.  

While Lyla napped, I started on supper.  Miss Claudia was coming and that turned a week night supper, in to an occasion, for me.  Wills’ mom is one of my favorite people to cook for.  She is full of flattery, for one thing.  Besides that, we can brag on Lyla, without pretense and in total agreement.  . .besides that I have come to love her.

Lyla still has no interest in cooking things like potatoes nor peas, so the kitchen was not nearly as lively, as it was when we made the macaroons.

On Friday, a door shut squarely in my face.  I had been entertaining a certain notion and it had seemed like progress was being made in that direction, when all of a sudden, the “door closed ” – and rather abruptly.  Now in my younger years, I did not take such things lightly and was apt to pout and fuss.  I think I may even have felt  cheated.   On this day, I actually laughed, for the turn of events were remarkably odd, but so precise.  It seems, I am finally convinced that things work out as they ought to, for I have witnessed this.  Instead of feeling slighted, I feel loved . . and protected.  Dare I say, “I went down a rabbit hole”, that I did not belong in?



Today is a “red letter day” for our family.  Today, is the day, my parents are celebrating their sixtieth wedding anniversary.  They married so young.  A lot of things happen in sixty years. . .heartbreak and triumph, joy and sorrow . . .hope and despair. 

Certainly,  they would neither one, consider themselves any thing but ordinary . .  . but, I say different.  I think they are champions . . and ought to be crowned.  They are living examples of a long-standing fortitude.  A union of sixty years can not be taken lightly, for the privilege, to claim  it, surely requires  a stalwart devotion,  a generous amount of grace and a love that can “move mountains” as needed. 



44 thoughts on “Cookies, A Fallen Robin and a Celebration

  1. Congrats to your parents and to all of you on this special day.
    Now..about the robin…did it make a recovery? And did you know being able to look long distance is very good for your vision. Being cooped up and looking at four walls all the time isn’t good for us in a lot of ways.
    Door slam shut !…at least you didn’t have to wonder.I like it when there is a solid answer. Love to all of you.

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    1. I did not know about the benefits for vision, when looking at such views-I had read about brain chemistry. Well, I suppose we all ought to when we can. I was very thankful for the clarity in my answer-had just been asking God about it! I love you my dear Beverly. thank you Michele

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      1. Ma’am,
        Thank you for directing me to this post. I didn’t know you had written a new one.
        A closed door- that makes two of us this week. You were happy for the closed door ? And grateful too ?
        You are a blessed soul. I went through the “No” like you described you were in earlier days. I blamed everybody but myself. I guess with time, I will become like you.

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      2. you are not alone Susieshy, for I have done the same.Later, I am full of regret and hope to do better-God is compassionate with our human nature-and thankfully so. I am working on a response to the reading list-love Michele

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      1. Oh Susie…I have a bug…not really but blogland and I just have trouble getting along. Yesterday I spent a fair amount of time typing about on thing then another and suddenly it all disappeared. Very discouraging..but I will keep trying.


  2. What a fine looking, happy group of people smile out from the photograph you shared. You are blessed with a good family, one of the best blessings of all. I wish I had been on your coconut macaroon route, I can’t eat enough of the things! Thanks for sharing another snapshot of the beauty you find as you go through your days.

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  3. Congratulations, 60 years is a wonderful testimony of love and grace indeed! I love the picture of the rabbit in the pitcher! It’s nice that you feel “protected and loved,” we do see things differently as we age. 🙂

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  4. Congratulations extended to your parents! That’s a fine looking family and such an accomplishment and testament of Love. Everyone looks happy. I’m glad I didn’t miss this one. much love, Debra

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  5. Congratulations to your parents. The post and the picture all show the happiness and closeness your family share. I am glad their anniversary falls in the summer. Is it that marriage vows were taken a lot more seriously in the olden days and commitment was a life long thing ?
    Coconut macaroons- when I was younger, I could have eaten at least 20, I think. The way you wrote about how they did not get spent, was marvelous.
    I wish you would bake for me.
    Now that I am free, can you recommend a few good books for summer read like you did last year ?
    I can loo for them in my library.

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    1. My favorite author is Gladys Taber-anything by her is wonderful. I am reading Thoreau this summer. “The Eucation of Little Tree” is a life long favorite too. Tell me your interests and I will be so glad to share my favorites. love Michele and I wish I could bake for you too!

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      1. I love PG Wodehouse- it improves my English vocabulary. His books constantly refer to Nietzsche and his philosophy. I have never read these- would you recommend ?


  6. Sixty years is certainly worthy of a celebration. Congratulations to your parents. As I read your wonderful post, I was struck by your comment to the effect that people need large vistas. It is true, and makes one feel whole and elated.

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  7. There is so much to comment on with this post …. First, did that baby Robin make it? Second, when I’m in the forests I love, I see better, think better, and feel as if I am walking on Sacred Ground. My Soul is renewed. Being cooped up in a house is driving me bonkers with this extreme heat! How my Soul LONGS for my forests! And congratulations with your parents’ 60th wedding anniversary. Sadly young folk today don’t understand the value at sticking together even through the tough times. We’ve become a throwaway society and that includes marriages. Wonderful post!! Thank you, Michele! 🌹

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    1. the little robin was alive and well, and flew on top of a shed, my last day there. I love the forest too and also declare them sacred. Sadly, you are quite right about society. God bless you and may you and I both get out of the house soon! thank you dear, love Michele

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  8. Please tell your parents happy anniversary for me! Staying together for sixty years is quite an accomplishment, not to mention raising a family. And clearly, you learned the value of family from them!

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  9. More than congratulations are in order for your parents.
    Good job and thank you should be expressed as well.
    I don’t know them personally, but I can tell you that people who stay together for 40 or 50 or 60 years don’t do so because they were lucky enough to find their perfect match.
    It’s also not because they have shared interests, nor is it that they attend the same church or pray together. It is not because they have the same tastes and it’s not because they “never went to bed angry”. It’s not because they stayed together for the sake of the children.
    People like your parents actually meant what they said when they made solemn promises before witnesses. If ever they experienced doubts or weakness, it was their own personal commitment to the union, to their promise, that kept them together.
    Folks can make all kinds of excuses and reasons for breaking the most serious promises in their lives. They have for thousands of years.
    Others keep them.
    I shall choose to keep company with the latter, thank you.
    Your parents included.

    All my best,


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