As You Tend the Earth

I think every emotion known to mankind, has washed over me and through me, this past week.  Joy, sorrow, excitement, dread, fear . . you name it . . .I have felt it.  I have cried while hanging sheets on the line and moments later ,  felt gladness as I walked by the oldest barn.  I have stood very still, in my thoughts and then rushed headlong in to the future, within minutes.   . . .for,  I have sold the farm.  
Those of you that have a history with the rabbitpatch diary, will remember the “incident” a few years back. when the same thing happened . . .and then it didn’t. Circumstances changed and so I remained here on the beautiful, very  old, remnants of a farm.  In light of that, I know for sure, that anything can happen, but at this time, all indications are  . . that I need to pack. . . and not put another thing in the freezer. 
I am packing . . and haven’t any idea where I am going!  It is a very odd notion to entertain, for my personality . . but here I am, today washing seashells, collected decades ago by five children, for they are going with me . . .wherever that is!  I have not got as much to do, as I could.  I spent a summer, decluttering the place, now two years ago.  I have honored that decision ever since . . .with the exception of books.  I must have given away a thousand books that year-many to the school and I supplied quite a bit to a library and made a donation to a used book store.I probably still have at least a few hundred, that I could not part with.  Many are intended for the grandchildren and will be doled out in time.  Until then . . . they are going with me, too.  There is no way around it-moving from one place to another, is hard work.  . . .but that is not what I have been crying about.  It is the land.
Something happens as you tend to earth.  It happens as you plant. It happens as you water what you planted.  It happens as you cut thorned vines and pick up thousands of branches.  It happens  when you work in the hottest hours and it happens when you are caught in the rain.  It happens when you clean up after a storm-and when you sit in the shade of an old tree.  You find out where the doves are nesting and where the wild rabbit runs.  You know where the evening star shines and where the first rays of morning light fall.  When the earth feeds you . . well, you are grateful and probably hopelessly in love. . .even with the fields that you do not tend and who can claim the sky?  Yet somehow, you feel like such things are your own too.  This is what I cry about.
Then, too are the “precious memories”.  As I traipse the territory, I have flashes of pictures, from days passed.  I see Grandmama raking leaves and I have seen my daddy walking, looking for something to fix.  I see my dear uncles, Randy and Speedy sitting on the porch and Aunt  Carolyn, behind the barn  causing a commotion of some sort.  I see a dog, that I loved, faithfully guarding the place.  I see a fine evening meal celebrating Will and Jennys’ engagement . . and the Christmas tree shining through the windows.  I cry about all that too.  If it weren’t for me getting older and that old barn falling down, and several windows about to fall out and that dreadful sun room . . .
The community doesn’t make it any easier, for  I am convinced that some of the kindest and most noble people on the earth, live right here in Farm Life.
I met  the buyers, a few days ago and I loved them right off.  The wife and I took a stroll so, I could tell her about the flowers.  She just admired everything.  The husband was busy making a list of repairs.  He wasn’t even scared of that old barn!  The visit acted like a tonic on me.  The rabbitpatch will be loved and saved by these folks and I will be cheering them on.  Until further notice,  I will be packing and seeking a place to rent. 
I have never rented and now must learn that business.  It seems that a lot of land lords do not like dogs nor cats.  I will not bring it up that Christian is a musician, either . . .and what in the world is “renters’ insurance”?  Please pray there s no “Home Owners Association”  in my future, either, for I just can’t be but so civilized!  In the meanwhile, I will continue packing and dreaming of a quaint cottage . . the next rabbitpatch is somewhere . . .after all.



15 thoughts on “As You Tend the Earth

  1. I love you my cousin and just know God goes with you wherever you go. He promises to hold your hand and lead your steps. He promises you a place of refuge beneath his wings . I know he will find you a new place that you will add your special touch too and you will come to call it home. Xoxo Alice

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  2. Congratulations Michele – this has been a long journey for you! How wonderful the peace of knowing the Rabbit Patch will be in loving hands. Now you are in for new adventures as you find a new place. There may be bittersweet goodbyes, but now you are footloose & fancy free. Much love & prayers for peace as you pack! Be sure to take your biggest suitcase of memories!! 💐✨💜✨💐

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  3. Our lives have mirrored each other. My husband and I just sold our longtime country home and moved out of State. As my husband explained the maintenance of the house, barb, and property…I pointed out all the areas where blooming plants would “pop” with colorful flowers, urging them not to cut down something that looked like a weed. It was bittersweet. Just remember, you’ll be taking all the memories and snapshots with you forever. 🌟✨💫


  4. Leaving a place you have lived in forever – such a painful journey Michele. And it may also be liberating and joyful as you discover and create your new home. God bless your new ventures.


  5. I never doubted it.
    Peace has found you.
    Peace is not silent and still.
    Peace does not eliminate the workload.
    Peace exists even in times of turmoil and trial.
    It is in your heart, and I can read it in these words.
    To the extent possible, I hope you will drink of the joy of tumult and change.
    It is a unique and exhilarating inebriation.

    I’m so glad for you and your family that you have cleared this hurdle.
    Know what? The next patch will love you as this one has.
    Because your spirit shines wherever your heart leads you.



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  6. Praying for peace as you navigate this change, Michele! You know it is the right thing, but it’s so hard. Still, have faith that everything will work out in the end…I truly believe it will!


  7. Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold for you. Where ever you are I am sure you will make it very special.


  8. This is beautiful!! This is exactly how I feel now about our home. The sunset here, the wildflowers, the “spooky” old house …… and also how i hope my children feel when they are all grown up.
    Ask coy and scarlet about the trees we planted last weekend if you see them. ❤️


  9. Weeping with you, Michele. I truly, truly understand the mix of emotions, for I too am in the midst of packing up a life. I am on the brink of losing my job. And just like you, I know not where I will go from here. Praying for a sign, some weeks back a saint close to my heart gave me this to shore up my spirit,
    Place over the eyes of your soul the bandage of holy and loving submission to God. . . Thus without reasoning or swerving from your path, go forward on your way. ~ St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
    Every time the wild winds come too close, I see those words – loving submission to God – and I tell myself, I am following my Lord. Every time, I do this, the strength and peace returns and I make it past the next stretch in the road.
    All that you did, Michele, the clearing, the selling up, and now the packing of lasts, you are following the Lord.


  10. Congrats Michele. I understand all those emotions as I’ve had them myself. When I left Hillyrock Lane I thought my heart would never love another place the same, and I haven’t. You may have a similar experience. But you will take all the important things with you–children, dogs, cats, photographs, books and heirlooms. And all those beautiful memories. I hope you will carry them with you always and that you will find a home that meets all your needs as your life goes forward through the changes this season of life brings. Love and best wishes to you always. Please keep your blog so we don’t lose touch! XO


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