Rare and Beautiful


It is a beautiful Easter morning at the rabbit patch.  The sun came up brightly and the birds have been singing their hearts out.  Now, there is shade in places, where weeks ago, there was not – and there are more roses than there was. Dogwoods and azaleas are blooming, which is especially fitting for the holiday.   

There is a small turkey in the oven, because after a long spell void of Sunday dinners, we are having one today. Regular readers know, that I am as “happy as any lark”, under such circumstances.  Daddy is “holding his own” in his battle, with that hateful condition, that mimics Parkinsons – and Mama is right beside him.  They are in this together – no doubt about it.8502324da5fbc6d0c527edbf2b66d0e2

There has been a lot of good news at the rabbit patch, lately.  I do have some one very interested in the house – but that is not all, and pales in comparison, to the best kept secret of all.  At long last, I can tell, the beautiful news . . .Brant and Sydney are expecting a baby in September!!!  We found out yesterday, that it is a boy.  My first grandson-and Brants’ first child.  Only Lyla, was disappointed, as she wanted “a baby sister, cousin”!  Thankfully, the cupcakes were served, shortly after the blue balloons were released, to announce, it was indeed, a boy.  (Lyla had her heart set on a little girl, which she would name “Rosie” . )

The weather was perfect yesterday for the “gender reveal gathering”, hosted by Sydneys’ parents.  What a beautiful area, they live in.  There are rolling hills and lots of trees and farms, though they are on the outskirts of several large cities.  Her parents were friendly and made us feel at home right off.  Sydneys’ brother greeted us and took Kyle and Christian under his wing, immediately.  Everyone I met, was just delightful, cousins, aunts, grandparents . . .all new people to love and to share  in the grand gift of  this little son. 

Sydney was quite sick at first, but since, has been feeling much better.  All of her doctor visits have been full of good tidings.  The baby is healthy and the doctor said “He had a beautiful heart, a few weeks ago -and though I am sure that statement was made from a medical stand point, I took it, as I always do . . .spiritually and my own heart , lept with joy -for God talks in such ways.  I have been praying for the baby to have a beautiful heart, a clear mind and good health.  One can have a brilliant mind, or good looks, and these things are useful tools, but it is the condition of the heart, that matters most, I think, for it does not fade in time, nor lose its’ value.


While the turkey baked, I found lots of things to do. There was a lot more than turkey to cook . . . and  I am leaving for Elizabeth City tomorrow, after all.


I was making the gravy when Christian walked in the door.  He had to work this morning, and so how glad I was to see him, in time for the Sunday Dinner.  The biscuits were a warm golden hue and I pulled them out, just as Mama and Daddy were coming in the kitchen door.  We had  string beans , corn, brunswick stew and creamed turnips and potatoes . . and the grand finale was banana pudding with a meringue, that could be bragged about – if I were that sort.

Daddy was moving slow, but he made it to the table.  We all enjoyed the meal and then Daddy and Christian strolled around the yard, while Mama and I packed food up for them to take  home with them.  

I cleaned the kitchen up and still had plenty of food left, for Kyle and Christian, for two meals.  I am always sure they will starve, when I go away, for a few days.  If I am not with Jenny, I am convinced she isn’t resting enough-Tres could stand a home cooked a meal and I hope he is keeping up with school and work  . . . and so you see,   the habits of motherhood remains  as  constant as the North star.  



In the evening, the boxer and I took a stroll around the territory.  A thick blanket of clouds covered the countryside and hushed everything.  There wasn’t a bit of movement and the air was cool.  it would have been a wonderful time to entertain lofty notions or at least gather my thoughts, but the peace of the moment didn’t allow such things.  I was simply there walking in the twilight, with my dog without a thing that would occupy my mind long enough for me to ponder.  I noticed the beauty around me. Some late blooming, wild  daffodils fairly glowed in the  absence of light and there was the mightiness of the old oaks .  . .but nothing would stay put , in my mind, long enough for me to dwell upon.  It was a rare and beautiful time. It felt like a sacred time.

And really, Dear Diary, all of life is rare and beautiful . .  these last few days, especially.   


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29 thoughts on “Rare and Beautiful

  1. Ma’am,
    Congratulations on the good news on many fronts. I am thankful too for a beautiful heart- what a difference a few words make- a few words spoken or put together in one way is so different from when put together another way- I agree with you- a beautiful heart is something that is worth its weight in gold and is indestructible.
    I am glad the old granddaddy is better and walking even around the Rabbit patch.
    From your words, it seems as though you are enjoying the last few days at the Rabbit patch.
    Until you find your new Rabbit patch,
    Happy Easter, ma’am,

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  2. A grandson!! We have two, and grandsons are marvelous. I like reading about your granddaughters, since we have none.

    I continue praying for you daily, and I’m thrilled that someone might want to buy the current Rabbit Patch. Your patience is circled with grace.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Of course you already know how special baby boys are and a grandson is just that more special.
    Yea! A good possibility for a finel sale of the Rabbit Patch is music to my ears. You know I will be praying about this close up until you say the word. I am so proud for you.

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    1. Beverly, I was thrilled that Brant is having a little son, for many reasons-one being I have my darling girls and wanted the experience of a grandson. oh pray for us and especially for him! The future seems bright for now!! I am going to call you, when this busy day is over! love always Michele

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  4. Congratulations Michele!! Those grandbabies are just the best. I so agree that the mom factor always remains constant. We went to my middle son, Luke and his wife Breanna Sunday for supper. I brought dessert and made plenty…that way I could leave a bunch of it with them. I would not want them to be sugar deprived LOL.
    I am so glad you had a great Eater Sunday!
    I will be praying on the interest in the Rabbit Patch.

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  5. Such a beautiful post. You describe the events of your life and family so beautifully. So glad you are going to have a grandson to love and cherish. God does make such a beautiful world for us to live in and view – if we but open our eyes and see.

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