Watching Dragonflies


Another beautiful “early service” arrived this morning.  There was a cool breeze blowing, that delivered the sweet fragrance of early morning.  Besides myself, there was a squirrel gathering acorns and a female tanager.  I had seen a male tanager this year- only on one occasion.  The Tanagers are quite elusive birds, so any sighting is memorable.  The male is a cheerful red, and the female is  a buttery yellow.   They are a striking pair and I counted it a privilege to catch a glimpse of the golden flash of the bird this morning.  Otherwise, it was a most solitary service.

Lyla and I took a stroll around the village about mid morning.  It was already hot and the breeze barely whispered.  The river was quite blue and rolled gently by.  We spent some time on our rock.  A dragonfly joined us.   He flitted about skimming the water and  so we watched him for a while .  We did not tarry  too long for the southern heat was damp and I was sure we would wilt on the way back.  717163cb9f896dcb0c8d228b1aeb63c5

On Friday morning, Lyla wanted to help cook “honey cakes” for breakfast.  This was before seven am.  Of course we did.  When breakfast was put away, Lyla and I made cookies.  She loves to “crack eggs”.  We listened to our music which Lyla has come to expect.  She always reminds me as she is getting the large bowl, to play our music.  She will not begin, til a violin melody rings sweetly in the kitchen. 

Lyla has improved greatly about the conclusion of the mixing, I noted . . and at long last, I have learned to bake good cookies.  

That was not the end our our cooking spree, for Miss Claudia, Wills’ mom and my dear friend, was coming for supper.  This warranted a dessert.  We made a cheesecake, which Lyla called ” a pie”.  We used wild blueberries, as I am convinced they are by far the most flavorful.    I will tell you the dessert was a big hit.


On Saturday morning, Will and Jenny worked on the nursery.  Their second daughter is expected in September.  Lyla, their first born, helped for a while and was very good natured about  the “big production”  . . until she saw the butterflies fluttering across the wall . . .and then the pastel lanterns . . .and the sparkling flowers.  This proved a bit much and so Lyla came downstairs with me to watch a show about the wild animals in Africa.

Jenny, being a thoughtful mother, had allowed Lyla to be in on the decoration purchases, and even bought a few new things for Lylas’ room, which the girls will share, eventually.  It all worked out fine and Lyla said she loved her little sister, after all.

I stayed out of the way for a bit, as I felt the preparing for new baby, was such a special event.  Out of curiosity,  I did have a peek after an hour or so.  What a beautiful and moving picture unfolded.  Will was hanging pretty things on the wall, and Jenny had a stack of dainty blankets .  The crib stood neatly with fresh linens beneath sparkling flowers.   Lyla was ransacking a collection of soft baby toys.  How sweet it was to behold young parents with their fresh, youthful faces full of aspiration and joyful anticipation, at the arrival of their new daughter.  The room nearly glowed and it made me want to dance . . a waltz.

Few things are as holy, on this earth as the birth of a child. Most things dull in comparison.  It is no wonder, we hold these memories tenderly until they are embedded in our heart.


I have not heard a word about the arrival of the appraiser.  Will, being a banker is well versed in this process and predicted it would take about two months for the conclusion of the sale.  It seems he was right.  It is most likely that the business of  . . selling the rabbit patch   – and hence moving to a place I do not know of yet . . .and the new school year starting . . and the birth of my second grandchild . . will all happen at once -sometime in September.

This is a lot of things to transpire and every one of them quite significant.  It will be a time of  great change and a lot of contemplation under the best of circumstances, especially for a simple, country woman, who spends her time watching dragonflies and sitting on a rock, for lengthy spells.


Since none of that is happening today, I will concentrate on a Sunday Supper, instead.  Miss Claudia is coming  and that makes the meal, an occasion.

Jenny and I will go through another parcel of baby clothes.  There is always laundry and stories to tell Lyla. . . and I will watch for the tanagers, and a yellow finch, I spied this morning. 

This is the last week of the summer break.  School starts for teachers, next Monday. I must mend my ways, especially the leisurely eating and sleeping patterns, I have developed, over the course of the season.  Breakfast can not be eaten at ten am, and midnight is not a suitable bed time. 

Of course the hardest part, will be not satisfying my whims, which I have grown quite accustomed to.  I will miss the rainy days, spent reading until my hearts’ content . . and making a cake on a Tuesday, if the notion struck me .  The sheets may not be sprinkled with lavender regularly and  I will miss such things, for I am domestic in heart, despite this modern age, that I live in.  

This week, I plan to do the things dearest to my heart.  I will spend a few more days, in Elizabeth City.  I will stroll the familiar path by the laughing river, with Lyla.  I will help Jenny with any loose ends. before the baby arrives . .  for what will Jenny do, when I go back to work?   . . . and oh, so very soon . . . it will be September!

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49 thoughts on “Watching Dragonflies

  1. Beautiful post! Best to you all in the new year, which seems to me to start in September rather than January. Maybe it’s because I was born in September. 😉

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  2. There is absolutly nothing like a new baby and the room looks lovely lying in waite. Now you know Miss Rabbit that it is the simple country soul in you that will get you through this next faze of your life. And there will be more dragonflies and birds of all colors and even rabbits running here and there. I just can’t waite to see where life takes you. Love you xoxo

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  3. You have an enjoyable weekend, Michele. I know it’s hot. It’s hotter here. Good to see that you and Lyla had a nice walk even though there was no breeze. How wonderful she wanted to help you make the cake on Friday. She’ll be a big sister. Congratulations to Will and Jenny as they are working in the nursery, getting ready for the new arrival.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!!

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  4. September is one of my favorite months as fall arrives! The new baby’s room looks lovely. You do have so much happening soon – make sure to take good care of yourself, and let others help you. As I’ve gotten older I find that I don’t handle change as well as in my youth. I found my move exciting but stressful and it took a toll on me physical and mentally. Enjoy your final week of leisure!

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  5. You do have a lot of changes coming up! My guess is that you will enjoy it all, even the moving, and the birth of another grandchild will be so very special. Thank you for this beautiful post! (And PS: I also have a strong domestic streak. There is something so calming about intentionally taking care of a well-loved home.)


  6. September is coming all too soon. Maybe it’s better to have everything happen and done with all at once. Maybe. Michele, what music does Lyla want to listen to – the one with violins – when you bake together?

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  7. Your posts are such lovely ways to start my days…I smiled the whole time I read. September is full of so many wonderful promises for you and yours! Have a wonderful week Michelle!!

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  8. Michele, this is such a heart-warming post. Bless you for blessing all of us for the stories you weave and share. September for me has always been about changes, some from the past big ones, ones that I’d rather not have experienced. Yet with all change, good does arrive. I wish you all the best with your changes ahead of you and while you can, sit on that rock and just dream upon a dragonfly. Much Love to you! 🕊🦋💝

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  9. Congratulations Michele on selling the Rabbit Patch!! I know it’s bittersweet but you’ll make your next home just as lovely and enchanting! How very exciting too that you have another grandchild on the way. September will be a busy month for you, but really when you think about it, it’s all happy and exciting!! Bummer on school starting Monday…one day, in the not too distant future you can sprinkle your bed with lavender, bake on a Tuesday, stay up til Midnight! I look forward to those days too. For now, enjoy what brings us the most happiness and know that the rainy days of reading are just around the corner!! Wishing you great success in your move…love Deb! xo ❤

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  10. Aww. Lovely visit with you as always, Michele. I’m so glad you got a glimpse of the Tanager…I’ve only seen photos and they look gorgeous. The honey cake and everything sounds delicious…sending kind and warm thoughts to you as you head into a season of change and back to the classroom. I’m gearing up for our educating year to begin also, trying to prepare my heart with deep breaths of summer air, poetry, and long walks. It gets so cold and gray here in Jan/Feb. I love rainy days and coziness, but sometimes, I have to remember back to the bright sunshine, earthly, moist, humid smell, and GREEN. I’m storing it up as best as I can for later. ❤ How exciting a new grandbaby is!!!

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  11. There is, knitted in all that ^ up there, something which I can’t quite put my finger on, but I know it makes me want to shed a tear or two. They’re not sad tears, but they’re not whoop de doo tears either. It’s something woven throughout your words. Maybe it’s me being sentimental… for I can remember decorating the nursery for both of our now big girls when they were born, and reading of you standing in the doorway and viewing the scene made my mind go back in time and recall the peaceful excitement of decorating a nursery for the arrival of a much loved child.

    I love how you make me feel Rabbit. I love to visit your blog and actually be given the chance to ‘see into’ your world. I love it all. But … I wish I could hold it all inside a big jam jar, so that ‘time’ were halted. I don’t want to miss a dragonfly, butterfly, flowers, birds and their songs, and Lyla. I want time to stand still for a while, just so I can make sure that I’ve committed every last detail to memory. Every blade of grass. Every pebble. Every tinkling sound of a gently moving river. I don’t want to miss a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g.

    Love you Rabbit, for so many reasons that I could fill a page with them.
    Please don’t ever stop being exactly who you are, for I love dearly, who you are.
    With love and a great big bucket of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. We are kindred hearts, for sure-I too do not want to miss a thing-even at night! then I do not want to miss morning! Yet I love to dream! Goodness, there is so much to love.Your comment is like a love letter. Thank you dearest Cobs! xoxo Michele

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  12. After I announced I would quit writing my blog, Michele, I took a break from all things blog-related until I realized I missed my blog friends and so returned to find you and your loved ones happily anticipating the birth of another granddaughter, watching dragonflies, cooking together — and worrying because you haven’t received an appraisal? Oh, my, that’s what I get for being gone. I didn’t know you’d sold the Rabbit Patch. My heart is filled with happiness for you to be starting on a new adventure and also with sadness that you’ll no longer be sharing details with us of a place you loved so much. I’m sure mixed feelings are part of your experience as well. You are facing so many changes in September, but with your true and strong sense of gratitude, I know you will weather them well. I’m happy for you, my dear friend, and I won’t stay away as long ever again because I need to experience your changes with you.

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    1. yay!! How thrilled I am to hear from you! You are right on all counts, but I am mostly excited and expecting a wonderful September! Thank you for the encouragement-you know already-I love yoy-thank you so much. xoxoxoMichele


      1. You will be pleased to know that I got a new fish tank today.ill let the filter run over night and tomorrow we ll get the fishes ……🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

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