The Icing on My Cake


Yesterday, was a big day!  Yesterday was full of celebrating, food, family and surprises and commotion.  I, who shy away from parties given for me, wouldn’t trade yesterdays’ party,  for “all the kings’ horses”!  

I turned sixty years old, a few weeks ago.  . .and my family wanted a party to mark the occasion.  No matter, my protests, they just would not let the subject rest. Finally, I agreed, being worn down by their pleas.  Today, I am glad of it.

I always enjoy family gatherings, but to be the “center of attention”  has always been overwhelming to me.  When Tres wanted to make his smoked barbecue, and was willing to spend all day, on it . . .well, that made a difference.  Mama and Delores made plans whether they had my approval or not and so, I felt selfish to deny, the love that was behind, all of their desires.  Mama came up with the idea, to surprise Brant and Sydney with gifts for the baby-and that sealed the deal for me. 

Jenny joined forces with Mama and Delores . . .and so, we had the party.


It was almost cold in the early hours, when Tres started smoking the pork. I was not allowed to arrive too early, for Mama and Delores wanted to decorate.  Though, they all insisted, I not bring a thing, I finally convinced them otherwise.  I busied myself with my “light duty” tasks, til just after noon.  Chuck and Melissa, Chris and Ano, Delores and Dana were all there when I arrived.  The men were around the smoker.  Delores was setting up a “corn hole” game and Christian was running extension chords, for his guitar. I floated  around, free to roam between the groups and visit.

Will and the children, and Brant came shortly after, while Jenny and Sydney went to pick up chicken.  Lyla bounded into my arms as if we hadn’t seen each other, the week before.  I took Brynn to “show her off” to everyone, but Brynn, being a shy baby wailed pitifully at the first unfamiliar face. I calmed her, Will calmed her, but she remained on the verge of tears, and cried til Jenny returned.


Christian played his music in the shade of an old tree, with daddy sitting close by. Neighbors came over and we begged everyone to stay and join us.  One neighbor, who adopted the puppy, the boys found months ago, abandoned beside the road, brought the puppy, now known as “Buddy” over.  This thrilled the boys to see the pup happy, cared for and with such a loving owner. 

Delores organized a corn hole tournament of sorts, which she took seriously.  Dana had made Lyla a magic wand from  a stick and ribbons and Lyla was as “happy as a little lark” with that.  Brant, who can not be still, climbed on the roof of the house, and removed branches.  Lyla was very concerned about this and kept her eye on him, the whole time.  Sydney grazed on sweets, as she can not get enough of them these days, though she is as tiny as can be.  Ano and Melissa sat on the porch . . .and Brynn slept.  I sashayed  around, like a “big shot”  surveying her kingdom of loved ones.   This is the way the hours so sweetly  passed.


By mid afternoon, we had the meal.  Brynn had awaken from her nap and was more tolerant of her predicament.  Since the day was fair, folks ate outside and inside.  We always make a big production when the cake is presented, but this time, when we all gathered for the cake, we shocked Brant and Sydney with our gifts for the baby instead!  There were little shoes, sleepers, blankets and matching Christmas pajamas!   I almost cried with sheer delight.  Next I opened my gifts.  Delores and Dana mad me a plaque that says “Welcome to the Rabbit Patch”!  I got flags with rabbits and “Honeybees”  , even cookies with honey bees on them! Some cards had money, there was a bag of fine chocolate- a little book, people had written greetings in -goodness what a storehouse of things!  I have to mention, that Delores gave me a teapot with tea that blossoms!  Edible blossoms unfurl, in to tea!  Now, that is fancy and all of the women were struck by such a novelty while the men sat stone faced and unsure of how to react.  None of them felt that tea made from flowers was appealing.  Of course. I am quite anxious for a tea party with Lyla!


After all of the joyful commotion, Dana and Lyla joined Brant, Christian and I  for a back yard concert.   Dear Diary, I have to say, “that was the icing on my cake”.  

Ano and I cleaned the kitchen while Jenny made plates for Mama and Daddy to have an already prepared Sunday Dinner.  Tres packaged barbecue for folks to carry home.  Kyle and Christian loaded the cars.  Delores was supervising her on going tournament with total dedication, as she was winning!  Lyla was worn out and starting to get cranky.  

When I went out say good bye, Melissa (Chucks’ wife) said “This was good ” and went on to talk about the value of family.  That was the perfect conclusion to the end of a spectacular day. 



58420041_311247579771153_3828075870996660224_n (1).jpg


Tres, KyleBrant, Sydney, Jenny with Brynn, Will with Lyla and Christian



27 thoughts on “The Icing on My Cake

  1. Oh what a fun filled day of celebration. Life just doen’t get any better than that.
    Now.. about that flowere tea. Is it any good. I have seen it at Mountain Rose herbs but by the time you get the clear glass tea pot it is kinda pricey. Do let us know how good it is. Perfect for a real “tea party”.

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  2. HaPpY HaPpY HAPPY HaPpY BIRTHDAY MICHELE!! 60 years – Life is a Gift! Thanking God for the gift of your life, for the gift of YOU! Birthday blessings (60 years requires @ least a month of celebratory vibes) Party on! Hugs!! 🎉🎂🌟🍧🎶💐🎈🍰🍫🍹🎶🤗💜🎊

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  3. Happy, happy birthday dear Michelle!!!!! I am so glad you gave in to allow your family the joy of showing you their love in a party for you. What wonderful memories for you and all of your loved ones to cherish for all time. May God richly bless you today and for many more birthdays to come. Hugs! 🙂

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  4. What a jolly good party! I especially love the hospitality of asking people who dropped by to stay. Again, happy, happy birthday! I turned sixty nearly two years ago, and what a creative time it has been. When you reach your sixties, you get the sense of if not now, then when. And I have said, “Now!”

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  5. WOW – Happy Birthday – What an AWESOME Party. That Love didn’t manifest out of thin air.
    That’s what a Divine family should always look like. Much love, and many blessings for a VERY IMPORTANT passage that began on 4/28. in lak’ech, Debra


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