Willows and Robins …and Apples, Too!


The days of late spring, continue to come and go in the most delightful fashion.  It is a bit warmer, now, but in the absence of humidity, it is a pleasant thing to be outside.  Right now, the rabbitpatch territory is tidy  and full of blooms.  It is highly likely, to see the wild rabbits now, scampering about in the evening. .  .and the birds sing nonstop.  Foxglove blooms in odd places and I am glad of it.  The elderberry joins the ranks of the foxglove, claiming  any available  spot on the territory.

I love neat lawns that look tended, for they look loved, but too  much tending and then the place looks too controlled, to suit me.  As much as I can, I let “nature take its’ course” – of course,  this does not apply to the greedy thorned vines nor poison ivy, that I do battle with regularly.  Yet I also love rambling roses, that spill carelessly  on the lawn and flowering bushes with flowing tendrils, left to their  own devices.  

I left right after school on Friday, for Elizabeth City. I had not been there for a several weeks.  First one thing and then another had come up.  It was a beautiful day to drive and the highway  traffic was light for a holiday weekend.

I drove past the sprawling fields , now a tender shade of green.  “Queen Annes’ Lace”  was blooming all along the roadside and so were the wild day lilies.  I love an arrangement of the two.  When paired, neither look like mere, roadside flowers. The three rivers I cross sparkled enough, to rival a large cluster of diamonds. The highway, now familiar, offered all sorts of beautiful tokens.

Of course, there was a sweet reunion, when I walked in the back door, of Jennys’ home.  No one is ever as glad to see me, as Lyla.   She ran down the stairs calling out “Honeybee!”  Little Brynn did wave and smile sweetly, tucked safe in her mothers’ arms.  What a beautiful baby she is.  The old fashion word “bonnie” comes to mind and just suits her.

 That night, agendas were made.  Projects for Jenny and I, like cleaning out the pantry.  Lyla and I would make a strawberry cake, and visit with Miss Thelma, besides stories and “lessons”, for I always have a few “up my sleeve”.  Lyla especially loves poetry.

On Saturday, Lyla and I went to the grocery, for she was especially anxious to make the cake.  When Lyla and I shop for groceries, I do not rush hastily as is my usual practice.  Instead, we gather each of the produce items,  and I always have Lyla find them.  Next, is the bakery section.  We look at all the decorated cakes, leisurely.  Then, the fresh cut bouquets, which Lyla always checks for  sleepy fairies and on we go, til at last we have completed the list.  Lyla is always very concerned if we buy anything that is not on her mamas’ list.


We made the cake that very day and made strawberry whipped creme, too.  While we worked in the kitchen, I played, Duettino Sull ‘ Aria, which I declare  is one of the most beautiful pieces ever written.  Lyla loved it, and so did little Brynn, in her high chair.

We carried some of the cake, to Miss Thelma, who was sitting on her porch, watching birds.At ninety three, Miss Thelma remains “sharp as a tack”.  She taught school for over thirty years and I am certain, that her students were “happy little larks”, for Miss Thelma is a gentle and loving soul.  Lyla loves to recite her poetry, for Miss Thelma for Miss Thelma showers her with praise and declares her “bright”.

Sunday was Tres’ birthday.  It is always odd to me, when one of my children have a birthday, and I am not with them.  It matters little to me, that they are all grown.  I always remember their birth and the details surrounding it, on their birthdays.  I suppose all mothers do.  I did get to talk to Tres. He had spent the day doing school work and had at least, scored 100 on a calculus exam.   . .and yes  -I am bragging,  without shame, for I am a fan!  I always have been.


One day, Jenny and I did get the pantry cleaned out and reorganized.  That was a huge mess.  On that same day, Will and Jenny both wanted a banana pudding.  We had a special supper planned as well.  We ended up inviting Brooks and Mandy, and daughter Riley, to join us.  Mandy is the one who started a florist business called “Pansy & Ivy”, which ended up being a sweet success.  I still remember her first arrangement.  It was lovely and a far cry above the usual.  Mandy seemed to be a natural and her face nearly glowed.  When she left, I told Jenny, “There is someone who has found her passion.” . . .and I was right. 


Another day, and I say that for I lost track of the days, Jenny and I organized the nursery and made plans to go through Brynns’ clothes, again.  It will not be the grand effort it was, a few months ago.  I can scarce believe that “Baby Brynn” is now crawling, waving and standing! But she proved it this week end by getting out of her cradle, on her own!  What a shock it was for all of us!  I suspect that cradle will be passed along to Brant and Sydney, shortly, for their little son, due in September.


There were many bright moments, during my visit, but one I hold especially dear.  Early one morning, Lyla and I were sitting on the front porch swing.  It was a beautiful morning with a slight breeze that made the willow dance gracefully.  Lyla awakes full of chatter and this day, she wanted me to tell a story about “Gypsy”, a naughty doll in our saga.  I somehow, convinced Lyla, that surely Gypsy was still sleeping, for I’d  had but a bit of coffee. I also said how good it was for us, to just sit quietly sometimes.  So, she did.

A few minutes later, she slipped her little hand in mine, though she sat as still as a mouse, and said “I want to talk to Jesus.”  She meant,  that she wanted me to pray . . .and so I did.  We prayed in thanksgiving for robins and willow trees and Lyla chimed in with “and apples”.  Next she said “all the old people” and then “all the   babies, most especially Brynn and her future cousin”- She next added “all of the Japanese children’, for she is learning a song in Japanese.  Well, a lot of the world got blessed that morning at our “early service”.    I know for certain, that I was.



Happy Birthday Tres