A Capital Event


Lo and behold!  I drove to Raleigh!  It came about “for the love” of Brant, Sydney and Ryan”.   This news may not seem “earth shattering” but I dare say, that   regular readers are shocked, for I have made no secret of my dislike of driving on “roads less traveled”, in my scant collection of journeys. 
I am a careful driver and thankfully, do not suffer from “road rage”.   . .instead I am fearful.  I am scared the old car will break down on a desolate strip of highway or I will get eternally lost, and never be heard from again  . . or be on the road after dark!.   . .oh what doom lies ahead, I wonder. 
Brant and Sydney  were moving and little Ryan  needed his “Honeybee” to care for him as they “set up housekeeping”.  Besides,  that I wanted to  master the trip to Raleigh, just as I had the road to Elizabeth City.  So, Brant installed a GPS on my car and off I went into a world gone wild, on top of everything else. 
I was determined on Wednesday morning, to rise above and beyond my  grim expectations .  The morning was glorious and Sydneys’ mom called right off to cheer me on.  Traffic was light on the long stretch of highway, and so at some point, I called Mama and Delores, to let them know where I was -just in case I went missing, they would know where I was last.   I told Delores that all was well . . .and I was almost really cheerful . . .until I saw the flashing “DETOUR” sign.  
Yes,  I had the GPS on and yes, the detour route was clearly marked, but how unsettling, still!  At least, the landscape was appealing.  There were beautiful rolling hills and elderberry was blooming everywhere.  Some horses were grazing in a pasture by a small church. Pink mimosa blossoms dotted the woodlands and oh how lovely, I thought.   Somehow, I lost the panic and decided I was going to be fine, after all.
The next thing I knew, I was right in front “of my destination”.  The GPS kept informing me until finally, I got out of the car.  There was Sydney, holding little Ryan, in the yard. That was a sweet sight.


I stayed six days.  Sydney worked on putting things away, for there was no shortage of boxes to unpack.  She is a meticulous person and even watching her  fold the  laundry is like watching an artist at work.  Her linen closet should be featured in a magazine.  She had taken great effort in the guest room, and it showed.  Her kitchen was tidy and well stocked, too.  She worked in the house while Brant was at work and Ryan and I strolled the community in the capital city.  
The first day, I called out to Sydney, not to worry, for I was used to strolling an hour or more with Lyla and Brynn. . . but I had not taken the hills in Raleigh into account.  Within thirty minutes, I turned back.  Going uphill, was tiring   -and so was going downhill!  I learned very quickly, the route with stretches of level sidewalks. 
In the evenings, while Ryan slept, Brant worked in the garage and I cooked supper.  


Sydney had a birthday, and so between the chores, we celebrated.  Her mom came with a box of cupcakes (the best I have ever had) and in the evening, we all celebrated with a special meal.  I just love everyone I have met in Sydneys’ family.  
My sister Delores, lives in the area, but had been visiting with Mama.  Not long after she came home, she and Dana paid us a visit.  Delores just adores babies and so she showered Ryan with love.  He fell asleep in her arms and so she stayed longer than she had intended.  I suspect supper was late that night, for her family.
The days flew by as they always do when I am in the presence of loved ones.  This was the longest time that I had ever spent with little Ryan.  I can say whole heartedly,  that he is a happy child and so loving.  Brant and Sydney are wonderful parents and they too are happy- all of this is worth its’ weight in gold.   After all, of all the things we hope for our children, happiness matters most.


The day came, for me to leave.  It was a bright sunny day, but though, I had stayed a day longer, than I had planned, I still felt melancholy.  Oddly, I wasn’t worried about driving home.  I had made it through that terrible detour once and somehow, that had given me confidence-well, that and the GPS.
Before long, I was on the detour route.  There was the elderberry welcoming me back-and wishing me well.  The rolling hills made the road ahead look wrinkled.  The fields where the winter wheat had  been an emerald green, a few months ago, now was a gleaming sea of slight, golden waves.  Then, over one of the soft hills . . .there were the horses grazing by the little church.
Once, on the highway, I called Mama and Jenny to let them know that I was truly on the way home.


20 thoughts on “A Capital Event

  1. I applaud your bravery! I wouldn’t want to drive a distance by myself to a new destination, but you did it! You were rewarded with a marvelous visit, much to the delight of us all.


  2. What an adventure that was Ma’am!
    I love to hear of when people try something new and master something that had been foreboding before.
    Happy belated birthday to Sydney.
    Wish I could have glimpsed her linen cupboard and her linen folding skills- I struggle with the simplest of chores as I am not skilled in many housewifely tasks alas.

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  3. Glad to hear your trip brought a sense of achievement, and unexpected joys and gifts.
    There is a captivating warmth in your writing. Your narratives brim with bright beauty, regardless of the topic. A light within, that shines through.



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  4. I’m so glad you found the courage to drive to Raleigh and visit them! It must have been especially nice to spend so much time with Ryan. Isn’t it amazing what we can do when we have a good reason to? Nothing beats spending time with loved ones.

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  5. After a long time ; thank you for the nice sharing. In India , specially Mumbai , Covid is at its peak. God is merciful though, my cancer has returned , but he gives me courage and I receive care specially from Anjean and young neighbours who reach out to us . My families and communities are those who stand in the gap to pray.
    God bless you and keep writing .

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      1. The good news! My latest report , showed it’s all clear . Thank you for praying . Very grateful. God is great , his love is awesome . God bless you .; tv

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  6. I totally understand your emotions on driving unfamiliar roads! I have done that a couple times to take care of my grandkids. I am always so thankful for the Google map lady who keeps telling me where to turn so I get where I need to go.

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  7. My GPS is my best friend, because like you I always worried if I was detoured how I would manage. My sense of direction is nil… north, south, east and west ..don’t ask. Tell me right or left ! I don’t worry now with the gps because I know that I will find my way! Diane

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