11 thoughts on “Testing Only . . and Losing!

  1. Michelle! Here’s what to do:

    Go to the new block editor. In the top menu bar, look for the three vertical dots on the far right. When you hover over the dots, it will say “More tools and options. Click on the dots, then scroll to the very bottom, where you’ll find a link that says, “Switch to Classic Editor.” Voila!

    Apparently the Classic will be available for a while — I’ve heard until 2022. I’m going to use it while I’m learning to use the block editor.

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  2. I will pray for you. Switching to a new editor is difficult. I did it months ago and did a fair bit of complaining at the time. Now it’s easy. Do you write directly in WordPress, or do you use a word processor?

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  3. Hmmm…..I have not posted in a bit. I will have to see what I am in for I guess! In the meantime we might be heard to mutter,” I do not like it Sam I am…..I do not like green eggs and ham (or a new WordPress thing!).

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  4. Michele, I hear you. I had a really hard time with the LAST ‘new change’ to the editor and never really did get it… so when the block editor was offered for trial some months ago I thought… “well, may as well get used to it now.” Like Anne said, it took some time to get used to and I initially lost some flexibility (& may have grumbled some) but little by little some of those same functionalities seem to be coming back. I still have periodic grumbles, but they’re less and less. You’ll get it! 😉

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