Interludes at the Rabbit Patch

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Winter came in last night with a cold and mighty wind.  It matters little to me that the calendar does not yet declare it is winter at the rabbit patch.   All of a sudden, the wind blew with a force, that  sent branches flying against the farmhouse and there were even snow flurries of  wild, fine flakes .  This morning,  a substantial amount of autumn leaves had been mercifully swept away to places like the patch of young woods, in the far corner of the territory.  What was left of them, lies in heaps, hither and yonder, as if I had raked them, myself.  

This morning, the ground was frozen and the  faint smell of wood smoke hung in the air.  The temperature was in the twenties-and sure  chilled  my southern blood.  The school children donned mittens and cheerful hats with fringe and tassels.  We were all disappointed that the snow did not stick and  that we had to carry on as usual.  In the south a snow day is like a holiday.  My friends from up north, that have relocated here, all tease us about this.  In Farm Life, and most all of the rural communities, it is the farmers that clear the roads.  We are likely to lose power, too.  I have no clue how to put chains on tires, and it doesn’t matter, for none of us are going anywhere. 

I came home today and made a small fire in the den.  Christian has been sick, but he kept the fire in the wood stove tended.  Sitting by the fire, I came to a decision.  I have decided to take the rabbit patch off the market, until late January.  We are in such a state of disarray with the floor repair and the painting,- and until recently the untidy condition of the yard, it just makes sense , to me, to consider an “interlude”. Of course, I have cleared this with my sister, Delores, who is a realtor, in Raleigh-and with Will and Tres, (pronounced Trace) who are business minded and dependably advise me, in such matters.  It is Christmas, after all and I am not likely to enjoy any aspect of selling a house, during the holidays.  My realtor is in agreement and so we made it official today.  

When things are in good order, and Christmas has passed, I will once again post a “for sale” sign under the old oak tree and hope for the best.  Until then, I will continue readying the rabbit patch for  the new lives that will call it their own, and dream of my next rabbit patch with a cozy cottage, where I will plant roses-and maybe tomatoes.  Winter is a good occasion  to dream.

Kyle is determined to get the Christmas tree up.  The living room is about finished and I see no reason, not to go along with him.  Once the tree is up, I will wrap the secrets in the Christmas closet, in pretty paper.  I love to wrap presents and take measures to  make sure they are attractive.  The papers all match in an odd sort of way and ribbons are hand tied .  Name tags are hand made and so it is quite an affair altogether.  People either  love to wrap gifts, or detest it.  There seems to be no in between.


How happy I am to announce that the carpet is being installed as I am writing this.  I did not get  anxious about such a small inconvenience, really-but I am quite relieved and happy that order is being restored.  I had gotten used to gathering my clothes and shoes from the hall way and my dresser, which was in the middle of Christians’ room.   I learned to adapt to the conditions while I waited for the new floor.  Living on the remnants of an old farm has been of great profit to me.  I have learned what to do with “interludes” (or how to wait).   I suppose “practice makes perfect” rings true in facing minor adversity.  . .still, I am so very glad the ordeal is almost over. 

 I am hopeful that in a short while, Kyle will have his beloved Christmas tree . . .and I will have my shoes, back in the closet . . .and maybe, when order is restored and at last, the Christmas tree twinkles,  I will muster the courage and try again, to make cookies.

Dear Diary, I am glad for shelter when a cold wind blows. I am glad for the chance to hope and dream.  . . I am glad for Christmas trees and” interludes”.   . .and I am very glad for for lessons learned from living on a rabbit patch.


20 thoughts on “Interludes at the Rabbit Patch

  1. Michele, Tuesday night here in Williamsburg I popped into Trader Joes. When I came out huge snowflakes gusted all around so swirly it was hard to see driving home. But then it stopped shortly thereafter (no snow day here, either.) Kinda surreal! Much love! 💨💜❄️💜💨

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  2. Just think, while you are having a little breathing space taking your property off the market for a few weeks the stars are aligning for the perfect guardians to be in the right place at the right time to take over the reigns of your legacy of the ‘Rabbit Patch’ xx

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  3. Interludes, A perfect name for the season and journey you have been going through! I am glad for the update on the House being put on hold til after the new year. Yes, Tree time 🙂 Have a Wonderful weekend and stay warm and cosy! XX

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  4. Some breathing room is good right now after the holidays will better for you the house will sell when it is ready. We are on on our 3rd small snow of the season it looks very Christmassy here in central jersey. I hope your tree is up! Merry Christmas Peggy

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  5. This sounds like a perfect time to take a break from house selling. I have a feeling when you least expect it the perfect buyer will come along.
    It is too bad we do not live closer together Michele. I am going to muster courage tomorrow and frost the cutouts my husband and I baked a couple nights ago. For some reason, those cookies are so time consuming and I can never make them beautiful like those in a magazine. My husband assures me that taste far outweighs presentation….and I will choose to believe him!
    Have a wonderful weekend Michele!


  6. My goodness, Michele, we all need interludes and yours is long overdue in my opinion. I pray any and all who are feeling under the weather your way recover quickly so that this Season can be fully enjoyed. Have fun putting that tree up and getting all the ornaments on it. I hope you let the “little girl” out as you wrapped those gifts. 🙂 And as for snow … we Northerners don’t blink at a few feet while you Southerners screech at a few inches. How funny. Thank you for another gentle and beautiful post. (((HUGS))) Amy


  7. Hello Rabbit. Happy Sunday to you!
    I think that taking the Rabbit Patch off the market while Christmas time is ‘happening’ is very much the right decision. Although you may not get anyone wanting to view during this busy time, there is always the possibility – and it’s that possibility which you really don’t want to happen – for you can guarantee that someone will want to come in an hours time, when the house looks like Santa’s wrapping section, with gifts all over the place, and wrapping paper, tape and ribbons strewn across the floor and table, and everything looking like an explosion – when in fact it’s quite an organised mess because you know what the various piles of things are for and mean.

    So to have to pack everything away in the blink of an eye and get things put straight and ready for viewing …. well that would be too much for the head and heart to handle.

    Besides … who wants strangers walking around your house at Christmas!

    Taking it off the market was the wise and brave decision. Well done you!
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Email checked …. reply sent. 😀

        Aww, I can’t believe people would want to go mooching around other peoples homes when Christmas is upon us! Are these people amazingly organized and bought their presents in January and wrote their cards out in August? Flipping heck … I’m still making cards and it’s Christmas day next week! EEEK!!!

        Sending oodles of love ~ Cobs. xxx


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