China and Singing Trees


On Friday Morning

The sky is brightening as I write this.  The “early service” was especially quiet this morning.  A mockingbird sang a solo.  It was the only sound in the countryside.  Christopher Robin sat quietly, almost reverently, beside me, while the little bird sang.  Light fell gentle, like a wafting feather, on the rabbit patch. Last night, there was a pink circle around the moon, I remembered.  It is going to rain today. 

Yesterday, I painted another closet.  It made such a difference in the guest room, that I couldn’t resist doing the same for the linen closet.  I continue to accumulate things to donate.  I took two boxes yesterday to a near by church.  It is quite easy to share, when you don’t need or really want something.  In fact, I am happy to be rid of the most things, I have given away.  How easy to be a “cheerful giver” in my circumstances. I was cleaning out the kitchen cabinets, when I came upon my “dessert china”  It is in a beautiful floral pattern, suitable for an autumn occasion.  I came upon it in a thrift store years ago.  I did not purchase the set off, but instead admired it for months,  The store owner noticed and gave me the history of “dessert china.”  It seems, in the fifties, women were apt to have a notion to make a cake or pie.  Friends were invited to gather  for coffee and dessert.  An Article in ” Good Housekeeping”  confirmed this.  I fell in love with the idea.  I bought the set, then and there.  This all happened about ten years ago.  I have probably used it a half-a-dozen times.  There it sat, occupying an entire cabinet.  Still, I bartered with myself about whether to keep it or not.  (I have a weakness for books . . and china.)  I thought of something a dear friend told me, once.  She said “Think that sometimes, we are meant to enjoy something for a while, and then to pass that opportunity, on to someone else.”  I took comfort in that truth, and so I mustered the courage to wrap the china carefully, for someone else.  It dawned on me, that maybe this was really, the first item, I had “given”.  It felt quite different, than donating the extra blender.  Right there, in the  humble abode of the rabbit patch kitchen,  I learned something of great value.   

In the afternoon, a kind neighbor came by with fresh okra and other vegetables.  She came with best wishes for my progress.  She did not want any credit for her generosity-but she is the one who grows beautiful flowers.

It was raining today, shortly after the “early service”-just as the moon said it would.  I decided to get my many spices in proper order.  Since I love to cook, I have large quantities of spices stored in mason jars with pretty labels . . .of course this task  led to the cabinet beside it ,  where teas and coffees are stored. 

I am hoping today, the washing machine, delivered yesterday will get hooked up.  I never let my laundry pile up.  There are now three heaps of it! It disheartens me to see it-so I just don’t look at it.    I do not glance to the left of the back door, either, as that is where the two broken machines are sitting in the yard. ..and right by a yellow rose bush and a patch of elegant ginger lilies.  

It is  just past noon now, and still  the rain falls steadily. Ever so often thunder is heard in the distance.  It is a friendly sound, without a bit of malice.  Whenever, there is a day such as this, I remember my grandmama  saying “I love you like rain”.

In the Afternoon

By four o’clock, I had eliminated the need of five cabinets in the kitchen- and a pot of soup was simmering for supper.  By four -thirty, I had also washed a load of clothes.  Oh how sweet the event of every cycle, was to me.  Maybe, “the third time is a charm” after all.  My next goal, is to get the two sitting in the yard, off the property.   

The soup was especially good.  I think the fresh okra, from the lady who grows beautiful flowers, flavored it nicely and paired well with the fresh corn, another main ingredient.  Even a pot of soup reflects the season.

I went out tonight, to a very dark territory.  The light left in the same manner it came . .  . without fanfare.   I love when light changes, no matter in what fashion.  I felt I was standing in a jungle as the frogs and crickets were carrying  on so.  The night choir was in perfect rhythm .   It seemed like the trees were singing.  How many members of this choir are there, I wondered.  It was quite mesmerizing, standing there in total darkness with the steady beat filling the air-I expected to go in to a trance at any minute.  I said good night , just in case and went in.  I had clothes to wash clothes, after all.

Dear Diary, I am glad that greatness can show up anywhere. I am glad for the lesson about giving , shown to me, in the rabbit patch kitchen.  I am glad for kind neighbors.  I am glad for rain . . . and I am glad for nights when it seems like the trees are singing.



17 thoughts on “China and Singing Trees

  1. I am having my after lunch coffe browsing around webs and still trying to find my way around this new thing I got myself into it and here it is your new post…..eventually.thank you for amusing me once again and……you are not alone on feeling bad about donating extra things like it is more you taking advantage of whoever is taking them because lets face it,getting rid of them is not really an act of generosity but more of necessity,but ,hey,a donated something (exactly as a present) is should always be welcomed.

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    1. I have lived off of thrift stores and such-when my husband died, and I had five young childre-it made all the difference. I remember that, also I do not like to be wasteful. Donating is good-but when you donate something you really love-well that is true giving, I thought. Are you new to blogging? I must visit-I still know so little myself. thank you my dear-I love comments.

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      1. Oh,must have been hard on you but you made it❤️
        I agree donate something you love is the real giving . I have to say I like make little presents to my friend,things I know they like.
        I used to store everything,I had an compulsive sense of possession, but over the time,working on myself I learned to let go,give away what I don’t need bit also what ,I ,can do without it but, other people,need and enjoy.
        Yes,I am very new on blogging.
        Not very good either,judging by my stats,but I love it .
        Hope with practise I will improve.

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      2. It was a dark and scary season and I still wished that would have never happened-but I am far from the Source of wisdom. I love your attitude about giving. I am following you because I WANT to, not out of pity. Social media -fbk helps me too with stats-tho mine are far from impressive, they are better than they were. Also following other blogs, leaving comments is a great way to meet others. best wishes my dear!


  2. Thank you Lord for the beautiful sounds of the evening, as nature puts the animals of the day to bed. Thank you for the breeze which rustles the plants and trees and gives them a voice to talk with. Thank you for washing machines, which add their voice to our everyday lives. Most of the time we seem to ignore them, but the moment they are broken, we realise how much we loved them, but never showed it. We took them for granted. Perhaps that’s a lesson we need to learn for life in general.

    Thank you also for Michele. Michele has brought so much joy into my heart and soul and I want to thank you especially for her, for this woman is amazing. She has gone through things that I will probably never know about, but these things have made her who she is … and who she is yet to become. So yes. Thank you for the blessing called Michele… or as I call her; Rabbit.

    Sending you great big hugs and a barrel full of love Rabbit (Michele).
    For being exactly who you are. For who you are makes my heart sing …. and sometimes my eyes cry … but mostly … for being one of my special blessings.
    Love you, Michele. ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Well-I read this and had to just cry before I could respond. This touched me so deeply. I was over whelmed with the this beauty. felt so loved. You are as kind and loving as anyone I have ever known. I can not thank you enough. God bless the day I met you. I am so very blessed-love always, your “Rabbit”

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  3. Oh, how I like the idea that sometimes we are meant to enjoy something for a while and then pass that opportunity on to someone else. It is a lovely notion and will ease future partings. I thank you for passing on in such a gently way the bits of wisdom you have accumulated.

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    1. awwh-thank Goodness for wise friends! It is so beautiful to consider- this way of thinking. When my hisband died now many years ago- the children were 4 to 12-thrift stores and Salvation Army were the difference I needed. I pray for the people with needs and I hope they find something they just want too. thank you dear. love always, Michele

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  4. I’ve been doing the same thing Michele–boxes and boxes have gone to the thrift store that profits our food bank. I have more than I need of everything, including food, so I am glad to give those items that I have felt were too precious to part with, but never used, a second life. That jaunty red pantsuit with double breasted sleevless top and the beautiful paisley dress with pleated skirt will bless someone else for sure. As will your china! As always, absolutely loved your post today!

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    1. Doesn’t it feel good? I am going to be extra careful about what comes in this house. I am a minimalist in heart-but hate wasting anything, so I accepted a lot of things that people were tossing. Here on out, I will donate for them, if they won’t. I also plan to avoid thrift stores, unless I truly need something-this will be HARD for me-especially if they have pantsuits or pleated skirts! HAHA! you are always funny!

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  5. I love the idea of enjoying an object for a while, and then passing it on to give someone else a turn. That makes the idea of getting rid of something we’re not so sure we want to part with that much easier. It’s like passing on a good book for a friend to enjoy!

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    1. yes it is. It feels more like giving, than getting rid of. An older friend of a mutual friend, gifted her with an expensive antique bowl-my friend felt like she had to pay for it-but the older woman shared that concept. What a lovely and wise way, I thought. It has made such a difference in my quest to downsize. Thank you Ann-love Michele

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