Autumn is a Lovely Time

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It was nice to have a few days off – and I made the most of it. I came to Elizabeth City and spent my time doing the things that I hold dearest, rocking Brynn, playing with Lyla and cooking.   

The days were bright and the sun shone  so cheerfully, that it turned the “laughing river” to a vibrant indigo .  I had never seen it that color and took great joy in finding a new discovery of beauty.  I showed Lyla and she agreed with me that the water was a shade of purple.

Jenny had a friend visiting for a few days.  Julie, from Florida came to meet Brynn.  Jenny and Julie have been friends since they were teens.  To say that  Julie is a free spirit, is an under statement.  Julie has a track record, to confirm this.  She took off out west, to Colorado, when she was quite young.  She did not know a soul, nor have a job waiting.  She attended a concert the first week she was there, and that is where she landed a job.  She stayed there a few years, but at some point, decided to try New Zealand, for she had heard of its’ beauty.  Off she went, alone, and lived there a year.  At some point, Julie went to Finland and declares it was as lovely country as ever was.  Now, she has traveled all over the planet, always alone, but has finally made her home in Florida, for Julie fell in love . . . She and a former schoolmate crossed paths again, a few years ago, and within several weeks, he and Julie were headed to Florida.  That was a three years back, and it is good to write , that Julie is “happy as a lark” ever dared to be.  I listened to her stories in great awe.   I can not pretend that I was not shocked at her sense of adventure. 

 I made all sorts of southern foods while she was there.  There were cheese biscuits, one day, while she talked about Colorado, hamburger in gravy, as I heard about Christmas in Finland – and pumpkin bread as she talked about the beautiful people in Estonia.  Ever so often, I would say “your poor mother”, though all turned out well, for Julie everytime.  If there was ever a quote that fitted Julie, it is ” She thought she could . . .so she did.”

I couldn’t help but think how opposite I am from the brave Julie.  I like to have a plan and take years to make things “as sure as  fire” possible, before I take  the first step.  Hence, I have always been slow to act on impulse.  Now rest assured, I have had a fair share of shocking circumstances.  Planning has never spared me of “rough patches” nor changes.  The things I so thoughtfully prepared for did not always happen, and many things popped up and caught me completely off guard.  I have lived at the “rabbitpatch”  for more than a dozen years, and have worked at the same job for eighteen years. . . and of course, I have never been to Finland.

I have contemplated selling the house, for five years now!  It took me two years to just decide I would.  The last few years, I became serious, and have contemplated the details thoroughly.  . . I have studied the housing market and been able to define my needs.  I have weighed heavily, what is sensible and what is desirable . . . yet,  somehow,  sometimes, it still feels reckless!  Getting older is a complex time.  . .and most especially, when it happens to you.


Now it is Halloween, much to the delight of many children.  In the country, little ghosts and goblins are scarce.  When I first moved here, there were several young children in the neighborhood, that came and it delighted me.  Now, they are all grown up, but I remember them each year.  I still buy candy for my grown children.  Lyla wants to be Dorothy, from “The Wizard of Oz”.  She has talked about it for months.  

I loved Halloween, as a child.  Our church organist. “Miss Arahbelle”  would have a table covered in a fancy table cloth set up in her dining room.  She had all sorts of homemade treats and a big bowl of punch, that we drank, out of little glass cups.  All of the neighbors made cookies or brownies, in those days. Some popped popcorn and some gave out apples. We only went to the homes of family members or long time neighbors, anyway.

One year,a new preacher did a whole sermon on Halloween and discouraged parents from participating -that put a damper on things.  I was a young mother by then with three little ones.  I am sorry to say that we skipped Halloween that year.  I was sure that we would be put on the prayer list, had we observed the tradition or else our children would be doomed.  Braver parents than I, took their little ones out anyway -and what a predicament arose, when they came to our house.  It was like  insult to injury, for my own little children.   The next year they went, with my blessing. They made little thank you notes to hand out, as they went along and it was a lovely time.  Being young, is a complex time , too.


Jenny has never allowed Lyla to have much candy.  The first year that Lyla really went trick or treating, Lyla, dressed like a little fairy, would follow the children to the doors and simply say “thank you!” without taking any candy!  It shocked the folks in the homes, but it tickled me.  Of course, she is carrying a basket tonight, as Dorothy did, and I sure she will accept candy, now . . .which Jenny will ration out, like a miser.


The fields lay golden just now.  The soy beans fields are a lovely russet color.  The sun, when it is just at the horizon, seems to gild the fields til they glow fairly. Even the , cornfields, now spent, and often full of blackbirds are a pleasing sight.  Slowly, but surely, the woodlands are changing  too.  Here and there are flashes of gold and ruby, like a  tempting prelude of things to come.  We have not yet had a hard frost, so frogs still sing in the evening, til very early morning. Under such circumstances, there is little need for heat nor air.  I raise the windows in the  old farm house at the rabbit patch and the sweet country air wafts in.  Combines hum in the distant fields and the blackbirds chatter.  Autumn is a lovely time.






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23 thoughts on “Autumn is a Lovely Time

  1. Dorothy is just perfect for Lyla. And oh how I would like to see the river running indigo.
    The rain held off last evening until all the grands were back at home safe and sound. Buckling and unbuckling at every stop must be trying on their mom. We don’t exactly live in a neighborhood where they go door to door. And my grands are the only ones that come here or at my parents which is fine with me. I do remember having fun on Halloween but times have changed..Don’t they always?
    Enjoy the visit and hug those grands for me.

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  2. I love Halloween because it’s just for fun. No solemn religious holiday, no gifting required.
    Even your costume, if you wear one, can be anything at all. A little face paint or a ragged “hobo” outfit, and you’re in.
    Decorating, too, is wide open. You can go nuts with lights and sounds and spooky, scary everything, or you can go as simple as pumpkins and mums.
    Surely no one should fear Halloween and its ancient Druid origination.
    No one knows or cares anything about that.
    We just want to dress up in crazy costumes and go forth to meet neighbors and take their candy.

    p.s. Such a perfect Dorothy! (Love the Rabbit Patch blanket, too!)

    Seek peace,


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    1. I agree about Halloween and still regret being “scared” to celebrate that year-at long last I became the rebel I was meant to be. -haha! Also-I bet you love Thanksgiving too-as I do. (for some of the same reasons) just a time to celebrate our gratitude for all we have. thank you friend!


  3. Lovely post, Michele (except for skipping that one Halloween). Halloween can be filled with excitement, anticipation and bravery – all good things for little ones. Best to you! 🎃

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  4. Love this Michele! As kids we were only allowed to trick or treat in our neighborhood as my folks and friends’ folks did not really know how to respond to Halloween. One year we disobeyed and came home with a huge paper grocery bag full of candy. I am not sure how we figured we would pass that one off to our folks. Our punishment was we had to share with our siblings.
    Reading about Julie was great! I spent a month traveling Europe when I was 18. Not alone though! Their were 6 of us girls and we had a guide go along as we back packed our way around. I am always so glad I went and saw those things!

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  5. What a beautiful post. Yes, I have to agree, I do envy those who could make up their minds and just take off without much planning. But just like for you many a times my plans had been crushed or more like forced to take a detour and had to come up with plan B. But in time I have learnt that is just life. Hope Dorothy had a good day. I had a chuckle when I read that your daughter would ration the lollies like a miser. Ha ha I was a bit like that too.

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