Rain or Shine


A suitcase is a handy thing.  Miss Claudia (Wills’ mom and my friend) gave me several and I have put them to good use-especially recently.  I had not even unpacked from my week long visit to Elizabeth City, when Brant announced that he and Sydney were coming home this weekend . . . with our Ryan!  I quickly sorted out my things and headed to Mamas’ to spend the night there. We had supper there while we all adored little Ryan.  He is a merry child and friendly . . .and so adorable.  What a happy time it was!

The next morning, Tres  and Sarah came, for it was he and Sarahs’ birthday weekend.   Sarah and Jenny have been friends for over a decade, so when Tres and Sarah started seeing one another socially . . .well, we were all thrilled . . and what a shock it was to learn that Sarah and Tres share the same birthday!  Will, Jenny and the little girls came too.  We had a big breakfast and then a delightful visit.  I was in “high cotton” having the three grandchidren all at once.   . .and my children . . .and Mama! 



On Monday, I left for Elizabeth City.  We had all sorts of plans.  Tres and Sarahs’  actual birthdays were on Tuesday, so there was a special supper on that day.  I am still not over the thrill, of Tres living in Elizabeth City. There were several tasks to tackle too -and there was that big laughing river, inviting us to picnic.  

It rained  every day.  “Rain or shine”, the dinners went off without a hitch, as planned.  The tasks were all completed . . .but the picnic would have to wait.  Lyla and I read in the afternoons, while Brynn napped. til at last, we finished Charlottes’ Web.  Lyla was so concerned about the fate of Wilbur, that she did not take notice of  Charlottes’ decline, and so Lyla cried for a while about the tragedy of poor Charlotte.   I did too, though I have read this book to one child, and then another, over the decades.  There is a quote in the book, that struck a chord  . . . .

You have been my friend .  That in itself, is a tremendous thing.”

Will and I had just had a conversation about friends.  We both concluded that, in youth we gather.  We gather all sorts of possessions and gadgets. . .but we also gather friends.  Sadly, many only remain for a short while.  People move, after all.  Sometimes, what was so very valuable, in the beginning, may not remain so.  Some things, even friendships, are often temporary.  Now, I find no joy, in that fact . . but it is so.  I can also honestly declare, that I still love many folks, that I no longer engage with, for I do not even know where they are.   . .but I love them, just the same.  I also have friends, that I have had for decades.  . .and that is a “tremendous thing”.  With my own youth, having faded long ago, I felt a bit melancholy about the prospect of “gathering”-and then it dawned on me . . .I have made a new friend!  Her name is Elaine.  We met through Miss Thelma, Jennys’ ninety six year old neighbor-  another friend of mine, for about five years now.  Elaine and I have been talking a lot as of lately.  At first, it was about the care of Miss Thelma.  The next thing you know, we were talking about our families, our childhood and eventually chickens!  Now, I miss Elaine, when we do not chat, for a few days. That is the way of friendship. . . and so Charlotte was right. . .and I was wrong to ever think,  my gathering days were long past.  I may not collect old china anymore, nor do I need stuff to fill a barn, but I will always have room in my life for dear ones.


Now, the rain did not halt Lylas’ fun, for she loves her doll houses and has quite a community, composed of rabbits, pigs, a royal family and dolls.  They must all be put to bed at night and awakened the next day.  Lyla considers this serious business, that she must tend to-or else, something dreadful will surely happen.  One night. Will was up with a flashlight (for the pigs live in a house on the back porch) for Lyla to put them to bed.  She had forgotten them earlier and was highly disturbed upon her remembrance of her beloved pigs, unable to dream in their little beds.

Brynn is busy, trying to say every word she hears.  She has a soft voice with a high pitch that seems to ring like a tiny bell-and most especially, when she says “Bee”.   Her favorite thing to play with, is whatever Lyla has.  When she is told “No”, no matter how kindly, it breaks her heart.  She covers her face and wilts to the floor, slowly and sorrowfully.  If Brynn is out of sight . . she is liable to be anywhere!  On a table, in a cabinet or anywhere there is water.  It is quite likely, that in mid sentence, one is prone to stop and ask “Where is Brynn?”


On Friday, I thought it was Thursday-all day until I checked out the covid 19 numbers for North Carolina, for the day.  It was almost supper time, by then.  I do not understand the passage of time.  I had arrived on Monday, been there a few days-and suddenly, it was Friday! and June loomed just days ahead! I try to make every day count, for even a single day, does become  part of the content of a life, but no matter my effort, I am always startled by the fleeting  departure of time. 

Now, the covid 19 numbers have been dramatically increasing in our state .   One county even made the national news, for the consistent doubling of daily cases.   Still,  I can not complain, thinking of the plight of others.  Folks gathered in large numbers for the Memorial Day holiday.  Where they went afterwards their events, remains to be seen.   . .but we will likely soon know.  We all remain careful.  Jenny has only been to a strawberry patch-mostly our family, can all say  that same sort of thing.   For this reason, we trust one anothers’ company.  Of course, we are in a very unique situation.  Will works from home, as I was doing, till school ended on Friday.  Tres takes his classes online and we all order everything needed.  I say this because, I do not want anyone to think that I am taking the conditions lightly.  

Now tomorrow, the publisher (WordPress) will introduce a new way of doing things.  I just barely learned how to post lessons on line.  . .and order groceries!   The elders used to say, “if its’ not one thing, its’ another!”  They were right.


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24 thoughts on “Rain or Shine

  1. Do we HaveTo learn something new. I havent even mastered the present wordpress thing. Oh me..what am I going to do. But…on the other hsnd since I didnt learn much about the gold …maybe I will the new..
    But I’ll have to wait until ATnT fixez the modum. Always somethung getting in my way

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  2. I tried the new WP block editor today. Although I don’t like it at all, I did figure out how it worked pretty quickly. I prefer the classic editor, though, and I hate that we’ll no longer have a choice in the matter. I’m glad you and your family are well, Michele. We still continue to isolate, not visiting at all – only dropping groceries off to my mother, who then sanitizes everything before handling them. Trips to grocery stores are still a nightmare – most people are being careful, but there’s always one or two who walk right up or try to brush past because they’re too intent on their own purpose, too oblivious about their surroundings or the needs/rights of other people – or they simply just don’t care. Even though some other businesses are starting to open up here in Ontario (non-essentials are still closed), I will stay away for as long as possible. Stay careful, stay well!

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  3. What a post full of love! You had the nearest and dearest all together for a spell!! That is marvelous.

    I read Charlotte’s Web one time to my children, and I’ll never do it again. I knew the story and what was coming, but I cried and distorted most of the words to the end.

    School is out!! It must have been a very strange ending for you this year.

    Lovely photos! Are those birthday pies??? We have done that in our family.

    You covered lots of territory this time, so I had to read it several times, savoring everything. What a gift you have, to bring us into the heart of your family for special times and celebrations!

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  4. Hi Ma’am
    I read this post and wondered about the wonderful use of words throughout. People move in and out of our lives – for some we are there for a while – for some, a season – but the experiences they’ve shared with us last a lifetime.
    I have to read Charlottes web when I’m out of quarantine.
    Glad you had all those lovely days with your family.
    Happy birthday to all your children.
    Love that Lyla loves her dolls and not iPads and wants to put her little ones to bed each night- this is such an old fashioned game but how nice.

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  5. Glad to hear you are all well. You feel like my friends, so there are still lots of ways to meet new friends, even when we have to stay home. It sounds like the viral wave is still washing up on your shores, so stay safe with your family. Love Cathy x

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  6. My husband and I are always noticing how fast time drifts by. So glad you are able to spend time with your family. We watch the covid-19 cases rise here in Arkansas also. Memorial day caused big spikes for the entire U.S. I think the only answer is a vaccine. It is nice to think of old friends, even those who we have not kept up with. New friends are always nice too. Stay safe and have a wonderful week. Love and hugs to you.

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  7. “Charlotte’s Web” is a nearly perfect novel. Did I mention that it was written in Maine? I think I might have. Wonderful that you can safely spend time with your family. How I wish we could do the same. I especially liked the story of Lyla with her little toys—bonhommes, as we Franco-Americans would call them. I am a big fan of imaginative play with bonhommes. 😉 Used to love to listen to my children play with their bonhommes.

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  8. Wonderful post! I so enjoy hearing news of the children and grandkids 💕 As for the new WP block editor, I’ve been using it for a few months. There are several YouTube tutorials that will show you the basics. The good news is that the classic editor is still available through 2022. But it’s within the new Block editor. Sending hugs and best wishes for a summer filled with joy, family and friends 💕

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  9. Happy Birthdays to the youngsters.
    Talk about birthdays: my sister’s first fiance had a brother and sister that were both born on their mother’s birthday! Uncanny coincidence!

    I believe Charlotte’s story carries a very important message about life, and that message is that it is a finite gift. We must value our good fortune to have friends like Charlotte, and we must give all the love we have, as Charlotte did, right on through to our bitter end. We all must die one day, the circle must close, and I think it was the author’s intent to help the reader to realize this. It is not a scary thing or something to be avoided, but a natural part of our lives. Dealing with the loss and keeping the memories of departed loved ones in our hearts and minds.

    I think a child having read Charlotte’s Web will benefit from having that kernel of knowledge planted. The tale is told with such warmness that it helps us to be at peace with parting, and understand its place in the natural order.

    All my best,


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  10. Congratulations on school having ended. Now you can have a bit of a breather!

    … “in high cotton” … I love that expression! Eastern Canadians would say “I was happy as a clam!”

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