Leaving the World of Summer


The last day of my summer, was beautiful-if only it had not been the last day!  The morning dawned fair and bright.  Will (my son in heart) and I drank coffee on the front porch.  The laughing river was a  subtle shade of lavender, I noticed .   The sky was silver and a pair of doves had,  as I far as I could see, all  of it to themselves. I suspected the rest of the early birds, were hiding in the bracken around Miss Thelmas’ front porch”, waiting for their breakfast. 

Mary Carolyn”, one of Jennys’ oldest friends drove up, from her home, an hour away.  It was the day of the brunch, honoring the arrival of Jennys’ new daughter, after all.  Mary Carolyn does make up professionally, and so she was bound and determined to give Jenny  the “royal treatment ” on her special day.6b1e1298384107f10afedfda98d1c07d

Now, the brunch was lovely and Jenny was beautiful, with happiness.  Sarah hosted the event in her especially stately home.  Mandy who owns Pansy & Ivy made floral arrangements, as only she can – and baked her famous pound cake.  Jessica and Michele, who are both good cooks, to be so young, brought their specialty dishes and there was fancy tea too.  How good it felt to know that Jenny has such dear and genuine friends.  We all love our children, but there is great comfort, in knowing we are not the only ones who love them.  

I left the brunch quite early, as I had to get back to the rabbit patch.  I had been gone almost two weeks, and school started the next day  . .regular readers know . . .”that changes everything.”


 I did not want to leave the world of summer. . .but I had missed Kyle and Christian – and my animals.   Besides, some day the appraiser is coming, and there is that.   My ear ached the whole way home. Thankfully, the drive was uneventful, otherwise.

I  pulled in the drive and the grass at the rabbit patch, was so high, that it robbed the territory of its’ charm.  It was about shameful as all of “Farm Life” is  such a tidy community.  I made a mental note to hire somebody immediately to preserve our dignity. 

Oh, the reunion with my sons and dog – and cat,was sweet.  Christian had just scrubbed floors, so the house was tidy.  This may have been to soften the news that the dryer had quit working.  The clothes line is a wonderful alternative, but showers pop up daily  and without warning.  I can not hang clothes on the line and go to work . . so I need to tend to that immediately too.  For now, the ladder has become a drying rack. 

I decided to make a pitcher of ice tea.  Surely that would put things right.  Kyle came in as  the tea was seeping.  I was surveying the progress of  the “autumn joy” flowers through the kitchen window.  Kyle said “Mom, there are ants in the sugar.”   -and there were.  It was  a new bag and had not been opened -but there were ants, as Kyle had said.  

Well, I thought,  we are all well and safe, we are all together –  and  the autumn joy flowers are full of young buds.


I woke to a soft and cool rain, on Monday.  Now, this is certainly the best conditions for sleeping, but it was the first day of the new school year, for me.  I did not dilly-dally, but went straight-a-way, to preparing for the day.  I like to get to work early, and that is the only place I know of, I can say that about.

Monday night,I made a canister of summer oats with the wild blueberries, I love.  I plan to make the veggie burgers, this week end.  I keep the refrigerator at school, stocked, with such things, along with peanut butter, cheese and crackers, as lunch breaks are seldom more than twenty minutes. 

My clothes are laid out the night before, as I can not think sensibly, upon waking. 

This morning, (Wednesday), a phone call woke me.  It was Mama and I knew right off, something was wrong.  Daddy needed to go the emergency room.  He had suffered all night – so had Mama -with pain.  Thankfully, it was not life, threatening-but it demanded attention.  It does me good to write, all is well, now.

I came home to a new dryer, and that was good news too, for it rains every day, still.


What an eventful week, thus far!  . . .and  what a far cry from the watery interlude of summer.   Each season has its’ own rhythm.    . . Now as I drive past fields, and woods, and quiet pastures, I take in the beauty – just as I did on the banks of the laughing river, in June.  While the tulips rest, the loosetrife blooms,  when the berries are spent, young pumpkins  abide and the corn, gilded in gold, awaits harvest. So beauty does not forsake us, but instead takes on new forms.  The world is always adorned in some spectacular fashion.  . .and I am more keenly aware of this, now that I am older.  Growing up in the countryside, did not hurt one bit, either.  . . and especially in the particular times, when I was a child. 

I grew up, before televisions were on all day, before children were allowed to chat on telephones and before, we became attached to gadgets. Children made their own toys, mostly – out of what was at hand and ball games were organised by the children too, without rosters and uniforms.  We were bound to notice the landscape and roam in wild places.  

Autumn is less than a fortnight away, so many changes are yet to come.  “Monday” did change a lot of things, but life has a rhythm too – and  while, we must adjust steadily (and occasionally,  rapidly) .  . .  The moon will climb the sky as it always does and the pines will whisper, as they always do. . .  for nature is not only beautiful, it is also full of mercy.


30 thoughts on “Leaving the World of Summer

  1. I hated to see the end of summer for you. How I enjoyed the season at the rabbit patch and the glorious visits to Elizabeth City! You dealt with a dead dryer, ants in the sugar, and parents’ health problems with an enviable, calm grace. There is no one else in the world like you! Thank you for sharing your life with us.

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      1. Oh I am so glad to hear this Michele!
        Onto good things then, your new little grandaughter’s arrival, and start thinking of looking for a new little cottage with a beautiful garden to be the new rabbit patch May unlimited blessings come your way 🙂


  2. Oh Rabbit I do hope and pray everything really is alright with your Dad. These things just pop up on us and BAM. I know…dealing with two 95 year olds is baming me. lol
    Summer ,or what feels like summer, is still around for a few weeks. I remember starting school in fall clothing and going to football games with a blanket . But then soon enough we will be fussing about the cold . We are a crazy people aren’t we.
    Keep your fingers crossed,not that it helps , but there is a new store in the area that may carry my cards. It would really help out to have a little extra coming in. Even paper cost money.
    .Goodness if it isn’t one thing..the dryer ..it is another..the mower needing fixed. Being short of Mr. Fixits around here has taken its toll. Just hug Cash and Christopher Robin and everything is gonna be alright. Waiting for that baby girl…..love you. xoxo

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  3. I do not like seeing your summer come to an end Michele…though it means an entire new season at the Rabbit Patch.this one or the next one.
    I did grin about you laying out your clothes for the next day….I do the same thing.
    I hope your parents are doing well. It is hard when parents are aging. We are going through the same season over here. Both my husband and I have parents ranging in age from 85-89. We never know when we will get a call to take them to an appt. or something as easy as taking a hearing aid to be fixed.
    I look forward to hearing about that upcoming grandbaby! Enjoy the days Michele. And my prayers are with you through the changes in store.

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  4. I hope your dad is feeling better. That is a scary call to get. You have so much going on all at once! I’m glad you’re writing is stress relief. I’m excited for the cool days of fall to arrive. Still keeping you in my prayers, my friend ❤️🙏🏻


  5. I hope your Dad makes a good recovery Michele. Summer is ending here also and it definitely feels more autumnal. My dryer gave up the ghost here too but it was toiling away for 7 years. The washing has dried on the line just fine for now. Wishing you a good new term at school and a good journey with your house sale.

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  6. Ma’am,
    I felt sad when I read of your father’s illness but am thankful, all is well. The summer is over and the happy times more than compensate for the times of trials. Jenny’s baby shower brought out all the goodness in her, through the celebrations of her friends in her happiness. Will is your son from another mother.
    Good to hear you got a new dryer. And the rabbit patch is still up for sale to a little family that needs it more than you do.

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  7. What a beautiful paean to summer! Here, after a breathlessly hot summer, the last few days have changed to sheer perfection, and Fall is definitely in the air. I’m glad to hear your Dad is doing better. “Those” calls are always scary, aren’t they? Your descriptions of life at the Patch and elsewhere are always so lyrical, and I enjoyed this one immensely with my first cup of morning tea. Thank you!

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  8. Another beautiful post. I always love the way you describe your world in the Rabbit Patch. I like to feel part of it. I also appreciated when you wrote, “How good it felt to know that Jenny has such dear and genuine friends. We all love our children, but there is great comfort, in knowing we are not the only ones who love them.” This is so very true!

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  9. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post, as usual! I agree that each season brings its own rhythm and its own particular gifts. Sometimes it’s a little hard to adjust to moving from one season to another, but once we get used to it, then we realize that everything is going to be just fine…which is exactly what this post reminded us of!

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  10. It’s always nice to read about what’s happening with you and your family…

    I find as most likely do, that the adjustment from summer to fall is the hardest. I actually love the autumn colors but somehow that fact gets overshadowed because of the ‘next season after…

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    1. I love autumn too!! One of my favorite times. I especially love Thanksgiving. For me, it is losing my liberty that is difficult, but even so, I adjust quickly and get in the routine. Thank you Diane, it is such a pleasure to hear from you . . every time and I hope things are well with you. love Michele

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