A Child is Born!

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The news came in at three am . . Jenny was preparing to have her little daughter!  -Just before six am, it was all over.  Her name is Brynn Mae. . . 

The first name, Brynn, is after a dear aunt, that we all still miss.  Mae, is taken from  the names of Wills’ grandmother, and my own dad.   I think how beautiful it is to be bestowed a name that carries such significance, in a family.

So, baby Brynn, came to us before the storm, and we are all so grateful.  Jenny and her daughter are both well. Will is beaming . . .and then there is Lyla.

Her reaction has moved me deeply.  At just three, she fought through tears of sheer joy at the sight of her sister.  I do not know that this has ever happened to her, in her short little life.  In spite of Lylas’ naughtiness at times, I have always felt she bore a  deep sense of sensitivity.  After, one of her “spells” she is full of remorse and quite sorry for her wicked deeds.  When I tell her stories, she tears up if any of the characters are in distress.  I saw her cry when she was barely two, because “Curious George” had landed himself in a cage.  I took note that she was able to feel empathy, so very early.

There is a photograph, I’ve included, that illustrates my belief.  Taken within the first minutes of Lyla meeting her sister, this picture captures a shining moment that mere words just can not do justice to describe.

41396101_1106396052850307_4214678100786544640_n (1).jpg

Welcome to the world, Brynn Mae Thompson.  

54 thoughts on “A Child is Born!

  1. Congratulations and I am so happy for you and your family. I am relieved that Brynn Mae came before the storm too. What a beautiful Picture. A picture says a thousand words. Lyla’s expression is priceless. Gods Blessings


  2. Dearest Michelle, I got on here tonight to let you know you and your family were in my thoughts and prayers for the storm…what a delight to read your wonderful news! I am so happy for you all, and the picture is just beyond precious! God has blessed you beyond measure! Hugs!!!

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  3. Congratulations Grandma! Two beautiful granddaughters 😊 The picture of Lyla with Brynn made me tear up too. I’m so glad the baby came before the storm. Now y’all be safe!❤️🙏🏻


  4. Congratulations to you and your family, Michele! I’m so glad baby Brynn made her appearance before the storm…and I’m sure that’s a huge relief to all of you. As for Lyla’s reaction, that’s just priceless. Children do know how to love unconditionally, and it’s so special to see it when they welcome a new baby sister or brother.

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  5. Oh happy day – so glad Brynn Mae entered this world before the storm!! That picture with Lyla is priceless (& definitely deserves a frame.) May you & your precious family (tiniest tots inclusive) weather this storm safely, Michele. Much love. 🎉🤗🎉🌷🙏💨🙏

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  6. Ohh Rabbit!!! How thrilled I am to hear this news. I’m so thankful that Brynn Mae arrived safely, and in such an obvious rush! 3 hours! Wonderful.

    I am deeply touched by the photograph of little Lyla. You’re right, she absolutely felt the moment there, it’s written all over her. God bless her. How clever you were to manage to capture that moment. Well done, my fabulous Rabbit.

    Many congratulations on the birth of your new Granddaughter. I know she will bring you many hours, months, years of total joy.

    Right now … my prayers are with you all as the storm approaches. Please do everything you possibly can to ensure your safety. If love alone could keep you safe, then the love held for you by me, and your followers, would do that very thing. I am praying for you Rabbit. For you and all of your family.

    I send my love, in big buckets, and several hundred squidges to wrap around you and cushion any bumps caused by that storm.
    Please take very good care. ~ Cobs. xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

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  7. The look on Lyla’s face, trying to smile while being filled with happy tears, is priceless. Happy and blessings to all. Thank goodness Brynn came before the storm. Do you have to evacuate?

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  8. Many congratulations on your new granddaughter, Michele! She looks lovely, and Lyla is sure to be an excellent Big Sister.

    I have been thinking about you as the newscasts track the storm. Please, please be safe and, if you can, keep us apprised of how things are going. I realize that may not be possible for a while, but please know that there are tons of folks out here praying for the safety of you, your family and the Rabbit Patch.

    Sending lots of faerie dust,

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    1. How this comment warms my heart-how beautiful t have praying for you! We are all fine-my son, Tres however lives in Wilmington, but though he has no power ad can not leave his home due to fallen trees, he does have food and water and is ok. So many have lost everything. We must pray or them. thank you for all the love in this comment. love Michele

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