Under the Flower Moon


I do not believe, I have ever seen a more beautiful spring, for this one lingers.  Mostly, a southern spring is a few weeks of pleasant weather and then it is hot and full of humidity.  Not so, this year.  The whole week has hosted days filled with sunshine and nights just cool enough for a light blanket.  The mornings warrant a light sweater.  Birds sing day and night.  . .and now the magnolia blooms, lending a sweet fragrance to the air. Rain has tapered to an occasional shower, making each day, the perfect day for a picnic.

It remains busier than usual at school.  The grand event, of the dances from around the world, is tomorrow and so that will lighten my duties, considerably. There are mere weeks left in the school year anyway.  I tell myself, that someday soon, I will read  books again and think about things like geraniums and curtains.   , ,and on some morning, maybe a Tuesday, I will stroll with my grandchildren. by the laughing river. These are  the kind of things, I hope for.

The contents of a life have great variation.  What satisfies one person, seems dull to another and unfulfilling.  Even a single lifetime varies from one season to another.  What was once necessary, no longer is. What was once sought, is no longer desired. Our needs change and our values may as well.   Sometimes, we must broaden our former thoughts and sometimes, we may need to  use greater precision.   Hopefully, we refine our lives as we go along and discard accordingly, else our own authenticity may be hidden from plain sight.  I have often wondered if finding our own truth, and daring to live it, may be the quest of mankind.  What if it really were as simple as that? 


On Friday, the day dawned bright.  The forecast promised  ideal weather for the open air program.  Since, one of the dances, featured a may pole, this was especially good news.  I spent the whole day consumed in details and answering questions.  It was more exhausting, than dancing with the children.  . .and a lot less fun.  

The program was held in the evening, just as the sun hung low on the horizon.  Every class performed exceptionally well and so I went home “as happy as a lark”.


Daybreak on Saturday, was a far cry from the cool dawns of the past  week days.  All of my bragging about the spectacular weather, must cease now, as the temperatures have risen to “about hot” and is expected to remain so, from here on.  In this case, I packed the rest of the blankets away, today.  The prospective buyer, who has seen the house before, is coming this week-maybe tomorrow.  I have been in a state of limbo, for such a long while, that I  am used to it. Of course, it would be wonderful if the thing works out, but if it doesn’t . . .well there are worse things, than living on this rabbitpatch.  Up until a few short years ago, you couldn’t “have moved me with a shovel”!  When ever, the affair, is over, I will write about the “accident” that landed me here, in the first place. . . (and by “accident” I mean, “Divine Intervention”).


Will and Jenny came in town for a birthday celebration.  They met me at my parents’ house, to drop the little girls off.  Brant and Sydney were with them, and so there was a “short, but sweet” reunion for me. Sydney  is “fairly glowing”  these days.  Being “with child” agrees with her.   It has been several long weeks, since I have seen Lyla and Brynn, which is way too long for any of us. It nearly melted my heart, to hear Lyla call out “Honeybee!” and dive in to my arms. Brynn, was a bit unsure, but managed to smile, when I started  to sing, “You are my Sunshine”.  

Mama showed Lyla a bird nest, full of baby robins.  What a pretty picture, they made, walking “hand -in hand”  in the long slanted rays of  late day sunshine.  Later, there was “hide and seek” and then supper.  Brynn was growing less tolerant and finally, she cried.  No amount of swinging or singing consoled  her.  Brynn wanted her mama, and no one else would do.  Mama built a tower of wooden blocks, and Brynn did hush and  watch  intently.  In moments, Jenny walked in and all was well with Brynn,  again, at that moment. 


I drove home under the “Flower Moon”, –   whose name has a lovely ring to it.  There it was, above the fields like a golden lantern, shining its’ light on all peoples, animal wild and tame, wildflowers and fancy roses . . .old trees and saplings, alike.  Oh, if we were all as generous as that dear “Flower Moon”!  

Dear Rabbitpatch Diary- I am grateful for nests of baby birds and magnolias . . and days fit for picnics. and . . . the light of a blue moon.



18 thoughts on “Under the Flower Moon

  1. I loved reading that maypoles still are in vogue — or at least still exist. The first I ever saw was in Liberia, West Africa, for heaven’s sake. It was far upcountry, at the compound of the Liberian/American mining company, which had a lot of Swedish and German employees. To say it was a little odd to see such fair-haired Swedish children doing a maypole dance with their Liberian friends is an understatement. But it was great fun, and the buffet afterwards was terrific!

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  2. Honeybee! As usual your words are are salve for the soul. One day I hope to visit the Rabbit Patch. I read your descriptions and imagine the kind of peaceful place I remember from an untroubled summer day, stretched out on a white popcorn bedspread at Grandma’s, reading a novel by by the light of an open window and enjoying the warm breeze. Your posts are transporting and a unique gift.

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  3. Your post makes me long for my grandchildren Michele. I am so glad you are close enough to see yours often. I love the journeys you take us on at the Rabbit Patch and I look forward to reading about the Divine Intervention that put you there.

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    1. Me too…can’t wait to read this adventure. But the nest of baby birds sounds so fun. I don’t have any probably because of all the outside cats. Birds and cats don’t go together .I’m not even sure there are birds in the blue bird houses….they are in need of repair may be the reason. Things have just gone to pot around here without the farmer but someday I’ll get it all back together …unless the Lord comes first and that really will be ok fine with me. ..
      ..Michele …let us know when the blessed event of paper gning comes and Faye..yes our rivers are still where the shouldn’t be. Pray for all of the American farmers…they need help.

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  4. It’s always such a pleasure to join you at the Rabbit Patch. In the comments I see other friends and feel we’ve almost had a tea party together. I, too, will look forward to reading about the Divine Intervention.

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  5. Lovely. Makes me want to slow down. sit and relax and take in every detail of what is going on in nature. Your Flower Moon sounds enchanting.

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  6. Honeybee, How lovely as always such a joy to read! Our Marine is home for a week! My sweet daughter is so happy to see him. My daughter will be going through a divorce and things have been hard here. so I have not been online much. You are always a peaceful place for me. Hope you have a sweet day. Peggy.

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  7. Sounds like spring is just about over for you. Here, in Maine, it has barely begun. Sunny, cool, and windy today with clothes flapping on the line. It’s funny how some young children only want to be with their mothers. My youngest was like that, too.

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