A North Wind


Not in my wildest dreams, did I expect an “early service” in July to warrant a light sweater!  I did awaken, earlier than usual but even now, an hour later, it is in the mid sixties (F).  This is all due to a beautiful breeze from the north.  Needless to say, the windows are up in the farmhouse.  

With the mid week holiday, and it being summer, I must make great effort to keep “my bearings” straight.  I hope that “Sunday Dinner” will reset my internal clock, for the last three days, have all felt like “Saturday”.  If it were not for bills, I would no doubt, remain blissfully ignorant of the passage of months.  I know it is early July, and that satisfies me . . .and that is what I would answer if someone asked me the time, though if hard pressed, I may say something like “it is just after supper”.


Since the breeze coming in the kitchen windows,  could be likened to the earliest days of autumn, I decided to bake a meatloaf and have the cheese biscuits, that Mama loves.  Both require an oven and I avoid such meals when it is so very hot.  When I had pots simmering and the meatloaf baking, I decided to cut a few more branches, that were bothering a young cherry tree.  When I came in, the pots were boiling, Thoreau had come out of the woods and “Mr. Collins was proposing to Elizabeth”,  -for I was watching  Pride and Prejudice and reading passages, just enough to ponder, while I concocted the meatloaf.  

I am always doing several things at once. My sister Connie is the same.  Her husband Mike told a story, that he was working on a project that required heavy lifting and realised he needed a certain tool.  Connie took off to get it for him.  Mike waited and waited  some more until he finally stopped and went to look for Connie.  She was weeding a flower bed.

It always amuses me to think that the same traits, we bear can be at times a shining strength and at other times a weakness.  When I listen to a sermon, I have to constantly reign my thoughts back to the subject.  Otherwise, I’ m thinking about making gravy for the roast to be served or letting the dog out, the moment I return.  Even lengthy, group prayers are difficult, for I start on my own prayer and end up missing what we were collectively asking for.  It also happens when I am painting a room or mowing.  I have several areas going at once, which really is less harmful than missing a sermon. Yet, when my five children were young, it was quite a strength to handle the many necessities that showed up all at once and every job I have ever had, required the ability to jump from one thing to another. 

There are a few things that allow me to focus deeply.  A canvas, a sonata and a good book are some of them. 


Sunday Dinner, which is served at mid day, on the rabbit patch, was a nice time.  Mama and Daddy came and we took a short walk outside afterwards.  I could not believe the way the wind was sweeping across the yard  and the coolness of it was another shock.  I do not ever remember such a cool spell in July. . .and I will not forget this one anytime soon.

Sunday dinner never gets old to me.  How can gathering around a table, laden with  savory dishes,  and loved ones in every chair, ever be anything but “golden” ?  Such moments make gratitude well up in my heart like a  happy fountain.


After Mama and Daddy left, I went in with the intention of writing in the Rabbit patch Diary.  I was asleep in a very short while.  It was a good, deep, sleep and I have no idea how long it was.  I woke up very disappointed to have wasted such an unusual afternoon.  I used to never nap, in the broad daylight!  That has not been the case for almost a year now.  If I eat a hearty meal . . .and then attempt to read . . and a window fan hums lazily .  . . I am  more likely to take a nap, than Lyla.

I did go back to the edge of the young woods, and waged war again with the vines and bracken til at last, I declared victory.  . .  and  I have the battle scars to prove it too.  










29 thoughts on “A North Wind

  1. Meatloaf and cheese biscuits, that sounds so good! Maybe I’ll do that for a dinner this week too. I can’t remember where you live but it is cool here too! Reminded me very much of autumn as well. We are getting grass mowed and everything else we put off when it was too hot to work outside!

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  2. Michele, I’m back from a little holiday with the family and I’m working through all the wonderful bloggy things I’ve missed since I’ve been away from my computer. We had a sun-soaked, wonderful time. Now to catch up on sleep, laundry, and the lawn! I absolutely loved this WHOLE post, just there is a FEELING in your writing about your days…sigh. This line was my favorite-ist: “When I came in, the pots were boiling, Thoreau had come out of the woods and “Mr. Collins was proposing to Elizabeth”, -for I was watching Pride and Prejudice and reading passages, just enough to ponder, while I concocted the meatloaf. ” I love, love that!

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  3. Dear Ma’am
    What a serene sunday. When you wrote of sermons and the mind going off on a a few walks of its own, I related to those walks in my own mind. Sermons are a good time to take a ramble and it happens during family prayers too, when someone else is praying too. These times are meant to slow us down and make us aware of ourselves but for multitasking minds, these times are times when everyone else is quiet and so the best times to wander off.
    I loved your serene Sunday and the north wind that brought coolness to the rabbit patch and your warm clothes. These are good times and ones that will not be forgotten.
    Would you recommend Thoreau ? I have never read it- Pride and Prejudice I have. I am glad your cherry tree has some more growing space now. And I am glad for the Sunday Dinner of meat loaf and cheese biscuits and mom and dad who joined you. I am also glad for the relaxing nap that refreshed and rejuvenated you just like a visit to the rabbit patch rejuvenates me everyt ime.

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    1. Thank you my dear Susieshy- I so hope all is well with you. I am already thankful, that a door shut for me! Thoreau is excellent-full of wisdom. He kept journals about a two year solitude in the woods. Very deep and thought provoking and written like art. Very philosophical . I love Victoria Holt-if you want stories written well, with a tiny of bit of wholesome romance and a lot of mystery. thank you so much. love Michele

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  4. What a lovely relaxing peaceful post. So very calming. However,I can relate to drifting during sermons, I think it’s only human. Warmest wishes to you for a lovely week ahead, multi tasking and all. xx

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  5. Having time to nap after lunch is one of lifes great pleasures. Enjoy it!
    I think i am as scatter brained as you. My husband is annoyed by it, but I enjoy it and find that the wandering thought often finds its own way back to the point or prayer evenually! great post as ever.

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  6. Oh for a spell of cool. It has been an awfully hot summer here and the few showers which pass through only cool for a short period. I do remember, years ago, a cool snap coming just as we had a family reunion here at Hope End Farm . Most unusual and it was wonderful. Not this year.
    You know…I keep hearing we are in for a mini ice age..Hard to even imagine and so keep harping on global warming. Only God knows. Love you xoxo

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    1. I t was even chilly last night and this morning-NEVER have I seen this, nor the icy winter! We should have known, our actions would have consequences.. Once again :the writing is on the wall”. Let us pray for this world.

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  7. I’m so glad you got some nice cool weather in July! Sometimes those perfect days are appreciated even more when we aren’t expecting them, I think. And good for you for taking a little nap…they are one of life’s most under-rated pleasures, I think. Always enjoy reading your posts, Michele! They are so calming….


  8. Ahhhh, how I enjoyed your cool breezes, for it’s exactly what we are in need of here in Dorset (England), right now. Our temperatures are way too high and there seems no let up. So to come and read your post Rabbit, was a real tonic.

    I felt those cool breezes move my hair and dance around my legs.
    I smelled the cooking of Sunday Dinner, and sat amongst you as you all laughed, chatted and ate.

    I so love being at the Rabbit Patch with you all. It’s how life should be. Surrounded by the warmth and love of a family. Perfect.
    Sending much love to you Rabbit. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. isn’t it nice to think on such things? There is so much chaos in the world, I can not bear it. It is why I fill up on just simple happy things-to know you care about the same things,makes me happy-there are two of us at least. haha! you cheer me to no end-what a light you are-with A LOT of shine. I like to think about you.It is so chilly here I can not believe it! I wish you a cool breeze! love your rabbit!

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  9. I don’t think there is anything sweeter than gathering around a table with loved ones in every chair. 🙂 We enjoyed that cool spell also, loved it! Back to the heat again, as I’m sure you are as well, what a nice respite it was. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  10. Michele, I had to chuckle about your struggle with prayers and sermons…..you will not be surprised to know I share the same difficulty!
    I do envy your cooler weather. They tell us by the weekend we should cool down and I am so ready! Have a wonderful week!

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  11. I too am a multitasker. I start one project and wind up doing three or four more, it’s funny though, they all seem to get done and in the end, I get a feeling of great satisfaction, At the end of the day, we have a hearty meal enjoyed by all and memories that will last forever.

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