These Things I Hold in My Heart


I came to Elizabeth City on Monday , in fair weather.  Hundreds od blossoms adorned the lawns, the woodlands and even the roadside.  The three rivers were as blue as could be and all of the world seemed to be singing.

Lyla had been at the window, watching for my arrival and she did not miss the moment I drove up.  She always greets me with a long and joyful greeting- It is a treasured moment  and typically, I hear her scurrying and calling out “Honeybee!” I drop all my bags and she is in my arms quickly, for a long embrace, whether it has been a few weeks or a few days, since “we were together”.   Little Brynn smiled at me  and  it seems at long last, that she considers me “familiar” now.


  Each morning begins with feeding a pair of ducks, from the porch.  I so hope they show up one day with ducklings. Will, often has coffee on the porch and Jenny and the children, follow, shortly after.  I am usually up first, and while the coffee brews, I sit on the back deck, to collect my thoughts and watch the birds and squirrels.  I saw the yellow tanager twice, the first day!  She was flying hastily, but the yellow bird did not go unnoticed. There are several pairs of cardinals and there are always robins.  One morning, Lyla and I watched a blue jay, gathering nesting materials.  Lyla was very amused, at his antics. 

On Tuesday, Lyla and I went to the grocery.  We had a long list and so it took a while to gather the items.  Lyla is quite helpful at finding the items and reminding me to “stick to the list”.  When we got back, the day called to us and so we all spent the afternoon in the back yard.  Lyla is learning to swing and she takes it quite seriously. I was reminded of the poem, “The Swing” by Robert Louis Stevenson, and Lyla memorized the first stanza and recited it for her dad, when he came home.  My own children memorized poetry regularly and I remain glad, for a semester of poetry is hardly enough.  I still remember my third grade teacher reading “The Duel” (E. Field) to us-and then “Fog” by Sandburg.  Of course, I prefer the old classic poems that have a rhythm and rhyme.  I am on a mission to revive the lost art of  many things, for my grandchildren, . . which includes meandering,  and pretending knowing the name of birds and flowers . . .and poetry. 

 On Wednesday, Lyla rode her tricycle to the laughing river.  The water was a deep indigo color and along the way were irises and a mock orange – and  a hodgepodge of oxalis, violets , buttercups  and coral bells in the yards.  The breeze blew the spent blossoms of dogwoods in the air and I told Lyla, that it was raining flowers.    

When we got home, Lyla and I began making a banana pudding.  After supper, we carried some to Miss Thelma.  I have been giving Lyla lessons on good manners, which I think is another “lost art”.  The visit with Miss Thelma, gave Lyla the opportunity to practice and she did everything just right.  Good manners mean you are thinking of someone else, pure and simple. 

On Thursday, Lyla and her mom had dental check ups, and errands to run.  I took Brynn out for her first solo stroll.  The day was as glorious as could be .  It was a short walk to the river and Brynn seemed to enjoy the cheerfully laughing water. Brynn is a happy baby and so very beautiful. She has learned to clap her hands and what a precious sight to see her laughing and clapping like a little doll.

After baths, everyone settles in for a quiet evening.  It is always the same.  One night, Lyla gave a violin recital and recited her poetry, for us.  That was a special night.  


One morning, I woke up and “out of the blue” . . it was Friday!  It seemed like as fast a week, as I have ever lived, had passed .  Time is much shorter when it is measured, I think.  (This is why, in the summer, I abandon clocks altogether and the calendar is only useful for bill paying and birthdays.)   The early morning smelled like rain, and the heavy clouds confirmed the chance.  Today was the day to pack . . .for all of us.  Will and Jenny are coming back, for a gathering, on Saturday to celebrate my sixtieth birthday, which was on the 18th.  Tres, Brant and Sydney, my sister, Delores, niece, Dana, and cousins, Chuck and Chris are all coming.  I am not the sort that wants a party for me, but this is almost like a reunion and I am looking forward to it.  

There are a few things in life, that I can not get my fill of-springtime and grandchildren -family meals and Christmas -leisure strolls and the nights when we all sleep under one roof, again.  Dear Diary, The older I get, the less  I know, for sure.  . .but these things are certain.  These things, I hold in my heart . . .and will abide for now and be treasured every year, hereafter.

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40 thoughts on “These Things I Hold in My Heart

  1. Sixty is a grand year to celebrate. I’m not sure I remember mine but my days all seem to run together lately. Your angel girls are just too sweet and it won’t be long before a sweet baby boy joins in on the fun that come from HoneyBee,
    ps. i have emailed our friend but still no answer.???

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    1. Just a note Beverly. I commented on our friend’s other blog site that she writes under Hugo’s name. She did reply back to my comment on that blog and said she would be getting back to it soon. I took that as good news.

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    2. thank you sweet friend. We are all excited!! About our friend-I have not heard a word either. All we can do is hope and pray she and her family are alright. Something is not right. I miss her and think of her so much. love Michele

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  2. Love this post Michele and I love those photos! You made me smile about the thought that the older you get the less you know. I had the very same thought just the other day when I was pondering things.
    Your birthday celebration sounds like it will be wonderful!

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  3. Loved hearing about your delightful low-key week with your sweet girls and Jenny and her husband. Those little moments out in nature are my favorites with Bri and Beau too and like you cannot get enough of Springtime and grandbabies! Love how your family gets together for your family celebrations. Hope your late birthday celebration is filled with joy and laughter and sweet moments. Keep sharing your heart, thoughts and sweet daily moments with us all. You make us richer with your words. ❤️

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  4. OH, Michele, with each and every one of your posts, you are showing the world at large what it is to LIVE. Bless you for these posts. I LOVE them as through your words I merge into your world. Bless you for teaching your grand-babies what is important, like the Laughing River, flowers, and poetry. I happen to be a Taurus just like you and my Love for this Earth mirrors yours. Thank you so much for writing this post …. and HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY! Mine is on Sunday (I’m 2 years older then you). Much Love to you!! 🦋🦋🦋

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  5. Oh, this post made me smile! Beautiful words, beautiful pictures. I especially enjoyed reading how Lyla comes out to great you. So very sweet. Finally, happy, happy birthday! Sixty is one of those milestone birthdays, and no better way to celebrate than with the ones you love, be they family or friends. Or dogs. 😉

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  6. To “abide by…those things we hold most dear” is an invaluable attribute, a gift perhaps.
    These are those things we can hold in our hearts and minds, and take with us when we go.

    On manners: We didn’t have too much, but what we had would be shown off at Thanksgiving. In our house it was as elegant and formal as we could make it, focusing on the table and one another, and letting the rest of the tired old farmhouse and landscape fade into the background. Here we would conduct ourselves with the finest table manners (two forks and two spoons and everything!).
    I didn’t teach my children manners to make them conform to a mold or perform like little puppets for me. I taught them these things so that they might attend functions anywhere without undue embarrassment or faux pas. So that they might be pleasant and gracious people, enjoying the company of others and always welcome.
    Good job, Honeybee.

    Happy Birthday. I’m right behind you, in June.

    Best of blessings to all the inhabitants of the warren.


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    1. Hi friend! and thank you-You learned a lot of etiquette that I did not! But for me, I want to hear please and thank you, and holding doors for especially the elderly. I want to see respect for property and holding a respectful conversation (not interrupting, eye contact etc) Well, I am old school at heart, but goodness we learned these things before we went to school.! Thank you and best wishes always! Mchele

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