Wonder and Sorrow

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Is there a happier time in your life, than when a baby is born?  Oh how good it is to write, that Jenny and little Brynn are home and all is well.

The hurricane has thrown a kink in our original plans. I was to go stay with Jenny, after they came home, however Will and Jenny debated whether to stay put or stay at Miss Claudias’ home, under the circumstances.  Will and Jennys’ home is just across the street from the laughing river.  Their home is built up, well above ground level, but there is a lot of water in that river.  Miss Claudia lives a very few miles away, but  it is a much safer distance from the Pasquotank  river.  What a predicament we are all in!  I have not held my little grandchild yet and can hardly bear that.  My presence at the rabbit patch will hardly change the outcome of this storm, –  and Kyle and Christian are encouraging me to go ahead and leave -so I am very torn.  What if one of the ” warriors” (the ancient oaks)  falls in this battle -or Mama and Daddy have an emergency?   This is a quandary, if there ever was one. 

I was cooking cabbage and  a pot of beans  at five am on Wednesday.  We are bound to lose power, and I have not forgotten, the two weeks we went without it, now eight years ago.  Kyle is handy with a grill, thankfully and the barns provide shelter, to cook beneath.  I can at least make sure, the boys do not starve. . .neither will Cash, my boxer nor Christopher Robin, my cat.  I stocked piled dog and cat food, a few days ago.

No one can sit at the kitchen table, for it has become a station for all sorts of supplies.  This has always been our routine.  The table is laden with batteries, flash lights, candles, and all kinds of prepackaged foods, that I usually never buy.  There are also paper plates, paper towels and the popular “wipes”.  It pained me to buy the paper products, as I am on a quest to live “green”, but without water, such things will be useful and I did at least buy the “eco friendly” type.

As I went about the business of tending to provisions and  planning the duties outside to tend to, the weather man , was giving the latest details of the current projected track of “Hurricane Florence”.  It seems the thing is now expected to land much further south than previously thought.  I declare he seemed a bit downcast about it.  I suppose saying things like “partly cloudy” day after day, does leave room for boredom.  I of course felt a lot of relief, but also pity for folks south of us.  We will still have a hurricane, but  the forecast is a lot less serious  now, than it was last night.  I think I am going to Elizabeth City, after all.

b204b02e65b8f0bf47965506516ef129I arrived in Elizabeth City mid afternoon.  I wanted to run in the door to meet little Brynn and hug Jenny, but I wanted to make sure that Lyla knew, I was as glad to see her as ever I had been.  At this particular time, I do not think it has crossed Lylas’ mind to feel jealous.  That may come, but for now Lyla is in love with her little sister and wants to share her with everyone.  

It will come as no surprise to you to know that Brynn is beautiful.  She has clear dark skin and a crown of dark silky hair  that frames her  perfectly, angelic face. She favors Lyla a lot, which thrills all of us.  There is just something about the birth of a child in a family that changes everything.  Everyone is happy and full of hope.  It reunites us all over again, in heart  – and reminds us all that we belong deeply to one another.  Birth remains a wonder, no matter how much this world changes.


Today is Thursday and the expected day for the hurricane to make landfall. . .well technically it is expected very early Friday morning.   We are no longer in the direct path of the storm, as was first predicted. .. .still we prepared for power outages. I made a big pot of chicken soup and bought the ingredients for pimento cheese and beef stew.  Will brought Miss Claudia over to stay.  Miss Claudia brought all sorts of things – food -books and -crafting supplies, so the house is well stocked and we have things to do “come what may”.

All day the wind blew and the laughing river tumbled in the opposite direction that it usually does.  Light rain fell off and on all day.  Brynn was quiet as a little mouse.  Lyla did well, to have been confined all day.  Lyla adores Brynn and “makes no bones about it”.  We went to bed wondering what the first hours of the day held in store.


I woke early and was on the porch in the first moments of my day.  I surveyed the landscape and noted the river was on the same unusual trek.  The water churned restlessly, creating whitecaps and the water was a deep lavender.  A lone boat bobbed like a cork, in the busy water, near the opposite shore. 

As soon as  the light crept into the Riverside Village,  I called Kyle and Christian who reported all of the old trees had made it through the storm.  The house stood firm and had once again done its’ duty to shelter my family.  Mama and Daddy shared the same good news, that all was well with them.

I could not reach Tres, who lives in Wilmington, where the storm made actual landfall, and of course, this worried me to no end.   

The little town, just fifteen minutes from the rabbit patch, where I work did not fair so well.  Everywhere was flooded and folks were without power.  The small town, was even mentioned on the national reports.  The “Original Washington” suffered a lot of damage.  There has not been such results since 1954, when a hurricane named “Hazel” struck the small town.  I still remember hearing my grandparents talk about that storm.


Lyla and I made “honeycakes” for breakfast.  Jenny woke up with “pink eye”.  A local pharmacist agreed to fill a prescription, so Will and Miss Claudia set off after breakfast to pick it up.  Jenny and I checked on loved ones.  We finally heard from Tres, who will be without power for a long time, as trees were down in every direction, but he was fine  and had food and water.  

I made chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Chicken soup is good for many ailments and I thought it would be especially good for Jenny, since Brynn was born just days ago.  

I spent a good deal of time in the kitchen, which pleased me.  I made a beef stew that simmered til it was more than “fork tender”.   It would be served over rice, with cabbage and cornbread, for supper.  

I also made a special dish for Miss Claudia.  It is an orange and coconut concoction that stirs memories of her childhood . . and Christmas.

When the kitchen was clean, and the house quiet, I finally looked at the pictures of the devastation.  I thought of my cousin Phillip, who was recently in an awful accident, and suffering  with so much pain.  It was all heartbreaking and I was full of sorrow for everyone.  This prompted me to pray til I at last fell asleep.




42 thoughts on “Wonder and Sorrow

  1. Rabbit…You can not imagine how concerned I have been for you and yours. Thank you Lord for your mercy.
    And so very glad you have gotten to meet your new grand. Aren’t they just wonderful? And don’t think twice about Lila being jealous. . None of my six could care less about any ones attention because they all just jump in. Even the #5 is so excited that #6 is having a birthday…1st. They all know they are special and loved. Yours will know that too.
    I can sleep better tonight. lol Love all of you.

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    1. How I felt your love in this comment-it moves me so much, to read this. Thank you my dear Beverly. I know your grandchildren are so loved-and they know it. I did not expect Lyla to feel jealous, but many did-so far she is still celebrating her sister and it has never crossed her mind that there wasn’t enough love for everybody! You are dear to me Beverly and know I thank God we met. love from a rabbit!

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  2. Finally! You were able to hold Brynn! What a large heart you have, to be so very conscious of Lyla’s feelings. I’m thankful you were able to go, despite the hurricane. Tres experienced more damage than anyone I know personally. Thank the Lord he is safe!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you sweet Anne-even Tres is blessed compared to others-please pray with me for them- Tres still has no power and can not leave his home, due to the damage around him-but he has food and water and is helping to feed the linemen, along with his neighbors. Thank you friend love Michele

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  3. So glad to hear that you and your family are safe! So happy to that you finally got to be with Brynn❤️ Still sending prayers to you and all my family in SC as you recover from the hurricane 🙏🏻

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  4. I am so relieved finally see a post from you. Our news channels have been flooded with news of your hurricane. I am so relieved to note that you and your family are safe and well. As you may know I am not all that religious. But, I had to fall back on him ask him to overlook my opinions and keep you safe.
    BTW could you please send me your recipe for the corn bread. my email is nuganesan@optusnet.com.au
    thank you Michele for being and healthy

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    1. Dear Uma-how dear you are to think of me-We are all fine thankfully, but minutes away, total loss. I am not religious either, but I am spiritual, and prayer is appreciated. The cornbread recipe is under the rabbitpatch kitchen category and best wishes on that! thank you friend, love Michele

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      1. I guess I come under the category of Spiritual as well, Nature can be rather brutal and ruthless sometimes. We just have to be grateful for the mercy shown on us. I shall look for that recipe

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  5. Ma’am,
    So thankful you were spared being in the direct path of the storm. Good you were all prepared in case it landed near you too. So will schools be closed for you because your little town is deluged ?

    I hope Cousin Philip’s pain eases off as he rests. Rest brings healing as the old timers used to say.
    I admire your spirit of staying active and working through sorrowful and trying times. When bad things happen to me or my people, I usually shut off and am unable to do anything physical. I should aim to do that. But I am a work in progress and each day brings its own trials.


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    1. school will be closed as the town is flooded-and thank you for thinking of my dear cousin Phillip. We all deal with hard times in our own way-and I sometimes too, will seek solitude and stillness. I wish you happy times, my special one! love Michele

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  6. Dearest Rabbit, I am so happy, to the heart of me, to read that you and your family came to no harm during this angry storm. I was also relieved that no damage occurred to the Rabbit Patch. I know that things can be repaired, but at this time you really don’t need to add these sorts of repairs to your list of ‘Have to Do’s’.

    How beautiful it is to hear about how wonderful Lyla is finding having a new sister to care for. I pray that this will continue throughout their lives. Sisters are the best friend which God gives you. I’m quite certain that with your guidance and love, Lyla and Brynn will have an eternal love for and of each other and a life long in-built care and concern for each others safety and welfare.

    If those girls are anything like you, their Grandmother, love will flow through every vein.

    I shall continue to pray for you all until I hear that everyone is able to get to everyone else and contact is as easy as picking up the phone. May God hold you all in the palm of his hand.

    For now, please know that I’m sending you all my love through the ether. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. dear Cobs, I am so very behind! I do so hope Lyla and Brynn are best friends and I will do all I can to ensure that. For now, it is a beautiful time . I have found a little cottage and it looks like all will work out. I have been busy with all of that and job interviews too! I am also busy keeping Jennys’ household and that beautiful new baby! I love you dearly and thank you, Tres got power today!~ love your rabbit

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      1. FINGERS CROSSED …. toes crossed…. knees crossed …. eyes crossed . . . … … … basically – not looking my most attractive right at this moment, but praying with all my might that everything goes really well for the purchase of this little cottage which you’ve found, and adding prayers for the job finding to put you in the right place, at the right time, to find the place where you will feel like it’s coming home when you’re there.

        Sending you much love Rabbit, and praying for you, and all the family, continually. ~ Cobs. xxx

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  7. Wow, you have to deal with such extremes! The joy of your new granddaughter, the gratitude that your house is okay, and yet the worry for the safety of others and the sorrow for those who are suffering so greatly. Sometimes, all we can do is pray! Thanks for letting us know you are safe.

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  8. My, you all have had a ‘time of it’…. It must physically be challenging too…though the birth of your new grandchild must be the highlight of it all.
    My thoughts are with those in the south as well. Such a life-changing event for so many…. Diane

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