A Bit of Hope


One day turned into another, until somehow, a week had passed.  There were all sorts of things going on.  Daddy had doctor appointments, there was work and last but not least,  the business of selling the rabbit patch. 

Daddy has been diagnosed with a muscular condition.  It has altered his mobility dramatically.  There is really no treatment nor medicine  to remedy this.  The condition is diagnosed, based on symptoms -and  also ruling out  any possibility of some other hateful culprit. . .hence the appointments.  Daddy does not like the many appointments but remains pleasant.  He never fails to thank everyone at every office.  It is a touching conclusion to each visit and moves me to tears.  

Mama has gotten a lot busier.  She is full of devotion to Daddys’ well being.  Her fortitude is a testament and I am in awe of how she goes about her day.  She is diligent with his medicine, indulgent with his food and stern about his hydration.  Though she is very heartsick, about the circumstances, she plows head-long into each day with cheerfulness.

It humbles me, to know that this is where I come from-that these are the people I was given as parents.  There is no doubt about it, I was “born with a silver spoon in my mouth”.  Few things in this life are as valuable as good parents.


I am in Elizabeth City this weekend, where a restless river tumbles by.  The weather is  chilly and warrants a light jacket.  The sun is muted by a thick blanket of clouds, and can not even cast a shadow, for the whole day is shadowed, really.  A constant wind blows loosening a few leaves.  Most of the leaves, save the dogwoods, have not changed yet, from how they looked in August.  It may be Thanksgiving, as is not uncommon, in the south, before the fireworks of the flora brighten the countryside.

Will carved a pumpkin for Lyla, this morning.  It was a complicated design and so the whole affair was tedious. Tonight, Will and Jenny are going to a gathering, just a few blocks away, at the Donahue family residence.  The Donahues’  are always hosting a gathering of some sort, unless they are on the river, or hiking or on an island somewhere.  They are the busiest folks I know of, yet never too busy to lend a helping hand. Many mornings, in fair weather, I will have coffee on the porch.  The Donahues stroll by, on the fourth mile of their walk  with their dogs.  They had breakfast hours ago – and coffee.  Michelle, thinks no more about hosting a party for forty guests, than I do for cooking supper.

I will tend to Lyla and Brynn tonight.  By now, Lyla is a “piece of cake” to stay with and I am an old hand at it.  This is the first time that Brynn will be without her mama and so we are all hoping for the best.   . .especially me.


Now, about the rabbit patch . . .I had all sorts of thoughts, this past week.  Many were gloomy and many were fearful.  This all started in June, and June felt so very long ago.  How could such a shock come up, now months later?  It did not seem possible.  Finally, I was able to have some clarity – this took days.  At some point, I decided all was just as it should be, for I do not pray in vain.  I settled on the notion, that I would be fine either way.  Losing money and unpacking boxes are not the worst things that can happen to a person, after all.

I reminded myself to “practice what I preach” -that things do not have to make sense, all the time.  (That is when faith is most crucial.)  That “all things work together for good . . .”  Many verses came to me – Be still and know that I am God”  and a favorite of mine –“We walk by faith, not by sight.”  I still cried, when no one was looking, not because I did not believe “what I preach”  but because I was just sad.  I chided myself for being sad. I felt as if in some way feeling so disappointed, was an act of betrayal on my part.  At long last, I came to the sweet conclusion, that all was well and that part of being human, is a lack of understanding, at times.   . .and part of being human is responding like a human to disappointments . . .and even worse, real tragedies.  Disappointments are just inevitable, it is what we do with them that makes the difference . . .and it is ok to cry.

I found out on Saturday, that there is at least a bit of hope left, in the sale of the rabbitpatch.  After living a week in such a state, I can say now, that I have less opinion about it, than I used to.



P.S.  I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your kind encouraging words, – -for the many who are praying . . I have been moved deeply by the care and concern, you all extended.  I felt so loved and so blessed as I read through the many expressions that seemed to all say ” I love you”.    

36 thoughts on “A Bit of Hope

  1. I must say, that I am thankful that I don’t have to “lean on my own understanding “. It is a comfort to me to know that the One who understands, and indeed orchestrated it all is ever trustworthy.
    I always read every one of your posts and appreciate the beauty and wisdom in each one.

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  2. Reading how your mom cares for your dad puts me in mind of my folks. They show the same caring for each other. They do so with grace, dignity and love for each other and they teach respect with everything they do. No wonder we turned out like we did Michele….we have the same type of background.
    About the sale of the Rabbit Patch…I don’t think it is wrong to feel sad and disappointed. I have come to the conclusion that God gave us emotions so we take those feelings to Him. Praying the glitch works itself out and that all becomes clear! ~ Faye aka Chicken Grandma

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    1. Faye-I had never thought about emotions like that-and it makes perfect sense! Thank you so much for sharing that with me- it means so much to me and especially now. What a testament our parents are. We have both been so blessed. thank you again-love Michele


  3. Dearest, much loved Rabbit.
    My heart is so heavy after reading this post. I never wanted you to experience that moment when something happened and it slowed down the sale of your property and buying of your next one.

    When Mr.Cobs and I finally decided that we would sell out beautiful (previous home) cottage of thirty something years, we never dreamed that it would take us over a year to finally find someone who wanted to buy it. There was nothing at all wrong with the property. We’d had a new roof put on it, new windows put in it. Everything … was done. We loved the cottage so much that we looked after it like it was our child. It was pretty inside and out. The gardens were just so beautiful and so well cared for. We knew that whoever bought our cottage would be getting a property which wouldn’t have to have even a new boiler put it, because we’d had one put in just a few years previously.

    We changed out Estate Agent (Realtor for the US folks) three times, and even reduced the price of the cottage by many thousands of pounds. Then …. finally …. we didn’t just have one buyer, but three. Three different people put in an offer on the same day. We accepted an offer, and I then sat there and cried with relief.

    Now it became time to find our new home. We found one, fell in love, made an offer. It was accepted and then it was full steam ahead. We saw our solicitor who arranged all the searches on the new property and we arranged for the surveyor to check that property over.

    We heard back from the surveyor after a few weeks, saying that the owners of the new property wouldn’t allow the surveyor to remove the wall paper which he’d pinned to the beams of the loft, with drawing pins! (Thumb tacks). The surveyor couldn’t see the condition of all the roofing timbers and beams in the roof, because the gentleman of the couple wouldn’t remove the paper in case it got damaged. Therefore, there was no way we were buying any property that we didn’t have the assurance of there being nothing wrong. We withdrew our offer, and had to begin searching all over again.

    That bit of waste of time cost us more than just time. It cost us over a thousand pounds – roughly $1860. USD.

    We went on to find two more properties which we fell in love with, but on both occasions someone beat us by two hours, and four hours to the offers being accepted.

    We eventually came back to the property we now own, even though we’d missed this one a little while before, because someone else put in a higher offer and the seller accepted it. But … the offer had been withdrawn some weeks later (they couldn’t get the finances), so we ended up buying this one.

    I tell you this not to tire you out or to scare you . . . but to simply say that this sort of thing you’re going through isn’t something that unusual. Don’t take it personally my wonderful friend. Instead … chin up. Shoulders back. Head held high. And …. be positive! God has your back. He won’t fail you. If there is a delay, you can be absolutely certain that there’s a delay for a good reason.

    We don’t always know what the good reason is. But … just know that there’s a good reason that things have slowed down. But … they might not have stopped altogether. Just be patient dear Rabbit. Be patient, and know that God is working in the background.

    And … take advice from your Realtor. If she/he advises you to look for another buyer whilest waiting for the original one to get the problems sorted out, then do that. I’m not sure what the rules and regulations are there, with regard to this, but … I’m sure your Realtor has met with this situation before, so ask them for advice. You’re paying them enough to work for you, so make sure they work for their money Rabbit.

    Your father… I’m sorry to the heart of me to read that his condition is deemed un-treatable by the doctors. Know that I am praying for your father, your mother, you and your family, at this time. May peace come to you all, and may comfort be given. May your father be looked after medically so that he is in no pain or discomfort.

    I love you dearly Michelle. Keep on keeping on. You are not alone. You have a hundred thousand angels by your side, and me.

    Sending you much love, and sending my prayers heaven bound.
    love you ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. I am convinced you are an earth angel. This comment moved me to tears -again! You had your own battle finding a new home. What a complicated affair. My buyer is working hard to get the right loan now-She is approved but we are in a mess because the bank wants certain repairs done that are costly and time consuming. Meanwhile, the deal on my new home has a date on it. So does a new job offer-what a deal!! you and the hundred thousand angels are of great comfort to me. I read this and it acted like a tonic on me! thank you my friend. For now, Daddy is slow but happy. I know he misses his former busy ways. He can still walk, though it takes so much out of him. He has Parkinsonism, a form of Parkinsons’ that comes on quickly. For now, he does not tremble but has every other thing going on. Your prayers mean everything.

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      1. Take just a minute,
        Come and rest you by my side.
        Let me tell you your own story,
        Let me walk you through your life,
        Only a second,
        it’s all it takes to realise,
        There’s a hundred thousand angels by your side.

        I’ve just sent you an email, Rabbit. Just for you. You’ll understand why when you open it.
        Much love, beautiful friend of my heart. ~ Cobs. xxx

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  4. Continuing to pray. I know what you mean when facing a disappointment… On the one hand of course we pray and know that God hears. But we are also human and God also knows that, so when you feel sad sometimes and the tears come, that’s okay too! Diane xx


  5. You wrote so beautifully about your parents. God bless them! I’m praying for them and for a wonderful resolution to the sale of the rabbit patch. Many, many bloggers love you, and we know you only through your writing. You are so very special to us.


  6. Dear Ma’am,
    I am very sorry you had bad news. I wish I could hug you or visit with you. It is four months since my major disappointment. It has been a tough time- we had a lot of issues at home, fights, disagreements, depression- everything. I don’t know and can’t explain how I got through it all except that there was a force mightier than I that was with me and did not let me fall off the precipice. I love this bit of Rabbit patch for you- to me it seems this is the patch that has your name written on it. Though I pray that God gives you your heart’s desire, I pray secretly that this Rabbit patch remains in your family for many long years. Am I a traitor, I don’t know ? I know you want to be closer to Jenny and babies.
    I am glad you have wonderful strong parents, who have a marriage built on great love and faithfulness and Christian integrity- I can so understand your gratitude for your parents.
    With love and prayers,

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    1. Dear Susieshy, you have such a compassionate heart and it is always showing up. It endears you to me. I remember your “rough patch” for I prayed for you. The place I live now has outgrown me. I simply can not maintain it nor afford it, but I trust God will set things straight. Still – ugh! some days. I am blessed with wonderful parents. I have so much to be gateful for. You could never be called a traitor. xoxox Michele


  7. When God closes a door He opens a window. You have a strong spirit and a kind heart, and together they have helped you. I think all will be okay. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, Michele. My best to you.❤️

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    1. you are so right dear Jennie. I know that God has a plan-but I feel now like I am in a hallway waiting for a door or a window! haha! Oh I must be patient. I have not been able to tell the whole story yet, but when I do, trust me, this is a crucial time-please pray and I will too that I have that beautiful peace from God – -and wisdom. xoxox Michele

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  8. “A bit of hope” is all you need,because a small candle can light up a whole room and dissipate the darkness. Keep that hope ignited dear Michele! As many others have said, you are not alone: much love & many prayers are with you to help clear the way for you. Sending you a big hug,
    Amira ❤

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  9. Best to your mom and dad. We really have no choice about who our parents are, and I wished more people would acknowledge this. Some are lucky enough to have good parents. Others, not so much. Also, good luck with the house.

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  10. I’m so sorry to hear about your father’s illness! And I can imagine how frustrating it is to have setbacks in the sale of the rabbit patch. But it sounds to me as if you have put it into perspective, and that you feel God’s comfort and guidance even through your disappointment. You and your family will be in my prayers!

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    1. thank you so much Ann-that means so very much and I am better but far from over the setback (still being worked on) . Your prayers mean a lot to me. Daddy is doing ok, but it is a deep sadness for us now. Thankfully, he is not in pain-just slow and weak. He can walk some short distance. He has a form of Parkinsons’. Heartbreaking.


  11. How could I missed all this post ps of yours.I ha not received any in my mail and just the other day wondered what happened to you.
    I am slowly catching up with my hearth all in my hands for you dear dear friend❤️


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