In Late November


I found the rabbit patch in early spring, just over a decade ago, though I often think now the rabbit patch found me.  I remember the wild irises were blooming in the woods, though I had to stand on a felled tree from a long while back, to see them. I love old trees, and there were the oaks, calling out to me, it seemed.  There were several old pecan trees and all sorts of fruit trees.  The sycamores were just starting to shade the back door with their new leaves.  I knew I could love this place and the Farm Life community has always had  a sterling reputation.  I loved the massive yard, with its; grass starting to green-I still do.

I never thought about mowing-and I never once imagined late November, with its’ bushels of leaves.  The house stayed cool til July-winter seemed so far away, then- and I am not in the habit of “borrowing trouble from tomorrow”.

In late November, I remember how my affair with the rabbit patch unfolded.  The honeymoon was over in late autumn-but not the love.  The trees are mostly bare now and the mower with the mulcher,  did not survive my last mowing.  The yard looks as wild as “Moon Shine” the new feral kitten, did when I first met him-like something man has not yet touched. For now, I am armed with a rake and some boxes.  At this rate, it will be well into December before the rabbit patch looks “tended” .  Many “a autumn fire will burn” between now and then.

Jenny and Lyla are here for a few days.  We visited with mama and daddy a little while today.   The night was warm so Lyla and I went out.  We could only see Venus, but that was enough for us.  I thought of Wordsworth and his poetic line, “Fair as a star, when only one is shining in the sky.”  

On the drive home, I saw a few trees still clad in bright leaves.  The yellows and corals made you think the tree was in bloom-and with Venus shining bright and bold-well it was lovely. Everyone was starving when I got home.  I had planned on this and had a roast cooking slow that just needed gravy.  I went to work in the kitchen and fed the animals as all were sure they would have perished, had I been a minute later.  While, the potatoes and peas simmered,  I went back out and commenced to burning leaves and thought  ” late November is a nice time.”

9 thoughts on “In Late November

  1. I loved reading this. It slowed my hectic day down. I think you are so right…..I think the country life finds us. There is something about it that beckons and calls and draws us in. Before we know it we are the farm and country folks. You reminded me to sit a bit and just be.

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  2. I loved this! How nice that when you saw the reality of living in the country, especially during the colder months, you learned to love and appreciate that too. So often, people fall in love with the ideal of something, rather than the reality. But the reality can be just as lovely….


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