“Tomorrow is Another Day”


I must say it again . . .it is chilly at the rabbit patch!  Last night, I went out to see the sky as I can not stay away from the view.  There was Venus, bold and stunning.  Jupiter was bright  and with them thousands of stars .  I saw “where the dog ran” and I saw a shooting star.  It was absolutely fantastic and I was sorry for anyone that missed it.  I have never seen a summer night sky in sixty degrees, in all of my life.  I inhaled deeply to see the effects of this air, on the scents known only to summer.  I was reluctant to go in, for the unfamiliar beauty was surely some spectacular fluke and it beckoned to me with a lovely persuasion.


How lovely  it  was to wake to the cool of the morning.  I half expected to smell a faint whiff of wood smoke!  The early service was especially  brief as today, the long awaited roof project was on the agenda.  Though, the leak was fixed, months ago, the cosmetics had never been addressed, hence a bright blue tarp alerted the public, that  we were a procastinating lot . . or just plain lazy.  

While Brant and Christian worked on the roof, I started sanding the kitchen ceiling.  It is a messy job and my arm started aching within the first twenty minutes. Every time, I took a break, the silence tattled about it.  Finally,  when the end was just in sight, the contraptions’ battery died.  That is when I came into my own, for I started supper.

How pleasant it was to slice the yellow squash and onions.  This is one of our favorite dishes -and so are green tomatoes.  Green tomatoes are hard to come by, unless you have a garden.  Very rarely, you can get them in at a farmers’ market.  Last year, a locally run grocery carried them, but only  on occasion, so your best bet is to grow them.  Mama and my sister, Connie, each gave me some this week and so the boys will have a generous helping of them tonight.

It felt like reliving times past. . .once again cooking for my children on an ordinary day.  Supper has always been a special time, for me.  We always ate as a family.  Only pleasant conversation  was allowed  and it was limited to happy subjects.  Supper was not the time to tell bad news or to quarrel.  I still feel the same way about that.  I would rather eat late than break that rule, to this day. 

Another fact is, the cook ought not to be angry while preparing the meal, or else all will suffer.  Biscuits are likely not to rise, and the chicken may burn.  I have heard this from experienced cooks and have proved the theory true myself.  I suspect there is some science that could explain it.  . .but, whether it is fact or fiction . . it is best not to upset the cook and most especially, if you want gravy.


Tuesday was another cool morning.  I have heard the coolness will not linger much longer.  I am happy for every moment thus far.  What a reprieve it has been, from the oppressive, southern heat. 

I all but missed the early service this morning.  What fragment  of it, I did attend was absolutely glorious.  Who can not love a cool bright morning?  The world is full of hope, in the morning.

I was painting a corner of the ceiling, before eight.  I still had a bit of sanding left.  I have learned that I do not like ceiling work in general.  The sanding is awful, as I noted yesterday.  I dislike it more now than I did then.  Painting is almost as bad.   . .and there is the ladder.  Climbing up and down a ldder completes the weariness.  I am sorry to say, I was quite grumpy and  had to take great pains to remedy that. 

Brant and Christian, however, had renewed vitality – and youth, to start their morning chore.  Neither of them seemed the least bit worse, for the wear and tear of yesterday.  Brant walked around the house and pointed out several more projects that needed tending to . . .and quite happily, I might add.  He is the most tireless individual, I have ever met.   I am confident, Brant could have “built Rome, in a day”, if just given the chance.

By noon,  the boys were hungry and I was glad to have a valid reason to get off the ladder.  I did need to go to the grocery as we were dangerously low on coffee and completely out of milk.   I decided to bring back lunch, too. 


The break did me good, and somehow I mustered the strength to start again. The boys ran into a setback on the roof right as it was near completion.  They were both disappointed as they had hoped to finish today.  They decided to start again tomorrow .    There was a trailer of debris that needed to go to a landfill.  The thing had been here as long as that awful tarp and  a tire had gone flat, in the meanwhile.  The boys went about fixing the tire and then drove off, satisfied they were at least accomplishing this task.   I was so glad to see the empty spot where the trailer had lived.

 Meanwhile, I returned to the cluttered kitchen.  It was quite disheartening to see the kitchen littered with tools, rags,  paint .  . .and a ladder. I had gotten a lot done, I told myself.  Brant and Christian returned within an hour with the trash in tow.  The landfill was closed.  I did not like seeing my sons disappointed for the second time, this day. . .but I  was very careful to remain cheerful, as it was too close to supper to risk a poor disposition. . . for all our sake.   . .and  “Tomorrow is another day.”





20 thoughts on ““Tomorrow is Another Day”

  1. Thank God you have the cool weather in the summer so you could get 90% of the roof done and the trash assembled on the trailer for it to go to the landfill or it would have been another half day’s work I guess.
    Thank God you could all have a pre cooked meal and together and talking only of good things and no bad news. Thank God the Thai children have all been saved- it is rare that one gets to hear of 100% rescues and care from people all over the world these days.
    Thank God for green tomatoes and family who grow them and share them, so you all could enjoy a good treat for all the hard work accomplished.
    And thank God for summer holidays that gave you all time to bond over work and invest in an old rabbit patch that no one would perhaps have cared about.
    Thank God for you Michele and your magic pen and the magic you continue to weave with your words. I am glad that you allow me to look through the lace curtains of your country home and see how a strong woman runs her family – unbeaten, weathered, loving and caring and with integrity in everything she does. I learn a lot from you, ma’am. You and your family are an inspiration to many.

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    1. This fills my heart. How dear you are. Your words touched me and what sweet reminders of all that went right today. Your positive attitude is so refreshing. You built me up. Thank you deeply. God bless you Susie! love Michele

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      1. I am trying Ma’am. When I read your post, I felt sad. I didn’t want to write a reply at first as I didn’t know what to write. Then I started typing as though something possessed me and as I wrote I recounted what went right in your day and the message came out. In what amazing ways the Spirit leads us one to another to comfort and hold, doesn’t it ?

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  2. Thank heaven for “little” boys, they take on the most un-delightful chores. And you on the ladder? Take care young lady ( in the words of Cob ). I don’t like ceilings that need painting and I do have at least one. lol Carry on…Ya’ll are making progress at the Patch.

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  3. I totally agree with not having upsetting conversations at dinner time, or even while preparing the food. We can avoid accidents in the kitchen, and many indigestions. Nothing worse than eating when you are upset. It’s almost like the food is infused with the emotions of the cook… especially at baking time, if we want something to turn well, we must do it with love 🙂
    Sorry to hear about all the extra work you are facing Michele! Thank-goodness you have such wonderful sons to help you! You have been an excellent role model for them as well. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of the summer months! A big hug, Amira

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  4. No, it’s probably best NOT to upset the cook, as delicious meals and the love that goes into cooking them is important if you want tasty food as opposed to the other type which I suspect you ain’t into cooking. I love the way your family seems to pitch in with the heavier chores around the Rabbit Patch, but then going back to your cooking expertise, they probably sense it’s more prudent to do so.

    I love your expression, ‘came into my own,’ or close enough unless I scroll back up, ’cause it speaks volumes about your preferences. I’m more of a cleaner than a cook, but I can make the house smell nice on occasion, while also keeping most inside jobs done up with supporters as well. Just a thought…leaking roofs and gravy don’t go together, or do you have some secret recipe combo even for that as well???!

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