Saturday at the Rabbit Patch


Somehow, the week passed until it, at last it is Saturday.  During the summer, one day is much like another.  They feel the same, with the exception of  a Sunday -Sunday always feels like Sunday.  Today feels like a Saturday. 

I woke naturally,  which is early, but I had no reason to make haste about anything.  I had my coffee outside, in the midst of a cool and still morning.  The birds must know it is the latter days of summer, for they are a quiet lot, as of lately.  Now and then, I would hear a leaf fall from the old sycamore and at long last, the mockingbird sang . . . not with the exuberance he had in June- but he filled the air up for a while  with a cheerful celebration, to herald the new day.

 I spent some time collecting my thoughts and gathering the beauty, of the morning glory blooms.  These days, I must muster fortitude, to live in the moment, for I feel like I am between two worlds, and I do not even know what lies beyond the shadow.  Now truthfully, none of us know the fortune of our next day, but I have never been prone to dwell on that, as I do now.  There is so much yet to be done -so I finally decided a course of action and went back in, mostly satisfied . 

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I put on a pot of soup to simmer as I went along.   I can share some with Mama and Daddy –  and clear out the refrigerator freezer, all at once.  Then, I started packing.  I decided books could be stored, though I left out about thirty, just in case, things continue at the steady “snails’ pace” thus far.  These books will join the other boxes of books, already packed.  Next I packed a box and labeled it “birds, rabbits and candlesticks”.   Well, this is how it went for a while.  I packed up Kyles’ green depression glass, collected for several decades and his Christmas ornaments, collected for just as long. 

By noon, I had about ten boxes packed, and really had not even made a dent in the overall task.  I am well aware, that theses boxes may sit a good while, but I can at least say, there is less than there was, to do.  I can also say, I had under estimated the size of this job.  I felt thankful, I had started.

Packing is hard on a sentimental heart.  While cleaning out the china closet, I came across, Aunt Josies’ glass pickle dish.  I am not partial to pickles, but that dish made me cry.  Then there were the salt and pepper shakers, that Aunt Agnes brought back from Holland.  That trip was the “talk of the town” as in those days, country folks did not travel, as people do now.  I remember Grandma dropped the pepper shaker, and of course, it broke.  I regret that I was annoyed, and the fine little crack, shamed me all over again, though I never even mentioned it, to anyone, except Mama – and so I cried about that.  Brants’ little silver cup,  Tres’s baby toy, which happened to be a little rabbit, pulling a cart . . all stung my eyes, til I just wanted to cry for a while. I consoled myself, that a little remembrance of those loved ones and those seasons were going with me  and to take comfort in that . . .but I was so relieved to finish that china closet.

By mid afternoon, I wondered why, I had started this task with such hesitation.  Clearly, even with my huge decluttering effort, packing up the rabbit patch would require a tremendous effort and a lot of time.  I did decide to part with some old glass dishes, that were once used for baby and wedding showers. My dear friend, Janets’  voice rang in my ear,  saying, to “let someone else know the joy of having them”,( if I did not need or love them).  Somehow, I can let the dishes go, in light of that thought.


Janet and I have been friends for three decades, and I often go to her for  sound advice.  She can clear up a problem, I have mulled over for days,  in a matter of minutes.  Janet,  never fails to put things in perspective and therefore is a great source of comfort.  To have met her when I was  young , has  proven to be  such a blessing, time and time again. 


I did not intend to, but I packed all day.  Now, I did not touch the kitchen nor our bedrooms.  Those rooms will remain as they are, til further notice.  There is at least two more boxes of books, that could be packed . . .I do hope the next rabbit patch has book shelves.


I had things tidy, by the time the day was slipping away.  I especially love twilight.  I love that time when folks come home . . and then there is the evening meal, that I call supper . . . and then there is the time after supper, when we are gathered with those we belong to. 

Sometimes, that means for me, a loyal dog and a sweet cat.   . .but they are good company.  It is quite satisfying to see the two of them lying together and I am quite dependent on a good  guard dog.  On my worst days, Cash would still alert me to any thing suspicious.  . .and Christopher Robin would still purr, at the sight of me.  They are a dependable pair and I am glad for them – especially in the hours after supper.


17 thoughts on “Saturday at the Rabbit Patch

  1. Four years have not diminished my memories of packing. I hope we get rid of more things before the next move. It sounds like you are packing away memories, as well as possessions. Won’t it be fun to unpack them at the other end, wherever that may be?

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    1. Sweet Anne- I really have only things I need and love (books and a few dishes) but I am amazed at the work!! Maybe you are tight-maybe I will be glad to see the memories when I unpack- I hope so. Thank you dear one! love Michele


      1. I think you will enjoy putting your precious things out again. It’s fun to
        watch relatives as they wander around, seeing where you’ve placed things. Our grandsons kept saying, “This used to be in ….”

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  2. One foot in front of the other, Michele. Good for you. Enjoy your memories as you move forward, as this transition provides the opportunity to revive those memories. Most of us don’t get that opportunity. ❤️

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  3. How the day turned out ? From relative quiet to great labour. And the amount of work you got done and the number of emotions that came out through that exercise. Summer maybe bidding you good bye but a watchful dog and the sweet cat are as philosophical as ever for animals do not think and bide like humans, I think.
    Hope your parents are doing well.

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  4. Well of course the new patch will have book shelves even if you have to build them. They are a must. A home with our books isn’t a home.
    Oh I remember leaving the farm up in Lexington years ago. I cried all the way to the state line on our way to Atlanta. Country folk have no business in Atlanta but we had to give it a try before coming ‘back home’.Some things in our past need to stay there. lol
    Just got the call to come keep the kids…I’ll get back later… you xoxo

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  5. Packing and sorting items with memories attached is truly hard to do. After packing and sorting my in laws home I have decided I need to start on my home. I am not moving but have so many years of “stuff” that I should start now!

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  6. Aww. Again, that bittersweet feeling strikes…thanks for sharing. I feel like I just packed up our home two years ago when we moved here to Hearth Ridge and it was a bit different for me (more of a cleaning of the clutter because I had been so busy with babies), yet there were some of those feelings. I think I was most nostalgic about house and grounds the most because my babies were born there. Praying for your heart as you continue to walk through this process.

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