While I Was Amongst the Old Trees

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I spent this weekend at the rabbit patch, in Farm Life, amongst the old trees, the young woods and the abandoned little pasture.  It has been a long while since I was here on a weekend.  Needless to say, I was quite behind in housekeeping, weeding and there is always the packing.  

  Tres came home on Friday night and oh, how good it felt to see him.  Tres lives in Wilmington, where that hateful hurricane made landfall.  To see him, safe and sound, did wonders for me.  Listening to his story and seeing the pictures of the devastation was heartbreaking.  Tres said he saw all sorts of things on the way home, that saddened him.  Possessions, once treasured, now in heaps on lawns, many old trees felled and homes draped in large tarps, where roofs used to be.  The older I get, the more tender my heart grows,  and it was difficult not to weep.               4cbd87e4184dbb7749e70556d5affc19

I was up early on Saturday.  I saw the dawn creep up the horizon, over the tree line at the back of the field,  til finally  light came tumbling over the oldest barn, and into the ” Quiet Garden”.  I drank in the smell of October, the pungent smell of goldenrod and the earthiness of the fallen leaves.  I thought about a lot of things, and once  collected, these thoughts became prayers.  My prayers now, bear little resemblance to the prayers of my youth.  They are no longer the substance of what I desire or what I think I need. I no longer give God advice on how to fix something.  Hence, my prayers are simpler.  I say “thank you” ,” help me”, and “show me” and am convinced  . . .this is enough. . .but people ought to pray as they are led to.


 i commenced to pulling weeds, in the cool morning air.  I cut a few vines and then came in , to make coffee, knowing Tres would be up shortly.  Breakfast with Tres is a special occasion . We always talk while I am cooking, while we are eating and then while  we linger a long time, over coffee.  Tres never fails to provide interesting conversations that cause me to ponder all sorts of things.  

Tres left for Elizabeth City, to meet Brynn, not long after the noon hour.                         83b7f2f0a2c8c51d9269e9027445bf37

When Tres left, I decided to pack up the china in the cabinet.  It is a cream colored china with a large pale pink rose and a bud, in a spray of life like greenery.  It belonged to my grandmother, and that is what it makes valuable to me.  For all I know, she may have collected it in laundry detergent boxes, years ago.  One of my earliest memories, is coming home from the grocery store and opening a box of detergent powder to see the dish inside.  You never knew what you were getting and we all took turns with the privilege of opening the boxes.  It was a delightful practice and it is too bad it got replaced with “stamps”to be placed on little cards for discounts on groceries.  However Grandmama got her dishes, I love them.  I did not want to remove them as I thought an empty china cabinet, would be such a pitiful sight for all of the “official” people traipsing through the house these days. . . but, the dishes really were some of the few things left, that I could do without.  I marked the boxes, “Grandmamas’ china -please be careful.” and then I stacked them neatly in a corner.                                                                                                                      13592377_289160938098082_7027691855011016129_n

I did not rise so early on Sunday.  The world was bathed in a silvery fog .  Christian was at work, Kyle spent the weekend away and Tres had spent the night in Elizabeth City.  I called Mama while I had coffee, to see how their night had been, for as of lately, conditions have not been favorable, for Daddy – therefore Mama, too.  There are several stories now, not yet ready for telling.  Details are missing and waiting to be revealed. . . Daddys’  story is one of them.  Thankfully, they had a good night.

I took pictures off the walls, and started packing them up.  Later, I went back to the yard, then I came in and packed some more boxes.  Tres stopped by briefly, on his way back to Wilmington. He said Brynn had taken several naps in his arms.  Lyla had done a fair share of entertaining him, too.

When Tres left, it seemed to me that the weekend was over.  Even the sun dimmed in agreement.  I thought I smelled the faint scent of rain, coming through the open window, by the “morning table”.  October, true to every month of the year, has behaved oddly.  It remains hot and frost will likely be late, this year.  No one dares carve a pumpkin just yet.                                                                                                                 14237753_316782902002552_1421605150011702376_n

At last, I ran out of packing tape.  I put things back in order  and started preparing for tomorrow, for it is Monday, after all, and that changes everything.   . .out of the kitchen window, I noticed a light rain was falling.

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23 thoughts on “While I Was Amongst the Old Trees

  1. A beautiful post! A lovely description also of how our prayers change with time and wisdom… we focus more on gratitude and guidance, rather than “asking for what we want” and trust the Wisdom Above to show us the way, and work out the details. Thank you for the inspiration of each of your beautiful posts 🙂

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  2. I just finished savoring the October month of Gladys’ Stillmeadow Road, my current Taber, and your writing here ties into her chapter, especially the end so well. Just sooo lovely, Michele. I loved the story of your Grandmama’s china, as you lovingly packed it up. Gladys’ ended the chapter with this: “October is the jewel set in the hand of time. I must be certain that I have given my heart humbly to the glory, which is the gift of God. October is nothing to pass carelessly, every bright hour must be cherished…” ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Aaaaahhhhh….big big sigh Michele. I feel my soul has been watered once again by visiting your rabbit patch.( I am never sure if it is the rabbit patch of the person who lives there! I suspect YOU are the rabbit patch Michele and it will be wherever you are.)
    I never noticed my prayers have changed over the years till I read about yours and realized that mine had done the same thing over time.
    I fear I have missed much in the last weeks and I know I will never catch up or quite fill in all those missing blanks when it comes to the blogs I read. I am really okay with that…..something I have learned in these last weeks! So…..some good has come of it.
    I remember my mom getting cut glass dishes out of the oatmeal box. It WAS an adventure!


  4. I imagine it was so nice to see Tres, safe and sound. And I agree with you about prayer….a laundry list of needs, instructions, etc., are no longer relevant to me either. A simple “please” “thanks” and “help” more than suffice. Glad you got to spend some time at the rabbit patch, and even happier you shared it with us through your blog.


  5. Michelle I haven’t had a chance to read your beautiful words for awhile . Sadly I know I have missed much ! I cannot tell you how wonderful my soul feels when I read about you and your special moments . I pray for all our family right now ..so much going on only by the Grace of God will we all ma!e it through. Please know I love you dear Cousin. You are in my heart always. Alice


  6. Michele, another touching, lovely post, one that brings such peace and serenity to me. I’m so relieved your Tres is OK! The devastation from Michael is horrific! Here too October is confusing yet the smells of Autumn are evident making me breathe so deeply and appreciatively. Mmmmmmm ….. Pictures at the end just precious!! Bless you for taking the time for writing this post that is touched by Heaven. 💝


    1. you dear friend!! Daddy is lacking the mobility, he once had-and it seems he will from here on out, sadly. He is not in pain at all and has a good sense of humor . . .and a lot of love. He and Mama have a bedroom at the new rabbit patch! Thank you for having such a beautiful and tender heart. The world needs you . . .me especially!! thank you! love Michele

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      1. I’m so glad they will be with you in your new home. Being there for them is the best place to be. Sometimes I feel like a failure because I never had a “career”, then I remember that I was able to be there for my folks when they needed me and realize that is more valuable than anything I’ve ever done in my life. My thoughts and prayers are with you Michele. xox

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      2. careers pay bills-for me I agree with you -You have really carried out something more important than just a career ( very overrated) loving and caring for people-the best thing to do with life! thank you love Michele


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