Dear Rabbitpatch Diary


It was not raining when I woke on Sunday. There was a bit of wind rattling the bare oak branches and the sky was that now familiar, pale pewter color.  I noticed the forsythia is in bloom, which I call “golden rod” as my Pop always did.  Pop, my maternal grandfather loved the bright yellow blooms of the forsythia, but he always refused to call them by their rightful name.  To him they were golden rods, and there was no convincing him otherwise.  I never see one, that I do not remember him and today was no different.  If sunshine could bloom, it would be called “golden rod”.

Now, today I must focus on tidying up the  old farm house.  Plenty of things are in the wrong place, which always ends up in  a catastrophe.  Also, I am getting ready for selling the rabbitpatch.  This requires a great deal of preparation.  I do not mind looking at houses with flaws, for I can see past them.  Some folks can not.  Will can not.  Once, we were looking at an adorable home.  I loved it, but Will said “The walls are purple!”  and dismissed it as impossible!   My friend Jo Dee and I looked at a dear cottage, but the yard was in need of mowing – and had been.  Jo Dee could not imagine the yard tidy nor mowed!  I must take that, into account.  I remember the first time someone came to look at  the rabbitpatch.  (Remember that every closet and cabinet is fair game.)  When it was over, I prayed they would buy it and that would be the end of the nightmare!

I had hoped to begin again in February, but just now, the landscape is so dull, save the spirea and the “golden rod”.  I love the winter landscape, but I can not deny the splendor of spring at the rabbitpatch.  I suspect some folks would be persuaded in spring, more so, than the fading days of February.  . . and most especially, when the peach trees bloom.


It was a pleasant surprise, when the sun came out, in the mid afternoon.  I had put some of the windows up, since there was a mild breeze blowing.  I was as convinced as the spirea, that spring was just around the corner and then I chided myself, for falling so easily for “fools’ gold”-  if it is the prelude to spring, it will be the earliest one, I have ever known.  I do hope no one starts their garden now or anytime soon, for it is mid April, before the danger of frost is truly past.

Meals are served at odd hours under such circumstances, as deep cleaning.  We ate a late breakfast, skipped lunch and had an early supper.  I finished all of the rooms but three and was satisfied with the progress.  The last three rooms will be done, when I can get to them.  The yard is in shambles presently, but  that will require several days-long days, to complete.  

I went out,  when night had fallen.  The stars shone brightly.  I felt like they were long lost friends, come back at last.  Orions’ belt was bold and glittered like a strand of  rare diamonds.  I tarried briefly, in the star shine letting it wash over me like an ancient tonic . . .


Now Monday came along, and that changed everything.  The sun came up, heralding the day with a burst of golden glory.  It has been a while, since the day dawned in such a way.  I had a good day at work and came home to wait for Mama and Daddy and the boys.  Mama and Daddy were worried, because my refrigerator wasn’t cooling as it ought to, due to the seal.  I had been tolerating it a while , but that wouldn’t do, for Mama and Daddy.  I pulled the old refrigerator out, cleaned behind it and unloaded the contents.  I even decided to start supper and all was well, when they pulled up.  Besides the refrigerator, they had a puppy !  He was a tiny thing and looked like a little boxer.  He was found on a road, without a near by house.  The boys asked the residents of the few houses down the road, but no one knew anything about the little fellow.  I guessed him to be only five to six weeks old.  Thankfully, my parents’ neighbor was planning to rescue a dog, and had just been approved, to do so.  We agreed to keep him tonight, so she could prepare and make an appointment with a veterinarian.  I think sadly, he was abandoned.   His little eyes were still tinged with blue. I gave him some warm milk, which he gulped greedily.  Daddy held the puppy tenderly while the boys tended to the many details of replacing a refrigerator. Daddy loves dogs and was very worried about him.  The puppy was soon fast asleep in Daddys’ arms.  In the midst of the new appliance and the puppy and supper, someone called to say they were interested in the rabbitpatch.  What a lot of commotion in that hour!   

After supper and after a bath for the puppy, I had a pleasant conversation with the woman interested in the house.  They currently live in a very old house, not so far away.  I told her the awful truths of the place and did not sugar coat a thing. . . though I did also say, that the place had more charm , than any place I have ever lived, for that is also true.  We have an appointment, in the near future.


Tuesdays’ sunshine made the ornamental pears bloom . . .and the daffodils,too.   The drive to work on Wednesday gave me evidence  of that. It is too late to turn back now, for blossoms are everywhere, frost or not, I will enjoy what the current conditions are affording. . . .and it is lovely. 

Maybe the seasons have shifted.  Scientists even say so.  So many people are glad for shorter winters, but has anyone asked the birds,? for this surely affects their migration habits.  Well, climate really affects every living thing.  It is an amazing but sobering subject.  We ought to all practice good stewardship of this planet, we call home.  This is one “bandwagon” we all should be on.  It is bewildering to me, that this does not dominate headlines, as we will none escape this predicament unscathed.  Instead, the networks cover who wore what to some event. . . Dear Rabbitpatch Diary,  every day I sound older, I realise.


On a brighter note, the little foundling, went to his new home today.  The lady that took him, said she had just been praying for a puppy – the right puppy to adopt, when the boys showed up with him.  I take great joy and comfort in that.  

May they live happily ever after.



14 thoughts on “Dear Rabbitpatch Diary

  1. Yes, may they live happily ever after!!! As for climate change…I could not agree more. It is the issue of our day, and too many people either ignore it or deny it. But it is my feeling that the time is soon coming when climate change can neither be ignored nor denied. Finally, fingers crossed that your house sells this spring.

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  2. We are all so hopeful for a sale . Goodness things do move fast when we least expect it. You didn’t mention what Cash and CR thought of the puppy. I’m sure Babe would have been horrified if one was here. She get kinda off kelter when the cats invade her space.
    Arent we all eager for Spring to really be here. Of course with all of the flowers popping up I have to wonder..will there be any thing left for Easter? Still a long way away this year.
    Good vibes coming you way…Let us know.

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    1. Cash loved the puppy and the pup loved him. CR not so much. I am worried for Easter too! I will keep you updated on the house. I expect to finish out the school year either way. thank you for caring. Makes it all more bearable, love Michele

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  3. I hope that this results in the sale of your home, and am so glad that the puppy has found a safe home. Poor little guy, he was far too young to be on his own for any length of time.
    As for climate change, yes it is scary. Especially when we consider that solving it will take the cooperation of all of us, in the whole world. But all we can do is try our best to treat our planet gently and keep the faith that somehow a solution will be found.

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