A Valentine from the Rabbitpatch


There is a room with a window, that I like the very best –
in months like February, when nature is at rest.
When the sun shines oh, so faintly, I take to my cozy nook
to while away  a bit of day with a blanket, a dog and a book.
I think my thoughts and dream a bit,without a sense of rush-
What lovely notions wander in, when all the world is hushed.
The sleepy headed roses, the greenness of the pine –
The steadfast, warrior oaks all dozing in a line –
A tiny flock of little birds, as busy as can be-
A flashy redbird lighting up a drowsy  dogwood tree.
Nature says”I love you”  so sweetly in this way –
And so I’ll join the chorus “Happy Valentines’  Day!” 
by Michele Warren (me!)

28 thoughts on “A Valentine from the Rabbitpatch

      1. Oops… silly me! Was the attribution there originally and I missed it! (wouldn’t surprise me… age is creeping up – haha).

        Interesting you use the word hovering… we’re doing a series, at church, on the Holy Spirit, and that same word shows up in the NIV translation of Genesis 1.2 (Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.) … apparently, in Hebrew, it has the sense (my paraphrasing) “hovering in constant movement, just waiting to act / intervene / do something / bring order out of chaos”.

        So yes, I’d say you’re right! 🙂
        Blessings Michele!

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  1. And to you dear friend. It is cold here at Journey end farm with snow and ice trying to make a show come Sunday night and Monday. .I’ll take the snow for a day or so but rather not have the ice. It does bad things to the trees and the lines .Enjoy your Valentine Day and keep warm.

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      1. I do know about the light bulbs but haven’t gotten any. Lights going out doesn’t bother me. I cook on gas, as in tank in yard, and I do keep water in gal . all over the place. I have been through this several time so I do try to stay ready. Happy Valentine Day….Love you.

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  2. I’ve never read a Valentine poem like this and it is so beautiful. It did me good. Although I welcome every morning, today your poem made me go out and spend quiet, reverent minutes in my silent garden.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Michele.


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