The Sound of Christmas


December has come-with its’ shining lights and sugar cookies.  I love December with all its’ lovely details.  For me, December is a happy month and a holy time.

 The rabbit patch is not yet decorated.  The Christmas chest holds unwrapped presents awaiting a tree and there are still pumpkins on the porch waiting to be collected for the compost .  Not one pine branch has been brought in the farmhouse and not one wreath has been hung on the barns.  I have high hopes this weekend to remedy a bit of this.

Christmas at the rabbit patch is not too complicated.  I take great pains for the holiday to be pure and simple.  Fine coffee, books and french milled soaps are typical gifts under  the tree.  There is never a rush for the latest gadget or the “last”anything on the shelf.  I am never convinced that a doll must be hard to find or expensive, to be loved.

I do love shopping at Christmas.  Jenny and I shopped last year with Lyla.  Lyla was amazed with the lights. We searched high and low for the original “Old Spice” for my dad. We never found it, but Lyla saw Santa Claus that day, for the very first time.  When she was tired, I sang “You Better Watch Out” and she laughed every time.  

My mom , sisters and I will shop together, this Monday.  We meet at a central location, a town about an hour from the rabbit patch.  We have done this for fifteen years.  My niece, Hayley comes now too, and she and I spend a good hour in a book store while the others are on their own missions.  It is amusing to me how traditions are born.  Mama and I will linger at lunch, while my sisters go to a salon. She and I will record our purchases and assess our current state.  I always laugh at mama, who starts out so intent on the finding the best gifts at the best prices and then after lunch, when we find something on her list, she interrupts our details and says “I don’t care, just put it in the cart.”  Several years, I have bought bedroom shoes and wear them the last few hours, without shame.  I declare that nobody knows me in this town anyway.  My sister Delores, could be a professional shopper.  She takes to “flying about the stores” determined to know EVERY item they carry.   She is known for rummaging through bins of every thing from ornaments to key chains -often enlisting our help to find a certain number of a certain kind-and then changing her mind about buying them! Connie, my youngest sister is quite no nonsense and goes about her business with a noteworthy diligence.  We have all vowed to stay away from candle shops as many have side-tracked us for hours.  I am not a shopper by nature, unless it is Christmas and so I gaze in wonderment at the contents of the kitchen and linen departments.  I always think “the country has come to town” rings true, in my case.  I really look forward to Monday.

 I really look forward to Christmas.  I love the way it looks in Farm Life, where barns are decorated along with the houses.  I love the smell of fresh cut evergreens and gingerbread.  I love the way the world sounds at Christmas.  It cheers me when the lady that sells me a cup of coffee and the UPS man says “Merry Christmas!”.  . .and there is the music. Last night, our school hosted the annual holiday concert.  The classes sang Christmas songs from around the world and more than two hundred children played violin for the grand finale.  Christmas music, itself lends magic to the season, for me.  “Silent Night” seems to proclaim “holiness” and “Jingle Bells” is sheer merriment.  When a child sings “Away in a Manger”,  I am going to cry.  When two hundred children play their violins, even those not enamored with the season, may cry too.  It is, for me, the beautiful sound of Christmas.



22 thoughts on “The Sound of Christmas

  1. Oh Rabbit, this is such a beautiful post. So beautiful it made me cry with memories of shopping at Christmas, with my mum.

    We would each have our own list, but before we began our shopping day, we would drive into town and after we’d parked the car, we’d head straight to my mums favourite store restaurant, where we would have breakfast with tea (for mum) and coffee for me. Over breakfast we’d each survey each others list, along with the prices we’d marked next to the particular persons name, and either a general idea of what we were looking for, or a guidline. Then we’d swap back to our own list and re-read them before we clambered to our feet and set about our task.

    We’d shop until we’d bought every single gift on that list. We’d stop for lunch. Then begin our shop again. Sometimes we’d stop for a coffee or tea, when we were tired and weary, and once finished (or given in and decided that the present evading us would have to wait for another day). Then we’d make our weary way home and collapse in two heaps. Exhausted, but so very happy with our trip.

    Sadly, I lost my mother some years ago, but ohhh how I miss those shopping trips. We weren’t mother and daughter on those trips – we were two great friends, who worked together and encouraged each other to keep going. We had a challenge to meet, and we wanted each other to suceed and earn our medal for GREAT SHOPPER! We did it together. Just the two of us. And … I loved it …. and I miss it so very painfully.

    I have no one now to go shopping with in this way. My daughters both have their own ways of shopping – they are children of the internet age, so shopping for them is a cup of tea, a couple of biscuits and a computer. And … although I will admit to having bought some of my gifts on the internet, there is nothing like the thrill of going shopping into stores and being able to look at the goods, pick them up and touch them. See what they’re made of. Feel the quality.

    I need to borrow a RabbitPatch gal for the day, in order to feel that wonderful joy of shopping together and having that Christmas camaraderie feeling again.

    A wonderful, wistful, fabulout read, Rabbit. I loved it. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. oh how beautiful-now I miss your mum too! what a sweet tribute! I would love shopping with you! I am sure it would be a lovely time. Please know I wish you a bucket of sweet new memories this season-and I will light a candle in memory of your very special mum-she had to have been, to raise up such a dear daughter.

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  2. There’s something about Christmas carols/songs that bring a sense of joy and melancholy (brings back fond memories of youth). Seeing the homes light up at night puts a smile on my face. Great post. Have a great time with your family on Monday.


  3. Christmas is such a wonderful event!! Sometimes it seems people are a little nicer.
    Love the sounds and smells. I hope you get your outdoor decorations up, as there is COLD weather forecasted. Today I’m going to start baking cookies!!
    Have a wonderful shopping trip with your family!

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  4. It’s always funny how a bunch of related people can be so different, isn’t it? Your family’s shopping habits are so finely observed! I think you have absolutely the right idea about presents, too. Coffee or fancy soap would be heavenly to receive.

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  5. Hi Michelle, after too long an absence from my WordPress reader I was scrolling through and delighted when I came upon my first “Rabbit Patch” post… We are away this week so there has not been any decoration done at our little French home either… But that will change in a few days!! Merry -almost – Christmas‼️

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  6. first blog to read after a month. you always bring me calm especially on a chaotic day. thank you for doing that.
    “There is never a rush for the latest gadget or the “last”anything on the shelf. I am never convinced that a doll must be hard to find or expensive, to be loved”. In this materialistic world not many think like that. But I am glad that there is one other in this world who thinks like me and my family. I am glad I have brought up my two boys the same way as well.
    Merry X’mas

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    1. I love knowing you and I are so much alike-it makes you feel like a neighbor or a sweet cousin. It gives me great comfort to know that I have a friend half way across the world bringing her beautiful light to the world. Thank you for a sweet visit.

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