The Wonderful Time of August


It is now the last week of my summer break,  For more than a decade, I have spent the last week of summer, putting the rabbit patch in good order.  I am not as likely to clean a barn out or paint anything, once I go back to work.  This year, however is not the usual affair.  I have turned the rabbit patch “every which way but loose”, this summer.  Surely, this week would be fairly easy compared to every one before it.  The only thing left on my agenda, was to paint two closets in a guest bedroom- and to mow the territory . . again.  I consider these chores “childs’ play”  and so I did not not work too much on Monday.

On Tuesday, I started early.  I had the covered picnic area quite tidy before nine, of course, there were a few items piled in the yard, to be donated or discarded. I went in ready to paint, and thought to put on a load of laundry.  It started to rain and I thought it would be a good day for a slow cooked supper, and made plans to do so.  I had been painting the closets a good while, when I thought to check the clothes.  They were there in the machine, in the same state they were when I left them.  There was water, but the machine was not agitating.  I tried every trick I knew of with not a bit of luck.  I had an extra machine in storage and thought, well there is one more thing to discard now.  I went to the pantry to get a pot for the beans-I would still cook a nice meal, after all.  I saw on the shelf several jars of something, I had canned in summers past and decided if I couldn’t remember when, I would discard those.  Time is such a trickster for me these days.  Last year could have been five years ago.  I took to cleaning them out and decided while I had the paint out, to touch up the shelves.  In just a short while, there were several bags of trash in the kitchen, a washing machine in the yard and a mud in the laundry room.  I was shocked at the disarray, but the beans were smelling wonderful and now the chicken chimed in.  By supper, all would be well, I thought.

Kyle came home in very muddy clothes.  He is a landscaper and it is necessary to never get behind on laundry, on account of that.  Kyle immediately hooked the washing machine, from storage up.  When the agitator started splashing the water, I was thrilled and started sweeping the pantry floor.  Tomorrow, Christian would dispose of the old machine along with the jars of something and I could clean the floor in the laundry room.  I put on some potatoes to roast and noticed an eerie silence.  The washing machine was not spinning! Kyle tried everything to remedy that, without success.  Now there were TWO machines in the yard, mud on the floor and dirty laundry.  . . but supper was going to be good.

I confess, that I was cranky in the evening.  I went in to the pantry and it was so clean and orderly.  I shut the door, without a bit of satisfaction in that- and went out.  Clouds covered the shine of the stars.  I knew the moon was behind the pines, but I couldn’t prove it, this night. The evening breeze was cool for late summer and it felt good to stand in it.  It is almost the time of the ginger lilies. The roses will rally again, as they always do.  Apples and figs are starting to ripen, and the grape vines are laden with fruit.  Rains’ cousin, fog will blanket the countryside, shortly-and bring a hush, with it.  August is a wonderful time.

The wind rustled through the sycamores and it made the pines whisper.  I do not know how long I stood there-as neither the pine nor the wind kept time.  I only knew it was August.  I wondered if when people had disputes, it might help them to come to  friendly terms if they spent some time by a river, or in the midst of roses . .  or under a pine on a summer evening.  Such things take all the fight out of me.

I went back in and I thought,  there are worse things things than old appliances  sitting in the yard.  . .and so, I decided if anyone wanted to come see the house, they could-and I would  just tell them, “this  really could happen anywhere.”

Dear Diary,  I am glad to wait for ginger lilies and late summer fruit.  I am glad for an August rain and the song of wind in pines. . .  but,   I am glad  mostly. for the kind and generous Hand that bestows His love in such beautiful ways.

The original smoke house at the Rabbit Patch


26 thoughts on “The Wonderful Time of August

    1. The first one was bad enough-the second one was shocking! I was so very disappointed and all the hours of tidying seemed for nothing-but this too shall pass and in the grand scheme-o well! I will be happy when all is back in order. thank you sweet Anne!

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    1. well neither are fancy nor new-so the parts are way expensive-just a little trial-all will work out. thank you for your compassion-that means so much-oh what was your family name from Eliz City-I bet Miss Thelma remembers them thank you more-love Michele


  1. Believe it or not, you’re the fourth person I know who’s been left with a dead or dying washer in the past couple of weeks. Perhaps there’s an appliance flu going around — wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a vaccine for such things?

    I’m afraid I can’t second your lovely thoughts about August. Around here, it’s pure misery, and it’s very difficult to keep working through the heat. But come September? Everything you say will be true here, too, and we’ll be grateful for it.

    On the other hand, I do have fresh blueberries, and see a cobbler in my future. That’s a cheering thought, indeed!

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  2. Actually, I thought you spent a wonderful day. It was too bad about both washing machines breaking down, but, you handled it well, and I am sure it will all come out in the clean wash. Being at the Rabbit Patch and hearing about the ginger lilies, the apples, and the figs brought beautiful imagery to my mind’s eye. The front porch and the rustling of the trees and the delicious meal was comforting. I am sure you will miss the Rabbit Patch, but, who ever purchases it will be very lucky. ☺☺☺

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  3. Dear Michele, my ma’am,
    Now I know whose writing yours reminds me of, every time I read one of your posts. It is Louisa May Alcotts’. So similar and such similarity in thoughts. She writes of people and trees ( though not much about dogs and cats), just the way you do. With little lessons at the end of each chapter for us to take home and enjoy even after the reading is done.
    I am glad the August days are treating you well. In the old days, the washing machine conking out would not have bothered the old timers. Immediately the clothes would be taken to the washing stone and beaten up, til they came out clean. I hope you could get a new washing machine.
    Hope the beans and the chicken came out well.

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    1. what a nice compliment! to be compared to Alcott-is quite a honor! I plan to read “Calico Bush” this week-so that is quite a coincidence! Thank you and I have been handwashing Kyles’ clothes-they will not wait. Thankfully, all of the laundry was about caught up when this happened-I was everyday. I am supposed to get one today!! not new-but yay!! thank you so much for everything! love Michele

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      1. Dear Michele,
        I am looking for Calico Bush in my library in the university. Is this a little known book of Alcott’s ?
        I see one in the collection written by Rachel Field ?

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  4. Some days are just tough, aren’t they? And usually in ways we never saw coming! But I like the way that you kept moving forward, and allowed the natural beauty of August to soothe you and put it all into perspective. Thanks for a lovely post!

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  5. YOU should write a book, even if it’s just a memoir made up of your blog posts. Your writing is so poetic and so evocative sometimes, it just transports the reader right along with it.
    Glad you had a peaceful ending to that chaotic day Michele. And glad you shared it with your readers.


  6. I love spending time at your Rabbit Patch…it soothes my soul just like when I sit by the river that flows through our ground. You are right about the fact people should take time and enjoy the outdoors. It would solve a lot of things.
    I sympathize about your washing machines. Mine quit last year….the day before my husband had hip replacement surgery. The surgeon had been adamant about keeping bedding washed etc to help prevent infection. It was the first appliance I purchased without having my husband along! That felt odd. It was hard to find one that was good for farm use as they are all HE nowadays.
    I hope you get that sorted out soon!


    1. oh my-timing is everything! what a mess for you! I have one sitting in the yard ready to be installed when Kyle gets home-Let us hope for the best! Thank you for being so kind to the rabbit patch-I declare you would fit in nicely here! love Michele

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  7. I had to laugh as I saw myself in you in the fact that one thing lead to another when you were painting the closets and then went to the pantry to get the pot for some beans and ended up cleaning in there and discarding item. I always seem to start one job, go to another room for something and start a new task in that room…I also relate to how 1 year can actually be 5! Well I hope you get your washing machine resolved…guess it’s time for a new one! I love how you go outside, decompress with nature and realize what really matters. So August brings ginger lilies huh, I look forward to that too then. I do not look forward to the end of summer, so I won’t think about that for now. And you have inspired me to step outside and appreciate August before I go to bed tonight. Good night xo
    Love, Deb.


  8. Ooooh Rabbit. What a time. WHAT a time you had, in what was such a short time!
    And yet . . . you survived. You came through all the stops and starts… all the washing machine woes. All those finds of canned food stuffs which were now out of date and so had to be discarded. Painting … cooking … everthing. Anything that could have been fitted and squeezed into those short few hours, was!

    And yet … you, my much loved friend, knew exactly how to juggle with lifes hiccups. Nothing fazed you. Nothing actually threw you off balance or reduced you to hot tears of ‘unfairness’, as it might have done with some others.

    Life has taught you some amazing lessons, and you’ve learned them well. Problems happen. Plans don’t always go the way you planned them to. And timing. Timing isn’t always the right time. But … we all learn that we aren’t living in ‘our’ time via clocks – for clocks are man made. We are all living in Gods time – and that’s totally different from what a clock looks like.

    I love that you came through with your heart still filled with love, and that the end of the day brought you thankfulness and peace, and love.
    Love you dearest Rabbit … Michele.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us. I know, personally, that my life is enriched for you being in it.
    Love ~ Cobs. xxx


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