Pride and Joy


Officially, Thanksgiving, has passed.  Already , Christmas trees are up and twinkling in windows in many homes and reindeer graze in yards-with a little imagination.  I love Christmas!-but I am not yet over Thanksgiving.  The “dust has not settled” for me and so the pumpkins will grace the yard and the leaves will tattle that the mulcher is on the blink, a while longer.

This morning, Kyle brought breakfast and mama added all sorts of side dishes, for a late breakfast.  Tres, Kyle and Christian split wood afterwards and Daddy supervised.  Mama, Kelsey and I were snug inside and were thankful for it.

A cousin came in-a very distant cousin, if you go by blood only-but his family and mine grew up like brothers and sisters.  The mailman had delivered mama’s magazine to his house and he was returning it.  I introduced him to Kelsey and he explained that we were cousins because mamas’ great grandmother- and his, were sisters.  The beauty of that sunk in-  how the many generations  had remained a unit.  I thought about the sisters tending their children and wondered if they would have believed that more than one hundred years and six generations, later their descendants would still share life together. “Blessed be the tie that binds!”

Kelsey told a story, after he left, that moved me and I hope  to never forget.  It seems that she and Tres, on the way to her birthday celebration, came across an accident, that had just happened.  There was a cloud,  that prevented them from seeing the bus at first.  Tres got out and ran to the scene.  It was tragic.  He went to work pulling a team of young boys to safety and told Kelsey not to get out of the car.  I will not record the sorrows he bore witness to.  It pains me greatly,  for everyone involved.  

 We do the best we can by our children.  They grow up and we pray for their journey.  It is not our own, and it takes a considerable amount of fortitude to accomplish that realisation.   Sometimes, they become devoted mothers and sometimes they write songs.  They may buy shoes for poor children or buy food for hungry animals.  They run trucks in ditches and every one of them have been responsible for some amount of worry -but they are our most beloved  . . . and which ever the present case may be, they are our “pride and joy” .  

9 thoughts on “Pride and Joy

  1. Wow this is so true our journey is so different from our children. My daughter could not have children she has always said God had a different plan for her. She adopted and has fostered children hopefully changed a few lives along the way. Not my journey but hers. I am impressed and proud of the strong woman she has become.

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  2. I am not yet ready to give up Thanksgiving either! My pumpkins and cornstalks remain on my porch. Maybe next week I will switch seasons. I might have to or I will never be energized to start my Christmas shopping!
    I have “cousins” that are very distant also that seem so much closer relation than they are. It is a great bond.

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  3. It’s too early for Christmas to be settling into our homes.

    We don’t celebrate our Birthdays or Anniversarys for a month before the actual date, so I’m with you … keep Christmas for Christmas. Don’t begin the celebrations in November. We’re not celebrating a season, we’re celebrating the birth of a special someone!

    LOVE the sound of your day, which you so beautifully told the story of in this post. Filled with enchantment and fabulousness. Warmth. Love…. and a mixture of a whole lot of other things too many to list.
    Thank you for sharing your day Rabbitpatch. I loved it.
    Sending squidges to you there, from me here ~ Cobs. x

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  4. And so life goes on for some while others bow out – it’s good to know that there are people out there who stop to help out of the goodness of their hearts.

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