Song of Summer


Oh dear summer, must you go,

and take with you the fireflies glow?

Must you take the summer flowers,

and all the lazy, leisure hours?

Little rabbits and the songbirds

won’t be seen and won’t be heard,

The fragrant blossoms on the vine,

couldn’t one be left behind?

Must I put my spade away,

for such a far and distant day?


Oh, summers come and summers go.

I have noticed, none are slow-

but summer does not leave us stranded,

destitute or empty handed.

Seeds the summer wind, has strewn,

awaits to make their presence known-

Instead they wait with hope, til when,

The time called summer, comes again.

24 thoughts on “Song of Summer

  1. That was a wonderful poem. I live in Pennsylvania, and it’s already getting chilly here, and my flowers aren’t doing well. It is a pleasure to meet you through our blogs. I read your about, and saw you have five grown children, I have two boys. One is gone, and the other is in his senior year of college. I also read that you play the violin. My youngest, plays the violin in his college orchestra. He’s a first violin, and the beauty of the sounds he can produce are amazing.

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    1. thank you-it seems we have a lot in common. My kids growing up-was very difficult for me. I have raised children all of my adult life and how I miss those days, those years! First violin?! that is quite an honor. I am a Suzuki violin and music teacher at a Montessori school.

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  2. Although Summer isn’t one of my favourite seasons – (I prefer Autumn and Spring) – I’m not yet ready to say goodnight to the Summer. Not just yet. There are still things I want to do. Still things I want to see and experience.

    But the time is drawing near. I can feel it in the way the leaves are curling. I can see it in the change of insect visitors to my garden. I can even tell that Summer is preparing to say goodnight just in the way my cats are now acting.

    I have grown very fond of this Summer. She’s been such a beautiful visitor. I hope to see her again.
    BEAUTIFUL poem Rabbit.
    A truly great share.
    Bless you. ~ Cobs. x

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  3. Hello. What a beautiful poem.
    I live in Madrid, and it is still very much summer here. It is very hot here in summer, and I always look forward to the change in the seasons when the temperatures start to drop, and I can wear a jacket. Autumn and winter here usually have blue skies, so it’s great to walk in the parks with a coat on, a fresh cold chill in the air, and sunglasses too 🙂
    Take care, and I hope you have a wonderful autumn.
    – Carly

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      1. Your comments- our friendship- bring me joy always. You, too are held in high regard.

        I find there is a fine line and little distinction between sage and jester.
        Since I would accept either role gleefully, there’s a tendency to think it may be the latter.

        Keep peace, my friend.


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