Mama Had a Birthday!

It has been raining ever since, I last wrote.  The world here, is wet, muddy and cold. . . Still, not as bad as in Texas.  In the midst of the watery weather . . .Mama had a birthday. 
With this being her first birthday, without Daddy, my sisters and I planned a surprise.  Delores came the evening before.  Mama expected to see me, the next day but I had been intentionally vague in our conversations.  I think my other sister, Connie had as well.  I arrived in or about mid morning.  Mama was so shocked to see me, that she missed my bags altogether.  I went to cooking collards straight away, as Mama prefers her heaviest meal at noon.  Connie arrived just as the house was bragging about the simmering pots.  Connie brought all sorts of food for us and Mama wondered aloud about that.  Connie presented  Mama with a bouquet and then announced that we would all be spending the night and that my niece Hayley would be joining us later on.  This may have been the first time we successfully, totally surprised Mama. . .  and Mama was thrilled! 
 After a hearty lunch of Mamas’ favorite foods, we looked at quilting patterns.  Delores has started quilting since Christmas and has made remarkable progress.  She has made several already and now has plans to make each one of us one, from Daddys’ shirts.  I chose a celtic pattern.  Connie had been working on photographs, taken on our “day after Thanksgiving” gathering.  She had framed several for us and so it was quite a celebration for everyone.  I must give niece Hayley  credit for the photography. 
Hayley has quite a knack for photography and I hope she continues this passion.  She is not only good at taking pictures, but also has this uncanny knack of being at the right place at the right time.  Thus, she has a collection of bright rainbows, mother bears and cubs and all sorts of fowl under brilliant skies.  Admidst all of this merry making, Connie was on a mission to get me a cell phone. 
I have been through several in the last few years.  One drowned and I spilt a tiny splash of coffee on the last one.  That killed it.  I never wanted a cell, but my kids demanded I had one for driving to see them.  Eventually, they convinced me, that some great calamity was bound to happen and I was liable to go missing . . .if I didn’t have a phone.  I got the cheapest flip cell I could and stuck with that type.  No matter how much they begged me to “upgrade”  I always got another flip.  The kids at school were in awe of my cell and could’t believe it worked!  Many said they had only seen such a thing in old movies!.   Against all odds,  I now have some fancy “smart phone”. 
Connie had a brand new one and after several long calls, it was cheaper to activate that one than to replace what I had, even though I had insurance on mine, for such tragedies, as coffee.  My kids are still in shock, that I got in Connies’ truck to go to a cell store.  So am I.  Connie did all of the negotiating and thank goodness, for “I do not speak the language”!  Connie also got me a “bullet proof” case, since phones at my house are in dangerous territory.   
While all of this was going on, my other niece, Dana was studying chemistry . . .and learning to read “tea leaves”!  Dana is an artist in many ways.  She  draws beautifully and has broad interests .  Dana is as tenderly thoughtful as can be.  She had made a keepsake box for Mama and filled it with miniature trinkets that were remembrances of  Daddy.  She had a little  dog, a toolbox and a small rose quartz-since that was the gem of love.  I so hope she learns to read tea leaves.   
The next morning, Hayley cooked breakfast for all of us.  We hung Mamas’ new pictures after we ate. 
Two of Connies’ childhood  friends came by.  They are both nice and so pleasant.  One of them, Mary Susan, made us laugh with her stories.  She had good content, but it was the way she tells them that was so entertaining. 
We all shared a lunch and ate  Delores’ made from scratch cake, for the grand finale. 
Mama had a birthday . . .but we all left gifted.

Happy Birthday Mama!


26 thoughts on “Mama Had a Birthday!

  1. Oh this was such a beautiful read on my Sunday! Your precious Mama and your family. Your writing always touches my soul. It took me a few years and more than a few, “Come on, Mom!” to get me “smart” with my cell. Yay for you! You’ll love it. Take care my sweet friend. ❤️💚💜

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  2. My slumber party as I called it was was a wonderful surprise .I enjoyed every min. of it. I cannot tell my family how much I love them and all they do for me

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  3. Birthdays are always great times to celebrate. Especially when it’s your Mama’s birthday. Loved reading your lovely stories of life at the Rabbit Patch. Love and hugs Michele.

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  4. Happy Birthday to Momma…I am so behind…Ice means no power for 4 days which means no internet . Why the phone acted up I don’t have an answer for.
    Yea for you getting a new phone. I hope it is smarter than mine but maybe it is the user that makes the difference
    A hot shower will be heaven tonight…Love you.

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  5. I loved to hear about Your Mama’s birthday. Since she is my best friend, I wanted her to have a very special day. She was very luck to have all three daughters and two granddaughters. Family means everything. Keep writing I love everything you write.

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  6. This was such a nice celebration, chock-filled with all the little things that would make you go Ooooo and hug yourself in delight. The memories you gave your Mama would make a sweet pillow for a long while. 2021 is taking some time to heal itself – which is why celebrations and precious joys like these are so important. They fill us with all that we need.
    Happy for your Mama and happy for you, Michele.

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  7. Sounds like a wonderful, gentle day of memories and love for you Mom. It makes me love you even more that you don’t live by your phone. Wow. Such a freedom in this day and age! Mine is rarely used for calling, but I do get sucked into the internet through it and boy, is it a TRAP. So, good for you, you always encourage me, Michele, in one way or another.


  8. I’m so glad your mother had a great birthday, and it was so nice of you to help make sure that happened. I love your attitude towards cell phones….they rule so many of us, and there’s absolutely no need for that! It’s the real connections that we form with others that count the most.


    1. My friend-I am once again tardy! I think of you so very often and hope this new journey is going well, even though it is a hard one. Receiving does seem to be par for the course, as you said. Might your gentle and wise spirit be replenished by this truth. Thank you so very much.


  9. Happy belated Birthday and many more filled with love, food and stories. 💕 The photo you have of the front house has a warm and welcoming feel. Do you recall all this thru memory? Do you a note pad? Such details!! Enjoy reading.

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