Conversation with Tres -and a Gathering


The fourth of July passed here, without much fanfare.  Christian had to work, and besides that, our family was gathering  the next day, as that was when we could all do so.  Tres had spent the night, so while most folks were preparing for cook outs and fireworks, I was cooking a hearty brunch, for the two of us.  That suited me fine.

Tres and I drank coffee in late morning light.  Our plates were heaped with fried potatoes, grits, eggs and bacon and as always a stimulating conversation flowed.  There is no such thing as a dull conversation, when Tres is around. 

We talked about the environment and specifically how the beef industry effects it.  I had never thought about that, but it intrigued me greatly.  It takes a lot of  fields to just feed the animals – fields that could feed people.  There is also the issue of the methane produced . . well it is an interesting topic to research. 

We talked as always about religion, spawned by the recent practice of  the church my parents attend  (a Church of Christ)_. . of “shunning” .  The thing has shocked the community, me especially.  It happened, this way . . .Two services were held each Sunday-one traditional, and one contemporary.  The traditional minister, moved, and was not replaced.  The “elders” who are about half the ages of the “traditional” seniors -decided to do away with the traditional service and “unite” the church with the contemporary service.  The seniors did not agree and took to having their traditional service with paid  traditional,speakers, hence, the “shunning” , for they “disobeyed the elders”.  The seniors are just  deemed too sinful, for communication. My parents, former Sunday school teachers, elders deacons and steadfast members (for many, half a century)-are to  be treated, as if they do not exist.  This has impacted the community, neighbors and families. 

The whole thing has been nothing but “another thorn in the side”  for me.  . .  for it has hurt my parents. Four of our generations have served that Church in some capacity, so what an especially heartbreaking, affair.    

Tres said, “I don’t suppose, the church has a prison ministry.”

Not all of our conversations were spent on “doom and gloom” topics, for we talked about Lyla and Brynn-and the impending birth of Brant and Sydneys’ son. 

Tres left around mid afternoon and took the lively conversations with him.  The rest of the holiday was was a quiet  at the rabbitpatch, as Christian was still at work  -and the the boxer slept.

 Some of the country folks did some fireworks, in the evening and I watched the colorful lights explode over the tree tops in the distant fields.


Our family gathered on the fifth, as this was when the majority could attend.  We had a noonday meal at my parents’ home.  Will, had to work, or else we would have had a perfect attendance!  The table was laden with chicken, corn on the cob, potatoes, peas, cornbread and two desserts.  We all adored little Brynn as she sat in the very old high chair, with the rest of us.  Lyla sang and danced as her Uncle Christian played the piano.  After the meal, I watched the uncles taking walks with their nieces and helping Lyla care for her doll.   Jenny and I sat on the porch with Sydney fairly glowing “with child” and listened to her dreams for her little son. It was a lovely day, altogether.


Finally, my sleep has regulated to the point of being sensible.  To prove the point, I was in bed before midnight and rose early on Saturday.  At long last, mornings aren’t as cool as they were a few weeks ago and the days are downright hot. I smelled corn growing last night in the sultry air, but the  fragrance of the mimosa blossoms claimed the morning air, today.

The southern heat slows everything down.  Even the birds do not hurry about as they did in May.  The roses produce occasionally, only. Many of the flowers weep for water, now.   The corn in the fields is tasseled out, but the stalks are much slighter  in stature than usual, for we haven’t had a rainy day, in a long while.  Now, the air conditioner roars away, disturbing the peace, but it really is unbearable without it.  Southerners have a strong constitution for heat, but I find yards are empty and porch rockers are still . . and vacant,  by mid day.  

In the evenings, the rabbits come out, just before the stars.  Country rabbits are skittish , compared to their city cousins.  The boxer has always been discouraged from hindering small creatures, but he watches the rabbits with alertness and glances at me, every few seconds, just in case, I change my mind . . .but I never do.


37 thoughts on “Conversation with Tres -and a Gathering

  1. Beautiful slice of life. So sorry to hear of the shunning…but so typical when one group is ‘miffed’ by the other. I have town rabbits and talk to them all the time. So far, they eat the clover in the yard and leave my garden plants alone.

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  2. Oh no! I am especially saddened by the church situation but remind your parents that their group can get together and worship our Lord together in thieir own fashion.”Modern” church is usuall headed in the wrong direction any way .
    Tell Tres not to pay any attention to the goons who want to do away with cattle. There is a lot of miss information out there ,about every thing under the sun, and this is one of them, God made them too …we just need to get back to raising them the way they were ment to be raised…on grass and not in hugh feed lots.
    Things here are pretty much the same old same old. Hot !

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  3. Hello friend! I was saddened to read about the situation your parents find themselves in (& you by extension). Church can be messy business when human beings get involved. Lord help us.

    The whole cattle thing is a big question here in France as well and I tend to agree with @bcparkison … I doubt such problems existed when farming was done on a far more human scale… when farmers could both “smell the corn growing” (as you put it so well) and then feed it themselves to their own small-ish herd (my great-uncle was a dairy farmer and we spent summer vacation around the farm).

    Happy belated 4th of July!!

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    1. so good to hear from you. The church has had problems for almost a year, sadly. This church has been established a century! tragic. there is a lot more to this, but none good. I am praying for all. I agree about the beef farms of yesterday. So good to hear from you. Thank you

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      1. My heart breaks for what is going on there. I love everyone there and I grew up a mile from the church, grew up there and still visit occasionally. My daddy died a couple of years ago and to think if he were still alive he might have been shunned also. These are not the people I used to know. We all loved one another and supported each other. You can agree to disagree. Jesus said we are to love God with all of our heart, body and mind and to love one another as you love oneself. Put others first. We are to love like Jesus and that is not loving like Jesus. I pray hearts are soften and some are praying that hearts need to be broken. How terrible is that. We are not promised tomorrow and wouldn’t it be awful that you would not be able to talk to each other again? People need to treat one another right.


  4. Wonderful conversation with Tres. My husband and I have not eaten beef for a long time because of the environmental toll it exacts. Sorry about your parents and the church. Sigh. Lovely family gathering. As for heat…I live in Maine, not a state known for its hot weather. Alas, that is changing. Back in the day, when I was young, 85 degrees threw us into a tizzy. Now, 90 and 95 degree days, with high humidity, are not unusual. We’ve lived in the woods for 35 without air conditioning. Now, we are seriously talking about getting one. Double sigh. The climate is changing, and we Mainers must adapt.

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    1. I understand completely about the ac. I can not believe that I never considered the impact of the beef industry on the environment! We rarely have it, but now, I REALLY want to change my ways again! Gosh there is so much we can do-what if all of us just did something. xoxoxo Michele Oh thank you and wishing you well

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  5. I attend the Church of Christ and it bothers me to hear what the younger people have done to the seniors of the church. How sad – the younger people are changing the church and it cannot be pleasing to God. I am glad your family was able to get together and enjoy some family time together.

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  6. I was amused at your saying that Tres left and took the lively conversations with him. I know the feeling. John took grandson Nathaniel back to Charlotte this afternoon. He didn’t take away all the conversations, but the depth of our family fun has been diminished.

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  7. I enjoy your writings so much!! Wished you would make a book of them. Thanks for mentioning the church., Maybe more people will pray for us and something good will come of it. My family has been there for 5 generations at least and this has really broken my heart.

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  8. How sad my Heart feels after I read about the shunning, a practice that should in my opinion, cease to exist. Why can’t people get along, even if they have their differences? Michele, my empathy is with you and your parents. I will pray! As for the heat we’ve had some very hot and humid days but have been blessed with rain, thank goodness! So far I have not had to water my gardens which is a very time consuming job. Rabbits ….. every morning lately a young rabbit sits in my backyard watching me fill up the bird feeders. I have a feeling your property is a sanctuary just like ours is. LOVED reading your post, dear friend. Stay cool …. in all ways. Much Love to you! 🦋🦋🦋


  9. Oh Michele, I am so sorry to hear about the church situation. We have had church breakups in this area in the past and it is so hard. I just really cannot believe that is what the Bible tells us to do when it says we are to be Christ like.
    On the topic of methane gas and cattle… if the historians are right about the amount of buffalo this country used to have, there was more methane gas back then. I also know that landfills, even when covered, produce methane gas.
    To be honest….as a farm wife I am more concerned about the amount of chemicals we use on our fields and how much is used on the lawns in town. I am also concerned about too much irrigation and the lowering levels of our aquafers.
    Often I need to step back and remind myself that no matter what we do as humans….God is in control. He is in control of our churches and our agriculture and His will….will be done.

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    1. You are quite right friend-on all accounts. Everyone (mostly) is deeply saddened about the practice of “shunning”. I am glad God does not practice this. I just feel so sad for the hurt hearts and especially my parents. I have suggestd a prayer service for healing and forgiveness- to unite in the quest for peace . . .we will see. I am still researching the food industry on many levels and considering my own part, which is what I can do. Now waste and garbage- we ought to all join forces on that problem. I pray for this earth and its’ people-I know you do. xoxoxoMichele


  10. Churches are entirely constructs of mankind, and so these troubles will be inherent.

    Jesus did not ask anyone to build a church. He preached from the mountain, in the open air.
    Jesus specifically denounced shunning, demonstrated by his visit to the leper colony.

    For the second time within a week I am called to share his admonition:

    “So as you do unto these, the least of my brethren, you do unto me.”

    Given that, it appears the church elders are actually shunning Jesus.

    Come on, people. We have the answer. It couldn’t be simpler:

    Love one another.

    All my best,


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    1. Again we are in complete agreement. Give me the “Church in the Wildwood” which is free of such trappings and the doors are always open, for all.. What a tragedy in so many ways. – and without a bit of profit. It really does come down to love as you said. Thank you dear friend Michele

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