The Contents of a Summer


How quiet an early service in August is.  There is no “hustle and bustle” of  wings.  There are no squabbles over territory and the frantic searches for food have lulled, amongst the birds.  Only the squirrels have any measure of haste, and they ought to, for the dogwood is laden with an abundance of pale green berries, now.

Very rarely, does Lyla miss the early service.  Lyla has the uncanny knack  of rising within minutes of my waking.  It does not matter the day, nor the hour, it is always the same.  I hear her light, “kitten- like” steps on the stairs as I am making coffee.  She enters the kitchen so quietly.She smiles and says softly,  “Good morning Honeybee.”   . .and so the days start sweetly.


Jenny and I always tackle housekeeping in the morning time.  We have all of the little baby dresses washed and hung.  Today we will go to the local fire department, to have the infant car seat installed properly.  There are a good many rules and regulations with these contraptions and your baby can not leave the hospital til you get it right!

Some of Jennys’ friends are hosting a brunch for her on Sunday.  Today, Jenny went through her closet and began the task of finding the dress she will wear on that occasion.  Lyla and I watched her parade about in each one.  Motherhood is especially becoming and Jenny is proof of that.  My heart welled up like a  bubbly fountain just seeing my daughter in such a blessed state.  Later, I thought, “why, she was six, just yesterday!”  Time is slyer than any fox, I know of.

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August is full of zinnias.  When other flowers have faded, the stalwart zinnias, are in their glory.  If you see a patch of them, it is bound to do you good, for they are as bright and cheerful as any flower I know of.  Jennys’ neighbor, has a butterfly bush, a few sunflowers and zinnias in a corner of his yard.  I love the color combination of pink, lavender and yellow blossoms and intend to do something like that at the next rabbit patch.

August is full of dragonflies too.  They are out in great numbers.  In the sunlight, they are blue, yellow, green and lavender (almost).  Dragonflies are a busy lot, dashing and darting, hither and yonder.  When I was very young, now a long time ago, my “Pop” would tie a long string to an unsuspecting dragonfly, for me to hold, as the adults “housed tobacco”.  It was like a live kite and  it was quite thrilling for a young child. We were careful to never hurt the dragonfly, though I am sure the experience did not improve his mentality.  Now, as I watch the dragonflies, I remember that time, more than a half century ago.


On Wednesday morning, I made pancakes – or “honeycakes”, as Lyla calls them.  I made a lot of them,  We had them for breakfast, and then I packaged a dozen bags of them, to freeze for Lylas’ breakfasts in September.  Of course, these are not ordinary pancakes, for they have a powdered  concoction of vegetables and berries in them.  It gives them a slight berry flavor which Lyla does not mind – and it is the only way I know of to get carrots and greens in her diet.

Jenny had a doctors’ appointment, on this morning.  It was determined all was well, thankfully.  Of all the things that I am waiting for, it is the new baby, that “takes front and center”.  All else, fades in comparison.

Lyla does not understand this waiting time.  She thinks we should just pick up a baby at the grocery store.  A few weeks ago, we visited  a woman with a young baby.  Lyla was very disappointed that we left empty handed as she was sure, we were there to get her little sister.  I heard her tell,her stuffed bunny, “well, we didn’t get a baby there.”


Miss Claudia came for supper on Wednesday.  Lyla and I made a lemon dump cake as Jenny has really favored anything lemon, lately.  I am not a fan of making dump cakes, for as their name implies, it is really just a matter of “dumping” ingredients together and baking it.  There is not a bit of mystery to it and the process is mighty quick.   It seems very “instant” to me, but Jenny liked the cake (we all did) – and that is what matters. . .besides, Lyla found making a dump cake, to be a delightful affair. . .and that matters, too.

On Thursday, my youngest sister, Connie and niece, Hayley came for a visit.  Connie lives between two homes, one is on  lake, and the other is on an island. I think it is safe to say, that Connie loves water.   I was eleven years old, when Connie was born.  She was one of the lovliest children I have ever seen. She had blonde silky hair, with soft curls and crystal blue eyes, which were in sharp contrast to my auburn hair and freckles.  Connie was bright then, and remains so, today.  Hayley, now twenty, patiently played with Lyla, as if she too were a very young child.  It was a nice visit and in some way  it seemed liked a part of the grand finale of my summer. 


 My liberty is waning and I am sorry for it.  To console myself, I say “at least, I had some liberty” and I think of all the gifts it afforded.  There were books read – and fresh peaches  picked, in the mist of a early morning.  I did a lot of meandering by familiar places and saw new places.  I sat by the sea and on  my Mamas’ front porch. I remember the fireflies and the young robin in June.   There was a  picnic by the lake and a wedding.  I saw a falling star, one night and a raccoon came to visit, on a morning in June.

There was a lot of work and a  lot of play.  The process of selling the rabbit, was at least started and that dreadful ear ache is all but over.    

Oh the contents of a summer, can warm you like a bright fire, on a winter night. . . long after the irises have bloomed, . . and the last apple is picked . . . and gardens   lie barren .  A season never leaves , without imparting gifts and this summer was surely generous.  . .and I am better for it.






35 thoughts on “The Contents of a Summer

  1. My dear Rabbit….I have solved the book delima(sp). You should just collect all of your blog post and compile them into a “Country Woman” diary. Thats it all done and dusted ,as Cob would say.. You have a way with words that is truely unique and is so refreshing in this crazy world of today. I feel like Lila will be close behind and carry on. Don’t keep us wondering about the new grand. Send out a grand welcome mat so we can all say Yea! She is here! love you……xoxo

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  2. Everyone must be so looking forward to the ‘new little one’ to arrive. Such an exciting time. In recalling your memories, I was quite fascinated by tying a string on a dragon fly. I tried picturing it in my mind….
    Glad to hear the selling of your beloved ‘rabbit patch’ is at least in process. I hope things go well and don’t drag on too long for you…. (Diane)

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    1. Hello friend! We are all excited about the little one! I sure hope the sell does not drag along, but so far it has-I know Gods’ timing is perfect, but I am quite curious! Thank you so much. I always enjoy hearing from you. love Michele

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  3. When I have finished reading a rabbit patch post from you, I often heave a sigh, a sigh that it is over. I feel blessed as if I attended evensong with you on the rabbit patch. I don’t want to write a frivolous comment and spoil the magic your post has woven.
    God bless all your endeavors,

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  4. I was surprised that you went to the fire department to have the baby seat installed. I didn’t know they would do that. Back when my children were born, baby seats were not required at all!!!!

    I share your reluctance to make a dump cake, but they are intensely yummy. I thought I would make one while the grandsons were here, but I didn’t. They could have afforded all the extra calories in the world.

    That was lovely that Connie and Hayley came to visit. Your family times make such warm reading.

    This is such an exciting, busy time for you. I hope everything goes smoothly and will look forward to reading about all the events.

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  5. I can imagine Jenny’s excitement, washing the baby clothes, getting the car seat installed properly and picking the dress for the baby shower. It would be a lovely party for her. Lyla is so cute, it’s hard for a little mind to understand where and when her baby sister comes from. She’ll know very soon. Thank you for all the update, Michele!

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  6. You really need a love button for me to click on this one MIchele! I had to grin about Lyla’s concept for getting that new baby.
    I also had to grin because I spent yesterday by my sisters’ house by the lake! My son, daughter In law and two grandchildren were visiting in a guest house by my sister. We had a wonderful day at the lake and my grandchildren were amazed to find out their grandma could swim!!! It is so much fun surprising them.

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  7. I loved this post – but then I love everything you write for you take me away and draw me into a place of enchantment.

    But … it is Lyla who was the star of this post – for me. I smiled, I got a little tickle inside, and that tickle worked its way up my body until it arrived on my face and lit up my eyes. I am still smiling now.

    I know that feeling of thinking that you can just get a baby from ______. My aunty was pregnant when I was a little child, and I couldn’t understand why, if she and Uncle John were having a baby, why she was “eating for two”. I commented that she was getting fat!!

    Now … I feel mortified that I said it – but I was only around 4 or 5 years old at the time, so I try to forgive myself. eeek!

    My mother and Grandma told me that babies came from the cabbage patch, and I remember asking my Grandma how she’d got my mommy, since she lived in a flat and so didn’t have a garden. I wish I could remember how they explained that one away. Sadly my memory doesn’t serve. lol.

    Love you Rabbit, and love how you make me feel so peaceful inside after I’ve sat with you and ‘listened’ to you telling me of your days. Please … don’t ever stop.

    Sending you much love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Everytime, I hear from you, I am cheered! Today was no different-I bet you have no idea how much your words to me-they truly touch me and brighten my day. I count it a huge blessing to know you. thank you my dearest Cobs-love always , your rabbit

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  8. I am reading this on a rainy afternoon with coffee…your blog is the perfect compliment to coffee, the last paragraph especially…I felt as if I was carried away to a sunny, peaceful place. I hope you have even the slightest idea what a treasure your blog is to read my friend! And, what a blessing you are to your daughter and granddaughter at this very exciting time!


  9. “I see that little baby,
    Sleeping in her bed.
    I see the days and weeks
    And months and years that lay ahead.

    Her mother and her brother,
    And all her kith and kin,
    This whole great wide world around her,
    All the same beneath the skin.

    I see angels all around me.
    Angels you can see.
    Living, breathing angels
    Right where they want to be.

    This whole world’s full of angels,
    From sea to shining sea.
    A world full of angels
    Waiting for you and me.”

    For Elizabeth, who turns 13 tomorrow.

    All my best,


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