As Long as Children Talk to Trees


It is hard to say whether or not “March came in like a lion”, for February made such a spectacle of itself, masquerading like the late days of April.  Either way it is the time of March -the time of daffodils and wind.

I came to Elizabeth City on Thursday.  A cold wind blew and rain soon followed.  It didn’t matter for Jenny and I had plenty to do -and it was inside work. We had high hopes of changing out the wardrobes of both girls.  I thought that would take   the best part of a day.  We also had planned a special supper for Wills’ “Aunt J” and his sister, Mari.  We wanted to go to a new grocery store and I wanted to make a caramel cake.  I  have never made one from scratch, and the icing takes a long while to make, for it must simmer for about two hours.  There was a lot to do, for we were not short on lofty notions.

Lyla always celebrates my arrival by running in to my arms and then hugs  me for a long while.   It is always a wonderful feeling-to know you are so loved.  Brynn has been warming up to me over the last month and now she is quite satisfied in my arms.  One thing, I can say with certainty, is that it is a wonderful blessing to be a grandparent. 

ffed431d5fcf7813295a7e9c9907db02 Jenny and I started switching the clothes out on Friday morning.  I had forgotten that Jenny has a small group of mothers that pass clothes along to one another.  There were four or five bins to sort.  Each bin was holding the maximum amount of little dresses, coats pajamas, socks and every other article of clothing you can imagine.  First we sorted by size, then by season.  Of course, first we had to sort through the clothes. the girls had out grown.  Stacks of clothes soon filled the bedroom, for  mothers, with younger children and ones for Brynn to grow in to.  It took all day just to get to that point.  Then it was time to wash all to be used.  That happened on Saturday.  As we went along, we cleaned the closet out, as it seemed foolish not to do so.  Now here it is Sunday morning and there is still one bin left!

There was a lot of activity amongst the birds this morning.  There were doves and the robin that sits on the fence surveying the goings and comings of everyone, was in his usual post.  He always sits in the same spot, and does not stir from it, in my presence. There were sparrows and wrens – and some noisy blackbirds.  A pair of cardinals were frantically on some mission and then . . .I saw the Tanager.  I had to look twice.  He was as red as could be, and made the cardinals “pale in comparison”.  I have only seen these birds a  time or two, in the last  few years.  I do hope, he decides to stay.

Will and Jenny met friends for brunch.  Will has had such loss recently, first his beloved mother, then someone he admired, a mentor and a friend -and last week he lost his oldest and best friend to a sudden and fatal pancreas attack.  Well, the friends of Will and Jenny just wanted to do something to lift their spirits, hence, a brunch.  The little girls stayed with me and it was a delightful and calm hour. 

When they  all returned, I walked to Miss Thelmas’ for a quick visit.  She has a birthday, this coming Sunday, on the same day as Christian!  Miss Thelma is turning ninety-five!  She has been planning a party, for weeks.  She showed me her napkins and she has party favors for all of the children.  Her church will host the event.  I am playing the violin, at her request, during the service.  I am trying to persuade Christian to play with me.  A good guitarist, like love, does cover a “multitude of sins”.  I helped Miss Thelma choose an outfit and listened to her grand plans.  It made me glad to see her so full of joy and anticipation.  Jenny and I started on the last of the clothing, when I got back. 

It took all afternoon, to wash and place the clothes in the drawers and closet -or into a half dozen piles with different destinations.  By evening. the piles were packed and some sent on their way.  The upstairs bedroom was orderly at last. Jenny and I were so tired, that we ordered supper out.  Lyla was tired too, from trying on one dress after another . . . and shoes . . .and coats.   I took a shower and told Jenny, how good it felt and that I was restored, body and soul, from those wicked stairs and sitting on the floor for hours.  When Jenny got her shower, I asked happily how she felt and she said . . .exhausted.”

Another thing I can say with certainty, is that Lyla and Brynn do not need any clothing for the next several seasons -and at this rate, Brynn may never need anything til she is in the fourth grade!  It is a sensible practice, but it does require an amazing amount of effort.  . .and so I never did make that caramel cake.


It rained again that night.  Rain fell and  muted the street lights.  There was wind too.  Lyla watched the young willow, from the nursery willow.  The bare tendrils swirled gracefully.  Lyla loves the willow.  She loves to play under it when the leaves fill the branches, for it makes the perfect canopy to dance beneath-or to have a tea party.  Lylas was upset that the willow was bare, so I explained to her that the earth was just resting.  Now, Lyla loves the willow, but the other day, she was in the back yard talking to a little fig tree.  I heard her say “Grow little tree!”  I know you can!”  Jenny says that Lyla often talks to the fig tree.    I may be the only grandmother alive, that would say so, but this thrilled me with no end.  It will come as no surprise that I talked to trees when I was but a child. It came about quite naturally.   . .and I still do.

Before I left Elizabeth City, I noticed a few green, tender leaves on one of the branches of Lylas’ willow tree.  I told her and she ran to the porch to see for herself.  

Dear Rabbitpatch Diary,   In a world so changed, from the one I knew, and I fear, some beauty lost ,   . . . I will remain hopeful . .    for as long as children talk to trees. . . there is hope.


27 thoughts on “As Long as Children Talk to Trees

  1. Are you still in Elizabeth City, Michele? Did you take a couple days off from school? It was a lot of washing and cleaning you did. It’s been raining here in southern CA from January. I hope spring comes to you.

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    1. I am home now. We had two work days and I always take them off, if I am caught up. We too have had rain rain and more rain. Now it is cold. I am so excited about your book and really enjoyed the interview too. Go well my friend-and thank you so much! love Michele

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      1. It’s good Michele that you take some days off. When I was in the classroom, we had 10 days a year, could be personal or sick leaves. It was divided before but when teachers didn’t get sick, they called in sick to use up the days anyway. So the district decided to leave them open.
        Thank you for your good wishes.

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  2. In a world that might change and where change is the only permanent thing, it is nice to know there is a little rabbit patch somewhere, some place where most of us can go and put our heads down to rest.
    Did Ms Claudia .. leave us ?

    I am glad Ms. Thelma is having a party. Will you attend ?
    And a world where little children, or adults talk to trees or animals is a world living in, ma’am.

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    1. awwh-I do love a simple life and try hard to keep it that way. Yes Miss Claudia died in her sleep in February-we are all still in shock. Yay! for Miss Thelma and yes Christian and I are providing music. Thank you dear Susieshy for your kind words! love Michele

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  3. Sweet! Yes, talk to the trees. Who knows? They might even be listening. And somehow, I was not surprised to read you never made the cake. Only so many hours during the day, and the sorting of clothes was quite the chore.

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  4. How wonderful.! Yep….Being a grandparent is the cats meow. Even thought I got there kinda late it is a wonderful experience i would not give up for anything. My only regret is that I probably won’t be here to see them enjoy being a parent.

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  5. Children aren’t the only ones who talk to trees – I do it all the time! (And hug them, and listen to them, too.) Thank you for a lovely post, Michele. 🙂

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  6. There is one sure thing in this world and that is children will be children. Their delight in their surroundings and their curiosity is wonderful I wonder if that is why the Bible tells us to be as children? On another note……I am so behind due to computer issues! I now have a new laptop but need to relearn things!

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    1. Godspeed with that new computer! I often think about “becoming like a child” They are so very much living their truth after all-which may be one of the biggest lessons of all! When did we quit looking at rocks and clouds? So many things get in our way. Let us both live with wonder like the children -and in our truth. thank you dear-I have wondered how you were and said a prayer-love Michele


  7. When you wrote about Lyla talking to the trees, I smiled…and when I read willow and the then the little one it was as if you were writing about me. There’s a willow out back that I say good morning and goodnight to every day as I bring the bird feeders out or in. There is also a new tree growing, I’m not sure what it is but I call it little one and speak to it every day too. I’m looking forward to when it’s big enough to hug!!! Hope all is well with you…I’ve been away for a bit. Missed your lovely stories…are you still at the Rabbit Patch? xo

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    1. yes my fellow tree lover. My deal fell through, two days before closing-ugh! A lot has happened since then too. Two deaths and a huge scare with daddy. I do now have someone wanting it-we will see how that goes. Glad you are back! thank you!-and bless your trees!

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      1. Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear of all your losses and the deal falling through. Hope all is well with your Dad!! My my my….well as far as the house goes…I hope it works out even better this time around…you do know that everything happens for a reason…right!! Thank you, it’s great to be back and talking with everyone again…I missed you all so much…truly!! Thanks for the tree blessing too…I love them, my birds, my squirrels, my raccoons, my deer, my foxes, I have lots of wild life that travels through…the birds and squirrels are here daily…oh so are the raccoons once they wake up again…oh almost forgot about the chipmunks too!! 🙂 xo

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      2. It has been a season of all sorts of losses and I know now that all is well, even in the ebb of loss. Thank you-I still have hopes for a bright future. Love hearing about your animal community. My dad is holding his own, thank you -Bless you ! Glad you are back! love Michele

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  8. Oh Michelle. Your stories are always so tender. Personally, I consider it a blessing to get to read true stories about a day, and sometimes days in the lives of you and yours. They really ping my ♥️ . I know we’re only blogging pals, but I swear I always feel that one day soon, I just gotta start up my vehicle, and come breathe your air. So tender!🥰

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