When Wild Geese Are Flying

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Somehow, Friday became a “red letter day” for me.  It all started, when my sister, Delores decided on a visit with Mama and Daddy.  She planned to take them to see Brynn, my newest grand daughter on Friday.  I found out later, that Friday was a teacher work day, which are the easiest days to take off, and so I could go too.  Christian asked for the day off . . and got it!  This was a big surprise and a delightful one too.  We made plans to bring lunch and then, Connie, my youngest sister called.  Her plans had changed and she could come too!  Now, it seemed like a holiday.

Of course they all adored Brynn and as it turns out, most everyone brought gifts for her and Lyla, too.  After lunch, we took a short drive around the Riverside Village.  We had pumpkin cheesecake when we got back, and sat on the porch.  It was a lovely day and well worth me taking time off.  I was as “happy as a lark” ever dared to be.

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Saturday, dawned bright and cool.  Oh, how I welcomed the coolness.  September had been every bit as hot as August, yet this morning kept me from holding a grudge. Squirrels were working extra hard gathering acorns and rushing hither and yonder.  They made daring leaps from tree to tree, unhindered by my presence.  They were a frantic lot, and I had to wonder what the next fortnight held in store.  This may be a common practice for squirrels at this time of the year, for all I know, as the country squirrels do not lead such a social life.  They spend their lives in the woods and unless you rise before the sun, you would doubt their existence at all . . . unless you have an apple tree.


Saturday passed without a lot of fanfare.  It was a quiet day mostly, and full of the usual things – like housekeeping.  Miss Claudia came for a quick visit.  We had ice cream and adored the grandchildren. 

Sunday was a beautiful day.  The “laughing river was specially blue.  The sky was filled with large puffy clouds.  By mid morning, I had gone to the grocery, which is just a few minutes from the Will and Jennys’ home.  I did exercise haste this time as I was determined to have a beef stew on to simmer all day.  Will loves beef stew over rice.  Jenny loves cheesecake, so I made her a banana cream one. 

Not long after lunch, Jenny and I took Lyla and Brynn on a stroll to the river.  It was a new stroller, designed for two children.  Lyla was very excited to have Brynn with us.  I was too.  Brynn was as quiet as a “church mouse” throughout our walk.  Lyla said she was going to teach Brynn about flowers and trees and birds.  I placed great stock in that.  Remarkably, we actually saw a bald eagle, moments later!  He was a young one perched in a tree, by the river.  I have never seen one in the village, but a neighbor said there were several pairs of them sighted this year.  Lyla was no more impressed with the national bird, than she is with a redbird.


After our “time in the sun” we enjoyed the beef stew – Will especially.  I made an ample amount, so he could eat til his heart was content, for a few days.  The cheesecake, was just right, even if it was a no bake one.  My sister, Connie, loves cheesecake, but will “turn her nose” at the no bake variety.  This one might, could change her mind.  

At dusk, the air got cool enough, to prove it was October.  Wild geese  are flying now, with great regularity.  A flock flew overhead, sounding their alarm, as they went.  I always remember Rachel Fields’ poem, “Something Told the Wild Geese”  in October.  There is a wonderful flow to this poem, and it rhymes, which I strongly prefer, in a poem. 

Monday came along, and that changed everything.  Back again, I went across three rivers,  past quiet pastures and the now, golden   fields.   Farmers are picking corn now.   . . and wild geese are flying, I thought.  Somehow, it is October.  I do not like to “wish time away”, for it passes slyly enough, as it is. . . but I do love the time, when leaves turn colors, like amber – and orange -and  bright yellow.  The lowly sweet gum, will be in its’ glory, shortly.  I love the frost that makes the old fields shine and twinkle in the morning light-and wilts the hateful thorn vines.  I agree with Anne of Green Gables . . .for I too am so very glad to “live in a world, where there are Octobers.”


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21 thoughts on “When Wild Geese Are Flying

  1. Sounds like a wondrful weekend. And love that gate on the porch. Does it roll away?
    Troy,my late husband , always enjoyed listening for the wild geese. We don’t hear as many as years gone by and some may even be local flocks but it is fun to hear them.
    Bynn is growing…way too fast

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  2. You have a wonderful way of telling stories that takes me back to my own youth. I adore the idea of time passing slyly, and a world where there are Octobers. It’s spring time in Australia but nonetheless I love the autumn colours on the other side of the world. Glad you had a wonderful weekend and that ‘double up’ pram is wonderful. I don’t like to see the ones where the baby is inside the bowl of the pram with a child sitting atop with it’s back to the baby, closing off all the light.


  3. This is gloriousness indeed, ma’am. What precious moments and thank you for sharing them with us. The pictures are beyond extraordinary. I am glad I live in a world where there are Octobers for the beauty it brings and the words that flow out of the creative minds at this time of the year.
    I am glad the beef stew was enjoyed and the cheesecake too. Does Jenny work ?
    With lots of love,


  4. What a truly beautiful post, dear, much loved Rabbit. Love was woven into every word. Every sentence was linked to the next in a chain of bright shining love.

    But then… it was written by you. Someone who has a river of love flowing through every vein. Everything you write comes from the same place. Your heart. We all love you, and love your heart.

    A truly wonderful post Rabbit. I was there with you, every step of the way.
    Sending much love ~ Cobs.xxx


  5. Another beautifully written post, Michele. Sounds like you are in a good place and for that my Heart does smile. I have mixed feelings about October yet …. the briskness and the freshness in the air my nose cannot get enough of! I’ve been busy like the squirrels focused all of a sudden on bringing order to chaos. Today however, the sun is shining and my camera calls so this afternoon I head for my favorite park (or one of them!). Stay happy in Heart, dear friend. Many people do not understand this concept and thereby forfeit their right to see the Beauty around them. Much LOVE to you!! 🌹

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  6. What a lovely weekend you had and so wonderful so many of your family could gather at the last minute like that. It looks like Lyla is a very happy big sister, and I love the name Bryn! Happy October friend…I agree with Anne, there is not quite another month like it!

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  7. Beautiful Post. I loved that you have passed on your love for the nature to Lyla. Now she wants to part it to her little sis. That is so gorgeous. I’ve just returned from my holiday to the hustle and bustle of daily life. This was well needed

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  8. Michele – your grand girls are GRANDLY PRECIOUS! I’m glad you’re excited about October, but I’ll be more excited when fall finally comes. It’s been in the upper ‘80s here + humidity these 1st nine days of October. Waiting to make big pot of veggie chili when temps drop, at least a little! ☀️😎☀️🍛💨


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