A Silver Spoon


The Sunday, that we call  Mothers’ Day, began with a light rain.  I slept a bit later, because of that.  Few things are as pleasant, as waking to rain, and no place to have to go. 

Tres had called last night, and we had a long deep conversation.  We talked about all sorts of things from “the state of the nation” to the Bible , the environment and current research in medicines . . .and space.  We talked about Einstein, too-well we talked for a while.  A conversation with Tres, is never dull.  He will call again today with warm greetings, as he can not come home.  At least, he is finished with school, for a short time.

Christian had to work today.  Will and Jenny are on a vacation.  Kyle is away and so my holiday , will be with Brant and Christian, when Christian gets out of the “rat race”.  We decided to eat at home, as I can not bear the thought of any restaurant on Mothers’ Day.  It is the worst day of the year, I know of, to eat out.  Besides, I will take any chance I can get, to cook for my children.

In light of all this, the morning was calm and quiet at the rabbitpatch. I took full advantage of the lack of duties.  I knew full well, that a lot of folks were already busy preparing for gatherings, but I did not envy them one bit.  It soothed me deeply to have a morning lacking details.  Certainly, I am all for, celebrating our mothers,  and I suppose that I would be singing a different tune, if my clan was all able to get here. 

Rest assured I consider, motherhood, one of the most sacred states, that this life offers.  For me, being a mother, has been the blessing, that I hold most dear.  . .and  I will be the first to say, that having a good mother is sterling . . . I ought to know, as my own mother is just that. 

My mothers’ generation did not lament over the work of raising children and running a home.  Mama  never “announced” the almost daily sacrifices she made,   nor  “denying her own dreams” to be a mother. Truthfully, I do not believe she considered, putting her childrens’ needs first, a sacrifice and I think being a mother, may have been her dream.  I admit, I agree with her.  Mama made being a mother, “a valuable contribution, to this earth” and one to take seriously. It is hard for me to think of a more noble endeavor, myself.  After all, what does it matter if we own a kingdom, or rule a dynasty, if our children are spending a childhood in the shadows of such accomplishments?    

Motherhood is a complicated affair, and no matter how  and the decade we do it, it takes the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job.  Parents, must be a “jack of all trades” and today, more than ever, maybe.  There is an overload of  available information, that convinces us , we are bound to do something wrong.  Unfortunately,   many families are often not even in close proximity, any longer, and so young parents,  are without the  constant and vital support of previous generations.    Things like fevers, and teething, poison ivy and bee stings   take a toll, on young shoulders.   . .and that is only the beginning.  

When our children are little, we are far busier than we will ever be again.  We do our best to teach them to become independent.  We are consumed, in those early years, with the numerous details that go along with the days. Then, the children really do grow up . . .and it seems, in a flash!   Suddenly, there are less settings at the table and the laundry is more manageable.  Bedrooms are cleaned and stay that way. Now mothers have to adjust, to that.  The once, constant activity slows  now, and so mothers get still, so everyone else can move.  It has always been this way .  Some things do not change. Some things really are the same, every where.   Motherhood, is an understanding, that could bind women, from every continent, from every way of life, together.

No matter, how times have changed, no matter how circumstances are presently, the thing that remains, that covers us all, is love,  and that is the greatest inheritance we can bestow, upon our children.   I have said it before, but it bears repeating . .and remembering . . “If you were born, to a good mother, then  “you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” 



23 thoughts on “A Silver Spoon

  1. “After all, what does it matter if we own a kingdom, or rule a dynasty, if our children are spending a childhood in the shadows of such accomplishments? ” No wiser words have ever been written!!

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  2. Thank you for this celebration, Michele. My own dear mother spent the week surrounding and including Mother’s Day in Emergency and the hospital, and, as her primary caregiver, it fell upon me (the youngest of 3) to do all the advocating, errands, paperwork, etc. that it takes when a loved one is unable to care for herself. And now she is facing a surgery next week (and a knee replacement surgery that was planned for the end of the month has been postponed). With little sleep and a lot of worry, I found myself short-tempered and feeling sorry for myself. I know I was being very selfish during a time my 89-year-old mom was bearing her illness with remarkable calm and tolerance. Your post has reminded me (who has never had kids) how strong mothers are and must be. Thank you, Michele!

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    1. oh dear- I am so very sorry for all of that!! Being a daughter, is a job too, with its’ own gifts to this world. you are an example of this-and dear I KNOW the place you have been in, in and it is exhausting. Just the lack of sleep made me snappy. Best wishes sweet friend to you and your dear mom. love Michele and thank you!

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      1. Thank you, Michele, for your wishes. Mom had surgery today and came through just fine, and now is resting at home. All the best to you!


  3. A belated Happy Mother’s Day to you.
    Agreed, there is no higher calling in this life than to be a good mother.

    Way behind on my correspondence, but I’ll catch up.
    (Busy season at work!)

    All my best,


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